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It was the purpose of this website to educate people as to the true meaning of what is required to become a full time or part time video game tester for a video game company. Seeing how I have firsthand knowledge into how to become a real video game tester employee of a video game company, I wanted to use this website as my way to set the record straight and at the same time show off some of the games I have worked on and places I have been, like E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. When I got my start in the video game industry it was the late 1980’s, right around the time that the Atari 2600 & 7800 were on their way out and the Nintendo NES was the newest console on the scene. I am actually quite proud of myself for having the opportunity of designing some of the “Retro Video Games” as well as testing them.
As I said above, I started this website for free and at the same time I received free and easy step-by-step training on how to build it.
I found out after joining Wealthy Affiliate that there are many other members who have video game websites too. If you want to build your own website to show off to the world anything and everything video games, in the plugin at the bottom of this page you can type in a domain name of your choosing and see if it is available within the Siterubix website building platform.
You will then be sent to the Wealthy Affiliate Build My Website page with a 4 step process, as seen in the picture below.
WordPress is a relatively easy to use CMS (Content Management System) but when you are a beginner, every task looks daunting.
The first tutorial that deserves to be checked (and read) is from the creators of WordPress themselves. Cheat Sheets are very popular among programmers and designers because they show at a glance the most important concepts in a language or technology. Even though this is a video tutorial, I listed it here because of its special purpose – WordPress for designers. This article from Smashing Magazine lists many WordPress tutorials, not all of which are beginner stuff but since they are all useful at one point or another in your encounters with WordPress, it makes sense to check them.
WordPress is famous for its quick and easy installation, so if you have already installed WordPress without a problem, now your task is to configure it. With so many great and free WordPress themes, not to mention the paid ones, you might be wondering why you want to create a WordPress theme on your own. This is one more tutorial about how to create a website with WordPress from scratch but this time it’s a video tutorial. Here is one more video tutorial that explains in easy terms how to quickly build a WordPress website. For anybody, who wants a fast way to build a decent WordPress site, this tutorial is just great.
This is hardly the easiest WordPress tutorial you can find but since responsive themes are much better than other themes, I decided to include it.
Finally, here is one more video tutorial for those of you, who want to use WordPress to build an ecommerce site. These WordPress tutorials are with varying difficulty – some of them are easy-peasy, while others require more effort (and some pre-existing skills) but if you are serious about mastering WordPress, they are just a tiny drop of what you must know.

About UsSyntaxxx provides tutorials, tips, and news for both aspiring and advanced web designers and webdevelopers. Contact UsIf you'd like to ask us any questions or just tell us how much you love what we're doing at Syntaxxx, please visit our contact page. Many of these websites that claim they can get you a job as a tester are nothing more than a membership driven database of names and email addresses that may get you a 1 or 2 day stint doing beta or focus group testing which doesn’t pay much and cannot be considered as an actual video game testing job. I joined the #1 Rated online training and entrepreneurial community known as Wealthy Affiliate. Many are of reviews of games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Mario World, and other Retro Games. If it is available and you truly want to build a free website, click “Build It Now” and you will be taken to the SiteRubix home page where you will click the “Build My Free Website!” button. No programming or coding of any kind is required and you need no credit card or bank information to become a Starter Member at Wealthy Affiliate.
Though the original premise of this website was about what is really required to be a video game tester, I also have a platform to share my ideas and memories of my experiences with video games. To help you deal with the challenge, here is a list of 15 great WordPress tutorials for beginners.
It is a very comprehensive tutorial that covers everything around WordPress – from beginner to advanced stuff. The same principle applies here – the most important PHP snippets for templates, navigation, loops, etc. There are many hacks you might not understand right now but when you master WordPress you will certainly appreciate them. However, if you want to download and read a tutorial offline, then an eBook in pdf format is a much better option.
This tutorial shows in great depth what you need to do after you are done with the installation.
What is more, it starts before you install WordPress – it also explains how to find and register a domain name and how to set your host for the WordPress installation. Well, after you spend days searching in vain for a free or paid theme that does what you want, probably you won’t be asking this question. It’s a very comprehensive and very long tutorial (more than an hour and a half) but if you prefer learning from videos than from reading tutorials, this one might be just for you.
The tutorial is aimed at building a business website because probably this is what most users are interested in but the tips it offers are valid for any website, not only a business one.
This is not a single tutorial but a multipart series (like 25 series or more!), so it might take a day or more to watch everything but if you are serious about responsive themes, this is one of the best sources. Still, don’t get discouraged by the fact that you will always have more to learn – this is how life goes when you are in Web design or Web development! She finally managed to find the perfect job that allows her to combine writing, design, (some) coding, and entrepreneurship skills under one umbrella.

It is here that I learned everything I needed to know, and then some, on how to build a website without the knowledge of any type of programming (the website builder does all the programming for you), how to get my webpages and posts indexed and ranked in Google and the other search engines, how to do keyword research and use many free plugins. There are also websites on new games like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and on game consoles like the PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 & Xbox One.
That button click will bring up the Create an Account pop up, as seen in the picture below. In Step 2 you give a name to your website which should be a grammatically correct name of your chosen domain name or whatever your website is going to be about. The beginners’ sections are written in a relatively easy to understand language, so even if you have no WordPress idea whatsoever, you will still be able to understand the tutorial. The videos are meant to be one a day but if you have the time, you can watch them all in just a couple of hours. This means that if you are stuck with a particular task, such as how to install a theme, or how to backup your WordPress installation, you can jump right to it instead of having to browse through chapters and sections to find it. WordPress settings are explained really well, so even if a setting isn’t self-explanatory, this tutorial will tell you what your options in configuring it are. While there are thousands of free plugins available, if you can’t find a plugin that does exactly what you want, you still might need to write it yourself. Creating a simple WordPress theme isn’t very hard and this tutorial, though a bit old, is one of the best resources about how to create your simple WordPress theme from scratch. One of the things I like about this video is that they also offer it as an eBook download, which in my opinion is much better, if you want to check just something rather than watch it from start to finish. I am waiting for the day when someone designs a small little game and puts it on their website so others can play it and post scores to it.
All you need to provide is your first and last name, a valid email address, a username and login password. In Step 3 you will select a theme which is the overall look of what your website could look like once you are finished uploading images and adding your content.
If you plan to read it all, it might take you weeks but for a quick familiarization, a day or less will do. If you have absolutely no idea of WordPress, the learning curve might be a steep one but if you are not a complete stranger, then this is an easy movie to watch.
Writing WordPress plugins is not an easy task but if you want something really simple, then even if you are not a programmer, you can do it. Then in Step 4 you click the blue button that says “I’m Ready, Build My Website Now!” and within 30 seconds your website will be built along with installed plugins.

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