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If you request database information displayed in a Window format, you may need to create a query.
Although both Microsoft Access 2010 and Access 2007 replace the classic menus interface with Ribbon User interface, it is quite different between two Ribbons. All new features and commands for Access 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 have been added to the menus and toolbars.
You can still enjoy many features of Access 2003 that have been removed from Access 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.
You won't need any training or tutorials after upgrading to Microsoft Access 2007, 2010 or 2013. It includes Classic Menu for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Publisher, InfoPath, Visio and Project 2010, 2013 and 2016. If you have any questions or suggestions about our products or web site, please feel free to submit them to us.
The quickest way of creating an Access database is to use either the wizard or template approach (depending on which version you are using) both of which are a breeze!
Remember, you need to have some idea of what type of database you are going to end up with by planning your database first and to help with this preliminary step, take a look at how to prepare and design an Access database to understand the scope and key objectives before proceeding. A database file must first exist before adding objects to it as MS Access automatically save data changes to a table. With versions up to and including 2003, you can use the wizard feature which steps you through various screens to choose a template and various processes ready for immediate use.
Versions 2007 onwards now creates a new database instance from a template of your choice (which there are more to choose from the Microsoft website). To be fair, whichever method you use it will require some further design time to tweak the application and fully customise it to your requirements. Strangely, the later versions do not offer templates or wizards other than for web based SharePoint Lists so you have either the design or datasheet view available.
Personally, I always recommend using the design view option as you will need to modify field names, data types and set additional properties too and end up with the exact specified data table needed to meet your requirements. Step 6: For now, you should quickly test and run the table to compile and see the headings appear in the normal datasheet view. For the first time around however, you will be required to give your new table a name (hence the create Table name pop-up). Additionally, depending on the field names and data types chosen, you may see another prompt that follows asking about setting the primary key which is not yet defined.
Whichever version of Access you use, always take the time to research and understand why data types and properties are important. Additionally, the whole table has its own property sheet and should also be investigated – use the Help file F1 function key! You can of course use your new table(s) to add and edit records just like a spreadsheet however since this is only the beginning on how to create a Microsoft Access database, it makes sense to encourage you to create forms instead for your data inputting needs giving you better control and richer layouts choices for end-users. Using the wizard feature (all versions) is the quickest and easiest way to create a form as it steps you through each stage without needing to know how the design components work.
Later versions have added to the range of pre-defined templates and quick click of an icon for your selected data source table or query will load in a second – very easy indeed.

By the time you have carried out the above, using queries and forms will follow a similar theme. In my seven eBooks that I currently offer, they cover all the above and of course much, much but in more detail.
This entry was posted in Database Theory, Microsoft Training, MS Access and tagged how do you use microsoft access, how to create a microsoft access database, how to use microsoft access database, mastering an access database, microsoft access training. General articles about Microsoft Access issues, including Microsoft Access database design and normalisation. Any appreciation for the content provided as a resource for MS database users is always welcomed!hanks. Creating a database in Access 2010 is rather easy than other RDBMS tools available out there.
To get started, launch Access 2010 and open a database for which you want to create an application.
Now click OK in Access Options dialog, a message box will pop-up asking to reopen the database file. On reopening database, it will only provide you the main functionality of database application, i.e, in Form view (as specified in Access Options).
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With database management systems, many tasks can be done either via programatically or a user interface. Many database administrators (DBAs) use Structured Query Language (SQL) to perform many of their database tasks.
Note: This example assumes you know how to use your database system to run scripts like this.
There are still several forms to be created but the tables are all there and it might be useful to compare this version with the one you've built-up this far.
To create a form in Access 2007 you simply go to the Create tab, select the table and hit the Form button. A simple Maintenance Form (to add, change, delete and locate data) is built automatically with Subforms for related data. Once you've got data in the Customers table, use the form Search box to locate any customer by name, address, phone, etc.
However, when you do that they probably won't be in the right order when you tab through them.
This one is a bit different because the relationship shown is that of the child of the Invoice.
To get the customer information to appear on the form we have to add it manually in Design View.
The Query creating wizard buttons stay different places in Microsoft Access 2010, Access 2007, and Access 2003.
The Classic Menu for Office brings back the familiar menus and toolbars to Microsoft Access 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.
To run and see this table in Run Time mode, you do not have to save the changes first as you will automatically be prompted to do so after each design alteration.

However, there are other properties and attributes that help to condition and change the look and feel of a field and is covered later in this document.
A form is based either on a table or query if you intend to view data in some way and can be richly enhanced to make user experience a joy! To be fair, queries will take some extra learning here and is deemed the heart of the database system and needs to be mastered too. Start by considering the first eBook on how to create a Microsoft Access database to give you the heads up and confidence to move forward in quick time. Apart from providing tools, features and function for creating and managing databases efficiently, it also allow users to create a database application, so you can give it to your client or any other concerned party.
For illustration, we have created a database carrying different tables, queries, reports and forms, as shown below. From left-sidebar, select Current Database, and from main window, under Application Options, enter a suitable application title. As we have built this application for client and he doesn’t need to access full functionality of the database which includes reports, queries, and tables. However, could you tell me the procedure for someone to open the database with full functionality?
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Professional, Dynamic Microsoft Access Reports in MinutesCreating effective Access reports can be a tedious, confusing process. Generally, it's just a matter of selecting an option from a menu, then providing a name for your database. The maximum number of characters is 64 (see the Help file by pressing the F1 function key when you cursor is in a field name).
All my eBook offers comes with a 30 day email support so you are not alone…why not take a chance? Adding more, you can customize the overall look of application while creating one by confining client to use only specific part of database. Thus, we have provided him with main database Form, so he can view database, add new record and navigate through it. Under Application Options, you can configure multiple application settings ranges from  Document Window Option to generic view options. Only US$99Unlimited User LicenseUnlimited users within your company can create and view reports using Report Builder.
Converting your Access database report (or specific tables, forms and queries from the database) to PDF is an advantage if you want to share the documents with other users (in this case the user does not need Microsoft Access installed to view them).
You can also customize additional print options and columns settings by pressing the Setup button Click on OK and choose a location where you want the PDF file saved Video Tutorial Access Reports to PDF: Converting other database objects (tables, forms or queries) to PDF The other Microsoft Access database objects (tables, forms or queries) can also be converted to PDF documents in the same way as the Access reports.

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