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The newly launched Apple iPad Mini is out to have a beat down with other tablets in the market. Restoring the iPad Mini to its default settings is also essential if you are thinking of selling or giving away your iPad Mini to someone else as you can fully erase your personal info from the device before it leaves your hands. Here are 2 simple ways to restore factory settings and erase all the content on your iPad Mini, with the help of iTunes, and without. Upon the start up, all content, apps, music, photos, and personal account information will be erased from the iPad Mini. If this is your first time restoring, you’ll have to wait for the firmware file to be downloaded.
Once your iPad Mini starts up again, you’ll have a clean iPad Mini with the latest firmware installed.
If you find your iPad Mini frozen (hang) due to app failure and nothing you do changes anything on screen, you can try a force reboot.
Simultaneously hold down the top power button and center home button of the iPad Mini until you see a black screen. Once it appears you can release your finger from the power button and wait for the device to start up.
This process of forcing a reboot will not delete any of your personal information from the iPad Mini. If you work on the iPad Mini or use it extensively to store your information, you should constantly backup your information. Do you experience any other problems with the iPad Mini or have tips on how to fix some of these problems?
Wow, there were so many leaks that I thought I knew what I was getting into when I picked up the new iPad mini. Here’s the kicker, though, and it’s the first thing I noticed when I powered on the iPad mini. While we’re on the topic of gaming, however, you might want to check out other tablets if you need the extra power for games. Here’s my point: I use tablets to surf the web, read Reddit (using the app), check and respond to email and for other light tasks such as poking through my Pocket queue. If you need a lot of power for gaming or RAM intensive applications, Jon and I both recommend looking at more powerful Android tablets or the fourth generation iPad.
We also think most consumers who can manage to wait should indeed stick it out until Apple releases the second generation iPad mini. The iPad mini is certainly a hot product right now, but is it cannibalizing sales of Apple’s other products? Pre-orders for the white iPad mini were delayed last week and, now, it appears that neither the white nor the black model will ship for at least two weeks.
Apple’s iPad, in its fourth generation as of today, has utterly dominated the larger tablet segment. Todd Haselton has been writing professionally since 2006 during his undergraduate days at Lehigh University. With a starting price of $599 and an additional $250 for the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro is not the most affordable device around. Have you ever wanted to create an iPad video, but thought that the iPhone screen was too small for your tastes?
Until smartphones, cameras and video recorders were considered to be separate equipment pieces for the photographer. Now that smartphones and tablets boast of both camera and video recording capabilities, you will use the same camera app to create an iPad video as you do to take pictures.
Step #3: Press the large red button just above the word “video” on the right side of the display and start recording. If you want to create an iPad video of yourself, simply press the turn camera at the top right of the iPad camera app in order to turn the recorder around to film you. If you have jailbroken your iPad Mini and have run into problems, there is probably a need for you to restore your iPad Mini to its original factory settings. In the event you need to restore your device but still want all your personal information, you can choose to restore from a backup.

Is it a better buy than the Nexus 7, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD or the bevy of other 7-inch range tablets out there? There are also LTE capable models of each size from Verizon, Sprint and AT&T in the United States.
One of his favorite applications for creating presentations often told him that he ran out of RAM when he was using it, which meant he had to close applications. I myself used it more than any other tablet in my household. I ultimately ended up returning mine (I’ll get to that in a bit!) despite my deep love for it. Google’s Search option generally outperforms Siri in my experience, but the iPad interface is dead easy to use. Several Android tablets are powered by NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 chipset which is great for gaming, and Apple’s larger fourth generation iPad has more capable hardware.
Using a tablet to take photos seems silly to me, especially when there are more capable shooters on our smartphones. It’s all so confusing, because ultimately we absolutely love the iPad mini for what it offers. Our primary reason for the delay on bringing you this, however, is that we wanted to show you how much better our reviews can look with all of the new features of TechnoBuffalo 3.0. Today we bring you the words of Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White, which were recently published in a note to investors. The Japanese company knocked it out of the park with the Xperia Z2 Tablet, and has made some enormous strides since then. If you’re new to the iPad for the first time, you don’t want to pour through a manual to learn how to do it. Cameras were often smaller and shorter, while camcorders (or video recorders) were larger, heavier, and longer than cameras.
If your selection is currently on “photo” (as demonstrated by the yellow highlight), slide your finger up from “photo” to “video” to create an iPad video. Follow the same steps as provided above to record a video and stop the video when you’re done.
That means it’s not the sharper “Retina” display that Apple markets with its fourth generation iPad and iPhone 5. I will say that I preferred the larger tablet app selection available for the iPad mini over the selection that’s available for competing Android tablets. I certainly wish there were widgets and other functions, but we won’t go too deep into that.
We found that graphic intensive games, such as Grand Theft Auto III, didn’t run as well on the iPad mini. Even with brightness at 50% we both found that we would get about 7 hours of usage, and that’s on a good day. The iPad mini’s shots were fine, but we had much better samples from the iPhone 5, which packs an 8-megapixel camera with a better sensor.
Like I said, I loved it, but I couldn’t justify the $329 price tag when there are $199 Android tablets available that covered everything I need from a tablet. I found myself using the iPad mini for doing the daily The New York Times crossword puzzle, too, and I miss that on the Nexus 7, which is my current go-to tablet. If you appreciate the iOS app selection, the wonderful size and more, then the iPad mini is a no brainer.
Check out how the iPad mini stacks up against the Nexus 7 with our image comparison tool, note the new and cleaner formatting of the text, and check out our new way of presenting images. Camcorders attempted to bridge the gap, but again, were still larger in hand than most individuals needed them to be. Sure, it has a smaller 7.9-inch display, the same software and a similar look than its larger brethren.
I found the size was perfect for tossing inside my backpack next to my laptop, but it was even small enough that I didn’t feel awkward walking down the street carrying it in my hand to the local coffee shop. You can see the pixels, folks, and I found that the display both looked and felt cheap during my testing. The front-facing camera was satisfactory for FaceTime chats, and we appreciated the 720p video quality.

