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Responsive web design term is related to the concept of developing a website design in a manner that helps the lay out to get changed according to the user’s computer screen resolution. Responsive web designing is an entirely different designing version than traditional web designing, and developers (especially fresher) must know about the pros and cons of responsive web designing.
Responsive web designing is remarkably different from traditional designing in terms of technical and creative issues, and a careful use of this can do wonders while designing. Though nowadays this greyish grid-style static website looks a bit boring and dull, however when it was released it caused some kind of furor with its high-end layout. The main reason was that the designer primarily focused its attention on responsive behavior that was only gaining popularity those days thereby providing ordinary developers with a representative example of how regular grid-style layout should gracefully transform. Being dedicated to an architecture and design studio it doesn’t surprising that the main focus of the website are photos that showily represent skills, experience and clients of the company. Transformation from a regular left-sided blog-style magazine layout populated with numerous yummy pictures to an elementary block-by-block layout – here is how the main process of adaptation looks like in this website. However, there is nothing supernatural; it is believed to be a typical solution to a great deal of projects that want to attract online readers from mobile web, win over new audience, and at the same time, save the website’s aesthetics from a visual overload. The Boston Globe is an excellent example of a well-thought-out news-related website that is based on a responsive layout. Though as befits, at first sight it seems that the website has a complex, slightly messy outward that is really hard to handle, actually the solution is really primitive. However, the team not just mindlessly uses a responsive framework as a base; they also actively muster support from some styling elements. This is another clean well-organized website that is based on a flexible horizontal stripe layout. Such simple yet powerful combination helps to increase readability chiefly on small devices where, as a rule, everything is presented as a one continuous data stream that, because of an inherent monotony, is able to easily destroy all the piquancy and decrease readers’ interest. Though the blog designs is not differ from others, yet its desire to satisfy current web requirements takes it at the whole new level. It’s also fluid between breakpoints, which is something I think many people miss out, to ill effect. Nice list on responsive web design and looking forward in getting my new website to this technique in making it easier on different screen resolution. I think we’re really going to start to see a shift from traditional design to responsive design. I believe that eventually, there will be more variety of layouts that uses responsive web design given the fact that it is fairly new. This list present some great responsive web design tutorials of 2014 for web designers and developers.
Create a beautiful website employing adaptive layouts and optimised for the latest mobile devices. This technique allows browsers to determine video dimensions based on the width of their containing block. This tutorial build the HTML structure with the latest elements then style up the appearance of the site with CSS3 affects to match the original Photoshop concept with minimal use of background images. Tutorial we?l be creating a simple responsive accordion that, when opened, will slide to the top of the viewport and reveal the content by fading it in. This post focuses on how we chose to deal with deep navigation in the landscape of a templated environment. This post is going to walk you through on how to build a simple navigation from the ground and using CSS3. A responsive, touch-friendly and Retina-ready menu with three layouts for different browser sizes and colors of the Maliwan manufacturer of the Borderlands game.
This tutorial is going to learn about how to create a horizontal layout with several content panels. In this tutorial I want to demonstrate how we can build a responsive single-page resume layout. In this tutorial, making a (very simple looking) web template that is responsive from desktop size down to mobile version.
I am a web developer and freelance writer with over 2 years experience in web development and writing. Here we are put to-gathered a list of  Useful HTML5 Tools, Frameworks and resources which are very useful for both designers and developers. HTML5 is an extremely useful markup language for enhancing user experience and usability. Below you will find a list of thirdy HTML5 tools that are great at helping people to understand HTML5 and at helping people learn how to create HTML5 websites. There are some really good online tools & resources which web designers should definitely take advantage of to help create those new innovative designs and stay ahead of the field! Modern web technologies are pushing the boundaries of creativity and today we want to share a useful collection of HTML5 Tools which can help to build better web design and web apps. Let’s take a quick look at useful HTML5 Web Designing Tools and get inspired to create the design of your website with advanced HTML features and updates.
