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D.O de EXO se encuentra en conversaciones para protagonizar en proximo melodrama titulado “Pure Love”.
Del mismo modo, la compania de produccion declaro a Star News: “Es verdad que le hemos ofrecido un papel, pero aun no hemos hablado sobre el asunto en mas detalles”.
Si D.O se decide a aceptar la oferta, el interpretaria a un joven hombre con un dificil pasado. Etymologically, dodo is said to come from Portuguese doudo, literally "a fool", "simpleton", or "stupid"; and is applied to people as an adjective meaning "foolish", "silly", or "stupid". Dodos became extinct in Mauritius during the 1680s, only 80 years after man discovered the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius.

Many people apparently know about the death of the dodo, but no one knows much about its life. Once on the island of Mauritius, dodos followed the same evolutionary path that other birds have taken on other islands; such as, Madagascar and Hawaii. Dodos may have thinned the Mauritius forests, and some plants may have come to depend on them to spread their seeds.
One of the brighter aspects of recent history indicates that some human beings are now desperately trying to save various endangered species, although considering the increase in the populations of humans and the space they are always occupying and their continuous acquisition of natural resources, this may be a losing battle.
Although sailors may have eaten many of the birds, which have been described as having been somewhat larger than a turkey and with a large hooked bill, they are believed to have become extinct because of introduced predators (pigs, for example) and habitat destruction by people.

Within a few million years, these birds turned into the avian equivalent of pigs and goats.

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