By using a Nexus 7, I essentially save $129 and can use that money towards buying media or for other purchases.
I was even able to fit it into the pocket of my hoodie or the larger, breast pocket inside my winter coat.
If you’re a big Google product user, you may prefer Android to iOS 6, and really, it’s a matter of taste. The iPad mini charges really quickly, seemingly faster than any Android tablet I have in the house, and that made up for the shorter battery life. I generally put the larger iPad in a bag when I took it out with me, but I still know plenty of people that carry it in a case without a bag, too. You begin to get used to the screen and take the iPad mini more for its portability over the larger iPad.
Why not?When I took my original iPad 2 back to the Apple Store, I asked the Genius handling the exchange to take it into a dark room and check it backlight bleeding.
In fact I thought it could possibly be worse.Apple has a serious problem on its hands with the iPad 2 display. You’ve responded to my stories about the problem in e-mails and comments left on my stories. A few of you even mentioned being on your fourth or fifth iPad 2.Exchanges are a bad idea right now. The first thing to do is contact AppleCare and get a case number.Document your iPad 2 problems and wait it out.
His article is accurate.Sorry I fucking use my iPad to watch MOVIES IN THE DARK (sorta nice to watch movies with no lights on, no????). I am just going t call apple have a claim ticket and then wait it out and see what happens in the future.brandyExactly.
As it is, I did the dark room test and found one small leak – which I have yet to notice under any other conditions, including watching a letterboxed tv show on Netflix in bed in the dark. So long as not everyone waits, and there are still a number of people planning on returning their iPad for a replacement, there should be plenty of refurbished iPads by the time they fix this problem, or if they decide to fix this problem at all.
It could be similar to the antenna issue on the iPhone 4 (I happen to be left handed so that was kind of an issue for me.) where they just said don’t hold your phone that way, they might just tell you not to look at your iPad that way! Would you also like to write a story about the 100’s of thousands of people that are perfectly happy with the iPad 2! Yes some will have defects, that’s what happens when ANY product is mass produced, if your so unhappy get a refund and go away!fudge2Replace the barely trained teenagers or the screens?markbyrnOther than dramatic gesticulations and knee-jerk Apple bashing, can the author or somebody demonstrate the impact of this issue besides seeing the defect on the boot screen or all black background? When using the product, at what times will you actually even notice this?Ronald de la CruzBIG PROBLEM!!!! Something like a phone losing signal when you hold it the wrong way fo instance!Mean while the bosses at mac are sitting on there arses having drip fed you an ever so slightly different product that they could have just brought out in the first place, having made no effort to sort out pretty serious issues.
They are laughing their heads off!If you pay overr the odds for a product that is missing alot of functionality that its competiters have, id expect a pretty well made bespoke bit of tech. I was even having problems with the sound not working in ANY apps, the screen would slightly flicker and the headphone jack was a little off. I’m on my first iPad 2 and also opted out returning it now for the fear of receiving a much worst replacement. Based on my research online, most iPad 2 have light bleeds so exchanging it now will be useless and a waste of time.
After seeing pics from many users, some people have it much worst than mine.To all you negative comments stfu!!! He is clearly speaking the truth so STFU!!!!!!NealYou just named 3 Apple products with light leaks.

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