Flowplayer, the popular HTML5 video player, offers a great experience with a completely customizable feature set. KineticJS is an HTML5 Canvas JavaScript framework that enables high performance animations, transitions, node nesting, layering, filtering, caching, event handling for desktop and mobile applications, and much more. RazorFlow is a PHP framework for quickly and easily creating Responsive and HTML5 dashboards that work well on all major devices and browsers.

Zebra is a JavaScript library that come up with a rich user interface components for creating desktop-like layouts. Junior is a HTML5 framework for front-end creating mobile apps that look and behave like native.
Radi is a awesome visual design application creating websites with standard and human-readable HTML + JavaScript code. Literally Canvas is a HTML5 open source widget, which can be integrated into any page, for enabling users to draw online.
Gauge.js is a slick script for creating animated gauges with JavaScript (Coffeescript) in HTML5 canvas.
Chart.js easy, object oriented JavaScript charting libaray with html5 canvas for designers and developers. WYSIHTML5 is an open source rich text editor, developed by Xing, that produces non-bloated, valid HTML5 code. Percentage Loader is a jQuery plugin which makes use of HTML5 canvas (no images) for creating a very good looking loader.
Howler.js is a JavaScript library that works with Web Audio API by default and falls back to HTML5 Audio when not supported. It provides support for multiple codecs and fallback to a Flash-powered MP3 player when needed. Fabric.js HTML5 Canvas coding framework with offering methods for creating objects and manipulating them, the framework also works as a SVG-to-Canvas parser (and vice-versa). It is built with the D3.js library, uses HTML5 canvas for drawing the output and works asynchronously for a good performance.
It is created with professional apps and games in mind, works cross-browser and has lots of built-in nodes like images, text, buttons, shapes, etc. In order to find out the differences and test them easily, there is a website: Native Form Elements. Upload Center, that will allow people to upload photos from their computers by dragging and dropping them onto the browser window, possible with the new HTML5 APIs exposed by modern browsers. Flotr2 is an open source library for HTML5 canvas charts and graphs which is a fork of the popular flotr without the dependency of Prototype JS framework and has many improvements. The library is framework independent and has support for line, bar, candle, pie and bubble charts.
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This is a beautiful creative PSD business card template with a plaid, tartan texture theme. In today's fast-changing eCommerce world, it's challenging for any web designer to predict the future. After lots of web browsing we found that there are no resources for ready made blueprints of civil constructions available on the net. More precisely, the concept allows for an advanced 4 column layout 1292 pixels wide, on a 1025 pixel  width screen, that auto-simplifies into 2 columns.
This blog is a mighty example of the approach so we will reveal a few facts about the uses of responsive web designing. Data tables are extremely wide by default, and when someone zooms out to see the whole table, it becomes too small to read. This particular technique serves the purpose of responsive designing in true sense as the images serve at different resolutions, ranging from larger screens to smaller ones. The flexibility solution helps to effectively form a proper structure for every standard screen size, creating a pleasant content flow for readers.
The designer gives us a hint of how typography, grid-style markup and blog section should change according to device screen dimensions. The layout is pretty simple; it is based on a standard, commonly-used set of horizontal stripes that present data in a non-intrusive manner. The website takes on a conventional approach that is helpful for those who are eager to run its own frequently updated online magazine. The designer has wisely split all the information into 3 columns, the amount of which decreases according to screen size, slowly but surely passing stages of displaying data in 2 columns and finally in one; in this way you will be also able to set a necessary order of showcasing your blocks. Thus, a contrasting color palette helps to distinguish content blocks and some functional elements such as social media and ads, enhancing visual perception for mobile users and reinforces readability. Music Festival has to deal with a lot of multimedia content including videos and dynamic effects that in addition is spiced up with some artistic hand-written lettering and fantastic graphics.
It neatly touches every detail, creating a visually pleasing appearance that doesn’t lose its charm of originality and creativity even on small screens.
