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So, if you really want to establish yourself in the online market, then unresponsive designs are not going to help your business grow at any cost! Ex: Consider you have a website, have you ever checked how it looks and feels on different browsers and mobiles?
When your website is designed with responsive design, it automatically adjusts to the screens of different browsers and devices to present a high-resolution website in front of the audiences.
Candidly speaking, creating responsive designs require collective technological efforts and ideas. With said that, one of the tools that plays a crucial role in creating responsive websites is Fluid Grid technique. Another most significant tool that plays a great role in the providing high-resolution images of website v mobiles is Media Queries, other words, CSS3 media queries.
Here, in this section, I would love to come up with some excellent resources that could be quite beneficial in creating an excellent responsive design with ease. This website hosts a great deal of information about responsive designs which exclusively suits the needs of beginners as well as pros.
This website holds a collection of responsive designing sources delivered by numerous different technology giants. Here, in this site you would find out various interesting articles on responsive website designs and tools with in-depth technical information.
It is another useful site with profound and trustworthy information on responsive web design and how to use if effectively. And, finally this site offers some excellent physical books on responsive designing written by some popular authors. I hope the information provided in this article is quite useful for beginners as well as pros.
Melvin RajivMelvin Rajiv enjoys writing about technology topics for the web where he can share his knowledge and interest with others. Responsive navigation on complex websites22 June, 20150 CommentsDoes your website contain a large quantity of information and you want it to become responsive navigation?
Hopefully with this list, you can avoid the common pitfalls and really up your game as a web designer. Failing to see when a project requires an extended deadline or more resources to meet a deadline. Follow this principle, make mistakes, fix them, learn new things and strive for perfection. Cluttered web pages and low quality, outdated web elements are the most common problem I see in the Australian website industry. We have to check with Slow Page Load Speed,Making users wait for than a couple seconds for your page to load not only defeats them,just try to use less all scripts where possible,Ensure your code is efficient, organized and clean to avoid speed issue. Also, the navigation was not easy, but with time, I have improved my websites layout and design a lot. But still many are making similar mistakes, so this would help many of them resolve issues with their website design. So, without a website’s assistance it is quite impossible to expand your business or customer base online. Today, a huge volume of customers are switching from desktops to handheld devices as they offer incredible comfort. In a nutshell, responsive designs are nothing but flexible high-resolution web designs fitting the screen sizes of different browsers and mobiles without any compromise in readability.
The size of the fonts, orientation, everything will be adjusted automatically in order to give a pleasant reading experience to the users. It is quite impossible to construct a responsive website using a single piece of technology. A decade before designers constructed responsive designs using the traditional Liquid Grid technique. It plays a great role in modifying the resolution of website on mobile phones in which the width of the screen below than normal ones. It would be highly useful for beginners who look forward to simple and easy-to-use learning materials. You could get a best one for your personal needs as the pricings of the books are available along with book names. Make use of advancement in technology and impress your visitors with cross-browser compatible and mobile-friendly websites to experience fruitful gains.
It’s good practice when site visitors always know where they are at any given moment and have the possibility to travel through website pages freely and swiftly.

We know that good readability is basic, but some designers manage to neglect it in their burst of creativity. Nobody will sweat filling out the multiple fields of your registration form, so it should be as short and simple as possible.
Think well if you really need a splash page… If you don’t provide access to pornography, alcohol or gambling, where certain age restrictions are required, why not give the users what they are looking for all at once. Most websites should be responsive by now and they should be tested across all popular devices and show optimized performance. If your website can’t adjust to all major screen resolutions, you will potentially lose a lot of visitors as their experience has not been optimized. Design isn’t an easy process and it’s normal to ask questions on every step leading to finish. Keep in mind that clients searching for an expert web designer, will study their company websites carefully. Your website’s should be accessible by all and work on all devices, including screen readers.
Within the Agile development process particularly, UX professionals must learn to create experiences that also support a phased release schedule. Screens are still often stuffed with too many actions to take (especially home pages and index pages), but content pages and lower functionality pages often leave users with no next action to take to continue their journey. Whether it’s to stakeholders, fellow designers, or in job interviews, too many UX designers (still) only talk about their work according to process and technique, rather than problem solving and design thinking.
It’s difficult to argue that a home page makes the first impression on the user, so it should be marvelous. Today plenty of features and functionalities are available online through open source codes, libraries, frameworks etc.
Unless the sites you’re designing are completely static, somehow showcasing new information is vital to good design. She diligently puts down all her thoughts in order to share the most interesting of them with web community in general and TemplateMonster’s readers in particular. Although there are plenty of awesome site templates and WP themes with outstanding design available for purchase around the web, most small design companies seem to be quite different from today’s trends. To web designers, it is like a lost treasure that they have dug out and now are richer in knowledge. I was not aware of the fact that, i need a responsive website, so for a long period of time, I was running website just for the desktop users. Content plays an important role in driving a websites traffic so it should be unique and should be structured properly; according to me failure in doing so is one of the biggest mistake web designer makes. Reports state that more numbers of customers prefer to use their mobiles to explore internet. Today, you can come across numerous articles on responsive designs, and it apparently shows how significant this design is for today’s online business. It allows a min-width media feature which is quite useful for designers to produce a website which works on tiniest of the mobiles without any compromise the visibility. Web Design RM Perth offer modern and advanced web design, development, graphic design, and marketing and search engine optimization. Read moreResponsive Web Design Advantages16 February, 201513 CommentsResponsive web design is the future of development technologies. Below you will find a list of some of the most common mistakes web designers make, as well as some friendly reminders on what makes a website successful. You should always keep in mind a clear hierarchy of your design and don’t place the users into a confusing position when they don’t know where to look first. So, keep in mind that only one pop-up window should be accessible at a time or use lightboxes where all distraction is grayed out for better perception. So, if there is no clear call-to-action on the page your chances to reach it are second to none.
Some designers are ready to promise the moon to the customer, but then can’t meet the deadline or fail with other requirements.
A up-to-date, user-friendly website is the face of your agency and your prospective customers will decide if they want to work with you depending on their impression. Turning the registration form into a responsive layout makes it marginally easier, but one has to wonder whether it is still a reasonable expectation for the user to fill out all of the information that you ask.
Confusion over what constitutes a phase, often leads to incomplete ‘under construction’ releases that are merely part of an incomplete whole.
Though, the subpages are not less important as they also contain essential info, so they shouldn’t look like designer’s step daughters.

