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A 3-part tutorial showing you how to create a website using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dreamweaver without any coding required. In part 1, we will be covering the design aspect of our website, creating a website from scratch in photoshop, creating additional items needed for our website such as rollover images, as well as a few other tips and tricks to create a better looking website.
In this tutorial we’ll learn how to create a Fantasy Photo Manipulation using various techniques in Photoshop. The Quick Selection Tool makes selections by looking for areas that have a similar color, tonal range and textures.
Note: The Curves tool is a powerful way to redefine the tonal values of an image and it provides an extremely powerful way of manipulating color. The curves can be applied to RGB values or on individual color channels as a powerful way of correcting color casts in specific tonal areas.
Then select lighter green color #28C005 and apply the grass effect over the mounted coconut region using the grass brush. Thereafter choose the Brush Tool, and select a soft, round brush from the Brush Drop Down Menu. Step 18 : The Polygonal Lasso Tool (shortcut L) will draw straight lines from point to point as you continue to click the canvas. Hence the dolphins image has been blended very well with the background, but the water seems too dark comparing to the blue water.
In the Toolbox, select the Dodge Tool and choose brush size and hardness as shown in the image.
As you can see in this tree image, after dodging the top portion of the tree has been lightened.

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We will be covering image adjustments to make the photos more vibrant, learn how to cut or crop an image from the background using vector masks, quick selection tool, eraser tool and layer masks, use dodge and burn tools to brighten or darken an area in an image and using photo filters to improve the color and contrast of the image. Your active work path will become a Vector mask, and remove the background from your object.
Then duplicate the water image and remove the bottom edges of the image using the rubber tool, so that it will not look as a patch. Here we can see the water fall effect is not proper, so lets use the wrap tool to make it effective. Choose Black as the Foreground Color and start to paint over the areas on the rock that you want to mask.
Click Place to import the dolphin image into your Photoshop document, then rasterize the layer by right-clicking on the name of the Dolphin layer and choosing Rasterize Layer. Click and drag to start erasing with your mouse to remove the unwanted pixel of the dolphins image. After placing the tree on the canvas, right click on the layer option to Rasterize the layer. Drag the Brush tool on the top of the tree to lighten & make it bright as if the sun light falls on them. Then brush it on the bottom of the tree to darken the edges and corners of the tree image, this makes the central part stand out as below.
Create a new layer, then select Brush Tool and select the grass brush & paint on the grass path side.

If you are unable to sign up for an account, check back again at your time zone's equivalent of midnight in the GMT -0800hrs time region. Velositey Photoshop Extension Version 2 - Prototype the design of your website in Photoshop. Next we can use the Pen Tool (P) to select and edit specific confined areas you want to edit or fade within your top layer mask.
The selected color for the grass should be in darker green and also the size of the grass brush should be small.
This technique is added to a layer to reveal or hide an entire layer or certain portions of a layer. To fit the edges together properly, we need the Warp Tool again to fit precisely the rock image into its place. Still some of the portions like dolphins head, mouth, etc were not blended properly, so we can use Polygonal Lasso Tool to make it perfect. Choosing feather option will soften the edges of the selection of the Polygonal lasso tools. After cropping them, scale the sizes and place them in the positions similar to the shown image or up to your creativity.
Now start tracing the entire object around and connect your last point to your first one to create an enclosed object.

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