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Convert PDF & Office documents (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) as well as images into a fun, interactive flipbooks in just a matter of minutes! With the FlipHTML5 animation editor, you can enrich your digital publications by adding all sorts of animations, without writing a single line of code! Choose from hundreds of beautiful templates and themes, which you can quickly customize into a unique and professional flipbook. Even if you don’t have a website, you can instantly publish your magazines and eBooks to the FlipHTML5 online cloud publishing platform and share with the world.
Automatically collect all your digital publications in a nice looking bookcase which can be easily embedded into your own website. The latest version of HTML – HTML5, adds many cool new elements to the applications that are being developed. Here we have fresh HTML5 resources which are very useful for both designers and developers. HTML5 is an extremely useful markup language for enhancing user experience and usability.
Today’s we put together a list of twenty five useful HTML5 Tools and resources to help save you time and energy along the way. HTML5 is making the web design more powerful in different areas. Fast, Secure, Responsive, Interactive and beautiful. RazorFlow is a PHP framework for quickly and easily creating Responsive and HTML5 dashboards that work well on all major devices and browsers. Zebra is a JavaScript library that come up with a rich user interface components for creating desktop-like layouts. Junior is a HTML5 framework for front-end creating mobile apps that look and behave like native.
Radi is a awesome visual design application creating websites with standard and human-readable HTML + JavaScript code. Literally Canvas is a HTML5 open source widget, which can be integrated into any page, for enabling users to draw online. Gauge.js is a slick script for creating animated gauges with JavaScript (Coffeescript) in HTML5 canvas. Chart.js easy, object oriented JavaScript charting libaray with html5 canvas for designers and developers.
WYSIHTML5 is an open source rich text editor, developed by Xing, that produces non-bloated, valid HTML5 code. WYSIHTML5 speeds up the writing process by auto-linking the URLs and offers a secure usage by using sandboxed iframes in order to prevent identity theft through XSS.
Percentage Loader is a jQuery plugin which makes use of HTML5 canvas (no images) for creating a very good looking loader.
Howler.js is a JavaScript library that works with Web Audio API by default and falls back to HTML5 Audio when not supported. It provides support for multiple codecs and fallback to a Flash-powered MP3 player when needed. Fabric.js HTML5 Canvas coding framework with offering methods for creating objects and manipulating them, the framework also works as a SVG-to-Canvas parser (and vice-versa). It is built with the D3.js library, uses HTML5 canvas for drawing the output and works asynchronously for a good performance. It is created with professional apps and games in mind, works cross-browser and has lots of built-in nodes like images, text, buttons, shapes, etc.
In order to find out the differences and test them easily, there is a website: Native Form Elements.

Upload Center, that will allow people to upload photos from their computers by dragging and dropping them onto the browser window, possible with the new HTML5 APIs exposed by modern browsers.
I was looking for something just like the percentage loader – thanks for all the other bonus goodies! Nava is a clean, modern and responsive HTML template for sites related to sailing boats, yachts, catamarans, ships, cruisers, etc….
Marketeer is a free Ecommerce WordPress Theme which implements the great Easy Digital Downloads Plugin (EDD) to your website. If you are designing a marketing strategy for your product, perhaps you can take online digital publication into consideration.
When we mention digital publications, page flipping magazine, brochure, e-book and catalog will present to our mind. Anyway, with Flip HTML5 you can design a fabulous digital magazine, catalog, brochure and photo album from PDF, MS Office and Images easily. The cover of digital publication plays an important role while users look through your digital publication. If we ask digital book makers about what is the most important feature that can make their digital publication standing out from the competitors, the answer would inevitably be adding the interactivity of their digital publications. So ,to ensure that digital publications can have super interactivity and can read a wide range of different users, digital makers may apply Jquery and Css3 tools to make high quality publications to their readers. Basically interactivity of digital publications include allowing readers to view e-publication through navigations, to customize background skins to their digital reading, to embed rich media such as YouTube video, audios, pictures and hyperlinks, to online or offline publish their readings.
Or, even better, take that newly created ad and instantly whip up multiple versions in a variety of different sizes! It’s super easy for designers, advertisers, E-marketers, entrepreneurs and trainers to create stunning, animated brochures, magazines and catalogs that can be easily distributed via websites, mobile, email and social networks.
You are able to create multimedia digital publications that will inspire your visitors and partners with its animated features and flawless performance. These days it has become important for the web developers to learn and use the intricate elements of HTML5 to develop web apps and iOS-friendly sites. It is becoming more and more popular, as a web developer or designer, you’ll need to keep up with the latest news and learn new skills.
It works by simply inserting a single PHP file into any app, feeding it with data and choosing the output type. The UI elements are built with HTML5 canvas, colored with CSS and expected to be rendered the same on all modern browsers. It is a project that started as a mashup of Bootstrap + HTML5 Boilerplate, evolved more and now has most of the frequently-used stuff. It simply shows the usage of HTML5 markup including header, section, article, footer and more (there is also an example of video as well). It comes with a simple set of tools including draw, erase, color-picker, undo, redo, pan and zoom.
The script is standalone (jQuery is supported but not required) and doesn’t use any images or CSS. There are ready-to-use examples provided and a web-based Sonic Creator exists for creating loaders and getting them as a HTML5 canvas code, animated GIF or a sprite image with the CSS3 code.
It currently supports 6 chart types (line, bar, radar, pie, column and polar area) and all this comes in a standalone, <5kb package. Uploading files using HTML5 is actually a combination of three technologies – the new File Reader API, the also new Drag & Drop API, and the good ol’ AJAX (with the addition of binary data transfer). Amazing, how such fresh ideas can appear in the world where everything has already been inveneted!