Returning visitors are likely going to be interested in what’s changed since they last visited. We hope that our long list of the most frequent web design mistakes will help you to avoid them.
It shows them their badly made mistakes over the years, and now presenting with the optimum solutions.
Considering the necessity of this mind-blowing innovative design in mind, here I’ve decided to educate you with an article which explains the significance, tools, and resources for creating responsive designs for everyone who reads this in a simple and effective manner. For those, who aren’t able to follow the definition clearly, the following illustration would help. Especially when you switch from desktop to Laptop or mobiles, the size, orientation, image quality, resolution of the website completely changes which in turn produces unpleasant and low-resolution fonts and images making it ill-defined for the viewers. Especially, the static pixel pattern of Liquid Grid posed a huge threat in front of the designers as the website when enlarged on wide screens and condensed on small screens produced low-resolution unreadable web images to customers.
A mobile responsive website will help you connect better with your customers and of course more customers can bring more sales.With technology, came variety and diversity, even in the world of websites.
If you can’t fully rely on your knowledge of color and contrast, there are plenty of online tools that will help you choose the optimal match.
And don’t forget that the user should have the possibility to close a pop-up clicking anywhere on the screen. Be extremely clear with yourself about who your 90% users are and ruthlessly drive the design with them in mind.
Consider this: when one registers on the website from a mobile device, the website is intelligent enough to skip a few steps in filling out the profile, letting the user complete those steps on a desktop or laptop computer. When you make a user share their information before communicating the value that your app has to offer, you risk losing them immediately. Generally, this is done automatically on blogs, with posts appearing in descending order based on date.
Accurate (faultless) web page navigation, meaningful (attractive) website layouts, better website performance (increasing page loading speed), higher digital lookout and much more (as depicted herein) would create a successful website – no doubts!
It is foolish to ask your visitors to stick to any particular browser or device to view your website!
Unlike the traditional tool, Fluid Grid produced dynamic pixel pattern which held good on widening on large screens and shortening on low screens effectively. As such, an early phase may not resemble the final product at all, yet inevitable leads to it.
So, a better alternative would be using the technology to come with a website which works fine on all browsers and handheld devices. Do you realize that the number of net users browsing on their mobile has multiplied in recent years due to the release of smartphones and tablets?
Once a design is created, its author will tend to defend, but they’re defending their work, not a solution.
Here is a list with the main practices to get it.Read more9 Features consumers want in mobile websites17 October, 20141 CommentsThe design of a mobile website must be different from the the design of a desktop one, if you want your page to be one of the most visited.
Hence we help clients by making the sites as easily accessible to all type of screens so that no matter what the pixel size is, the website doesn't prove difficult for the user to navigate.
We also try to design the site in a single page format so that the content doesn't get confusing for the users as they read through it.But you still think there’s a bit of a problem.
Find out how to improve your online presence with a responsive website plus domain.Read moreResponsive Web Design Best Practices23 June, 20144 CommentsMobile web growth makes us think of responsive web design that can be applied for all the devices and screen sizes. Or this could be a section within the home page or another page that links to the newest updates.
Read more about the best practices and how you can make use of them in order to increase the number of your clients.Read moreResponsive screen sizes29 May, 20140 CommentsHow to make your website look good in all devices? We realize the world is going to be at our fingertips and so should be the business!Responsive Web Design is useful to you because it enables you to reach a wider range of people. This is because we all know that there is a difference in the way a website is viewed on smartphones and tablets.
So that it is not irritating to constantly navigate through the page for accessing the data.Also our web designs are up to date with the modern technology. You can be sure that your site will have all the bells and whistles Tempted to build your site right away?

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