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We're playing this gig at The Moorings Saturday 6th July with all our Home Alone Music friends.
An interview we just did with Emma Smith on Radio New Zealand and a few songs recorded live.
In our previous set of articles, we've created a simple 2 page website that allows users to submit comments about the page they were looking at. After running the search, phpMyAdmin will show you all comments that belong to article 1, as well as the SQL syntax you can use to select those comments. Now that we have our sample SQL query, we can use it to create the php code that will print all comments on a page.
As stated earlier, we purposely include many comments to help explain what the code was doing. Am a programmmer who would wish to have a text box similar to this of yours, that is were users can edit their text.
Thank you so much for this helpful tutorial series, I've always wanted to get into PHP but it just made my mind boggle.
You may be able to find out the issue by printing out the query variable on the page so you can see the exact query being sent to the database. If that will be an issue, you will likely need to remove the required option and then do the validation programmatically with javascript on the front end and php on the back end. We can certainly update the article, but if you have any questions now, please let us know so we can assist.

Kindly assist in me in writing a code to select data from mysql database and to the display the result in the a simple html form.
Sometimes is the first single from our debut full-length album Fragments Fine, which will be released at a one-off free release show at Laundry on Cuba in Wellington on Sunday 23rd February 2014. After setting up and standing around admiring the beautiful St Peter's hall (there are tables so it's kind of cabaret style! In this article, we're going to show you how to print all of the comments that users have left for a page. When we setup our site we created two pages, and each page was assigned a unique id number. In a previous article, we explained how to use php's include function to reuse code, and we will continue to use this method to use our php code.
My problem is i'm using php, need to retreive data from 2 diferent database and check if they are equal using oracle as database. Once you get that, take it to phpmyadmin and play with it until you get the results you want. This is a built in function of HTML5 that requires something to be entered in those fields before it will allow the processing to continue. Please try to rephrase your question just a bit so we can understand what you are asking and we will be happy to try and assist you.
French For Rabbits are heading over to Europe for adventure and this is the perfect opportunity to wish them good luck and safe travels.

After determining the exact query you need, change the code so it creates the query in the proper manner. This will be a super special night, so make sure you book tickets, as tickets are limited and they are sure to sell out.
For example, when the user is on page 1, we'll select all of the comments in the database assigned to page "1". In our example, we have quite a few comments to help explain what the code is doing, but keep in mind that most scripts do not have as many comments.
Please understand that we do not take on coding projects and any coding samples we give are very simple. We are sharing the song in the lead up to Christmas with a free digital release available from our bandcamp page.
The band have been hiding away rehearsing in Wellington for a while, so this gig will include a few new songs they've been working on.

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