On one hand, it is an effective approach to introduce you product; on the other hand, it can be shared to networks to reach more audience than before. Anyway, sharing the digital publication online, embed it into website, blog and email to your subscription will be a good way to enhance the brand awareness and reach your target audience easier. In the article, we will show you some tips to create an engaging html5 page flip publications by Flip HTML5. However, too many texts without images or other multimedia contents will bore the readers quickly.
First of all, the digital publication can be read on mobile devices such as iPad, Andoid, iPhone easily due to html5 technology. The best advantage of Jquey and Css 3 is that program engineers can use the very tools to continuously create interactive novelties to digital publications. Some digital makers now are trying to add new interactive functions to their publications so as to enhance their competitiveness. Now TemplateMonster shares some new tutorial goodies for those wanting to take full advantage of HTML5 and see what latest features and functions it provides. It uses CSS3 transitions for a slick performance, supports swipable carousels and includes various UI components (from Ratchet). It transforms textarea fields and provides the major stuff including text styles (bold, italic), lists, headers, inserting images or links and coloring the text.
With Flip HTML5, you are able to insert multimedia and animation content into flip page easily if necessary. The new functions include allowing readers to read and write reviews, post questions, add annotations to their readings; some now even allow reader to pick and buy items directly on their digital catalogs. So get the spotlight on new properties that have been introduced to HTML5 to expand the possibilities of web design.Check out summer 2011 edition of the main instructive guides and they will give you tips on how to use HTML5 stuff and build richer websites. Using the easy drag-and-drop feature, you'll be putting together loads of different banner ads, including videos and animations if you'd like. Use this awesome font bookmark to instantly view any web page in a new font without changing any HTML or CSS!
Then you can drag & drop one or more files on the element and the files will be uploaded.
So a good digital publication should not only be made with vivid page flipping effect, but continuously increase its interactivity by adding novelties that extremely engage readers. With the increasing number of mobile devices, flash has gradually been eliminated because it is not compatible to mobile devices.
Following HTML5 tutorials are made all around the advanced functions of HTML5, so you can see what they add to the already powerful HTML language and how to implement these features on your own. Thanks to the technology and the efforts of program engineers, more and more digital publication with super interactivity will reach the readers. To bring interactivity to a wide range of people, program engineers have initiated Jquery and Css3 tools that can help create super interactive web pages while friendly to mobile devices. With Bannerflow, it's faster and easier than ever to whip up multiple banner ads in a variety of formats.A Simple to UseIt couldn't be easier to create your own banners.
You can even instantly preview how different design elements will behave.Gorgeous TemplatesYou don't even need to start completely from scratch. Take advantage of the gorgeous templates included in your purchase and simply alter them to suit your needs.Transition Effects & AnimationsAnimated ads are a great way to grab someone's attention.

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