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TweetThis article shows how to Force Quit any Mac application using only keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts can be necessary to force an app to exit, as a hung app may prevent access to the force quit function through the Apple menu.
Press the force quit keyboard shortcut Command-Option-Esc: Hold down the Command and Option keys and press the Esc (escape) key. Select the app: Use the up and down arrow keys to select (highlight) the frozen app you want to exit.
Possibly your hard disk is corrupt – it would be worth checking it for errors, in case it needs replacement.
Another option is to remove the drive from the PowerBook, put it in a USB drive case, and plug it into another Mac. We have all come to rely on our various cell phones and tablets for everything from staying in touch with those we love to giving us directions and keeping track of our grocery lists, not to mention the occasional games we play.
One study found that at least 23% of viruses are transferred between tablet devices and our hands while another found that one in six cell phones carried traces of – wait for it – fecal matter. Do NOT use regular glass cleaner, as it will destroy the protective coating necessary to keep your tablet working properly. Also (and equally important), regular glass cleaner does not disinfect the screen to get rid of the germs.
Instead, clean thoroughly on a weekly basis with a specialized screen cleaner, such as the new AM Mist or the Sanus Elements Screen Care Kit.
The first rule for keeping your cell phone free of germs is STOP using your phone in the bathroom. Second, due to the special coatings on the various smartphone screens, you need to be extra careful about using cleaning solutions which will damage the phone and its components.
For the true germophobe, you may consider using a UV sanitizer such as one made by VioLight.
I love my MacBook Air, but I hate the popping sound that it makes when changing the volume. You can silently change the volume on your Mac, and the fix is super fast and super simple. However, what if a Good Samaritan finds your lost computer, only to find that it is locked, leaving them unable to determine who it belongs to or how to contact that person.
By following these simple steps, your Mac laptop can protect your data while providing a way to contact you if it is ever lost.
Sometimes applications misbehave, and this post will explain several Force Quit basics for attorneys to deal with them when this occurs.
If you want to avoid having to navigate to the ? menu, you can hit Command + Option + Escape to bring up the simple “Force Quit Applications” window, from which you can select the desired app and end it. Randy Singer, one of the deans of Mac legal technology, compiled the following list that he graciously agreed for me to share with my readers. Each of these programs can read, edit, and create MS Office documents on your iPad.
Ever get busy working on projects, only to later realize that you have numerous Finder windows open?
Last week, I published two articles on my family law blog that discussed the issue of snooping.

As I’ve discussed before, my law firm, The Stevens Firm, uses web-based (SaaS) technology in many areas of our practice, as we believe that doing so enables us to work smarter, be more efficient, and provide better service to our clients. For our email needs, we use Gmail (through Google Apps for Business), because it enables us to easily access our email from anywhere in the world using any type of device imaginable. The Library folder in Mac OS X contains a variety of important files, settings, preferences, caches, and many specific files that are required for apps to run as intended. Moogfest's Circuit Bending Challenge invites anyone to build a synth on a shoestring budget. Bonus tips- You can easily force quit a currently running app, simply go to the menu and hold down the shift key on the keyboard, and then you can execute your operation from there.
Take caution when force quitting any application on your mac, because any unsaved changes that you’re running on that app or program would be lost. Contrary to popular belief, PCs aren’t the only machines beleagured by hanging apps and vulnerable applications.
In fact, according to 2014 data from the National Vulnerabilities Database compiled by Christian Florian at GFI, the most vulnerable operating system (based on number of vulnerabilities) is the Mac. Today, I want to show you three quick tricks for regaining your sanity when your cursor transforms into the infamous spinning beach ball. Hitting this enigmatic three finger shortcut will conjure up the Force Quit Application dialog box and let you close those intractable apps. Let’s say the bouncy icon in the doc is really pissing you off because it never opens. If you did it right you should see the Hide and Quit options on the context menu magically transmute into Hide Others and Force Quit! In the terminal window, type: top -o rsize to see which apps are slurping up all your memory.
When you find the ungrateful processing pigging out on your resources, slap some sense into it by noting the first column: it should say PID with a long number that you wish represented how much money you earned last week at your job.
Alright, now remember that PID number like it’s the powerball for your lottery jackpot. You probably know from the hit TV sitcom Grey’s Anatomy that an EKG is a fancy test to trace the electrical activity of the human heart. There’s a bunch of crap in a bunch of columns but all you care about are CPU and Memory.
When it comes to snapping your Mac back into the shape, nothing beats a good ol’ force quit. Click and hold the bad app icon in the Doc while pressing Control + Option to Force Quit that app.
Usetop -o rsize, top -o cpu and kill pid (where PID represents the process ID of the bad process. However, iOS 7 only seems to want to position a background image one way, and no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you pinch or zoom, it just won’t cooperate. This app enables you to instantly crop and save images to the correct resolution, and it allows you to include effects like blur, focus, etc. If you ever want to fix wallpaper on iOS 7, Wallax works as advertised, and I highly recommend it.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that recent studies have shown our devices are well… disgusting! Studies have shown that every time a toilet is flushed, it sends thousands of polluted droplets into the air. Most manufacturers, including Apple, recommend using a soft, slightly damp (with only water), lint-free cloth to wipe down the entire device.
While a little pricier than cleaning wipes or sprays, it will eliminate the liquid element which is most likely to cause damage to your device. First and foremost, require that a login password be entered whenever your computer starts or wakes from sleep.
Obviously, I hope you never need to use these lock screen security tips, but if you do, I hope they will come in handy.
However, my favorite way to Force Quit is to do so from the Dock, by using Option + Right Click (two finger tap on your trackpad) to bring up the “Force Quit” option. There are a number of programs for the iPad that are essentially the equivalent of a mobile version of Microsoft Office. I believe these may also be helpful to my readers here, because we need to remember how important it is for attorneys to take all reasonably prudent steps secure their sensitive data. To prevent novice users from inflicting unintended changes or harm, recent versions of OS X (including Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks) hide this folder by default. To do so, simply go to Finder, click on the Go menu, and press the Option key, which reveals the Library folder. Maybe, a program or application that was working well- at a time, hangs or notifies you that the application isn’t responding, then the best you can do is to force quit that app.
If your phone is exposed during this process, guess where they land – yes, on your phone, which then goes right next to your face when you take that next call. If you fail to do so, your data will be accessible to anyone who happens upon your computer. Also, when people lose their computers, it’s most often while traveling, so a home or office number is less helpful. In this post, I will discuss the most commonly used ones, which I hope you will find helpful. If you hold down the Shift key when clicking the ? menu, the option changes to Force Quit [Current Application] and you can end it directly instead of having to navigate to it.
I actually had to press this finger twisting key combo three painful times before I was able to kill my troubled browser. In just a few seconds, you can customize your a photo to create exactly what you want, export the image to your Camera Roll, and apply it as your perfect wallpaper. You push F11 to lower it, but the pop pop popping sound lets everyone know what you’re doing.

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