The responsiveness here is also effectively bolstered by a color differentiation that visually separates one logical block from another. Our goal with the redesign was to be clear, concise, consistent and keep our content correct. I recently launched my site (I actually started playing with it in December 2010 but I got lazy) which uses a responsive layout with column-count, which I haven’t seen used on any other sites.

It makes the most sense for client who are looking to design their website and applying similar themes to a mobile or tablet device without having to create a native app. Does anybody have any examples or insight on how to apply responsive design to desksites that currently employ mega-dropdown navigation? RWD is moving along really fast, but I wish there was a better way to do images responsive!
So if the user has a small screen, the elements will rearrange to show you main things first. Responsive design will automatically adjust itself based on the screen size of the media devices. It is becoming more and more popular, as a web developer or designer, you’ll need to keep up with the latest news and learn new skills. We have collected 30 of the best Useful HTML 5 Tools & Resources for Web Designers and Developers. The framework provides a feature rich SDK, an advanced debugging system, and a cross-platform deployment engine.
It works by simply inserting a single PHP file into any app, feeding it with data and choosing the output type.
The UI elements are built with HTML5 canvas, colored with CSS and expected to be rendered the same on all modern browsers. It is a project that started as a mashup of Bootstrap + HTML5 Boilerplate, evolved more and now has most of the frequently-used stuff.
It simply shows the usage of HTML5 markup including header, section, article, footer and more (there is also an example of video as well). It comes with a simple set of tools including draw, erase, color-picker, undo, redo, pan and zoom. The script is standalone (jQuery is supported but not required) and doesn’t use any images or CSS.
There are ready-to-use examples provided and a web-based Sonic Creator exists for creating loaders and getting them as a HTML5 canvas code, animated GIF or a sprite image with the CSS3 code. It currently supports 6 chart types (line, bar, radar, pie, column and polar area) and all this comes in a standalone, <5kb package. Uploading files using HTML5 is actually a combination of three technologies – the new File Reader API, the also new Drag & Drop API, and the good ol’ AJAX (with the addition of binary data transfer). When one tries to zoom in to make it readable, he or she is supposed to scroll both horizontally and vertically to look through it.  Well, there are several ways to avoid this problem.
The scaled images appear to change fluidly with the help of updated developer tools and coding languages, allowing designs to look sharp in every context. It has 1 main column with a right-sided widgetized sidebar, a header populated with navigation, a logotype and a search bar, and a footer that presents information via set of blocks. So for the team, it is quite a challenge to display everything correctly on mobiles and tablets.
The goal with the RWD is for our users (students, faculty, staff) to be able to find the IT support they need on any device. However, I do feel that the more we adjust our website designs to display properly on different screens and devices is limiting our creative ability. I also am finding coding for this difficult to implement since I’ve done my own html for so many years. It is unique in that the images are not only fluid across screen sizes, but are draggable and droppable as well. We are sharing best resources for web development, Photographers, designer, website templates, graphic PSD templates. The player does that perfectly with HTML5 by default and falling back to Flash when needed. It uses CSS3 transitions for a slick performance, supports swipable carousels and includes various UI components (from Ratchet). It transforms textarea fields and provides the major stuff including text styles (bold, italic), lists, headers, inserting images or links and coloring the text.
However, the hassle one faces with media queries is that new queries can pop up from moment to moment; each time, the user experiences sudden and drastic changes to the look and organization of the site.
The sequential arrangement of blocks deprived of embellishments undergoes changes quite smoothly and effortlessly, giving users a nice-looking and well-organized layout. Designers need to create designs that fit all, so it’s almost becoming a necessity to stick to the standard header-content-sidebar-footer layout, making it hard for creative, alternative designs to survive and I think that’s just too bad.
So We are gathered some cool and useful HTML5 and CSS3 Tools and resources for designers and developers.
Use this awesome font bookmark to instantly view any web page in a new font without changing any HTML or CSS!
Then you can drag & drop one or more files on the element and the files will be uploaded.

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