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There are a lot of things you will have to do and you may also need some people to help you. Find a few people to help you in case you don’t know some things to develop your virtual person website.
Invite your family, colleagues and friends to join your virtual person website and give it a test run.
Keyboard is a jQuery plugin built with jQuery UI that adds an onscreen virtual Keyboard to your project , which will popup when a specified entry field is focused.
Added display options for valid, invalid, active and disabled to allow language specific changes.
Add popup css option (in addition to container css option; they both add to the same element) to allow for adding theme class names more easily. This theme is to be used when neither jQuery UI css nor position utility is used as it positions the keyboard at the bottom of the browser windows using css. The lockInput option now blocks backspace, enter, capslock and pasting from the physical keyboard. Add buildKey callback function: it allows the modification of the text of the virtual key, like add line breaks or modify the HTML. Update typing extension to use meta keys properly; since the name attribute is no longer used. Find virtual key using data-action attribute as it's value doesn't change with other languages.
The backspace key still allows deleting content to the left of the caret, it's code was only tweaked internally to not use plain text to indicate a backspace. Anticipating the possibility of swapping out caret positioning plugins, or using an input mask plugin. A suitable alternatives has yet to be found; either way, more code adjustment will be necessary to make this work.

Set caret position to end when caret positioning isn't supported; it was previously returning a full selection.
As an array, it will allow for future expansion so that a multiple languages can be set for one layout.
Previously, to avoid using the jQuery UI position utility this option was supposed to be set to an empty object ({}); but internal scripting was continuing to update and use this option to activate the jQuery UI position utility. Ensure preview variable is updated & keyboard is positioned properly when usePreview is false. The language used in virtual keyboard keys now automatically switches to the layout set language; this can be overridden by the core language setting.
Add an example template file (_template.js) for use as a starting template to add more language layouts.
Number type inputs do not support caret positioning, so the preview input (only) will now switch to a text type input.
The changes to the default appendLocally & appendTo options now assumes that the developer desires a static keyboard position. Fix initial focus - when a preview input is used, the focus is again transferred to it upon keyboard opening.
Fixed the autocomplete extension to not close the keyboard when clicking within the autocomplete window, including the scroll bar. Fixed an issue in IE8 where a javascript error would occur in textarea when usePreview is false. Estamos en un momento en que el internet en el movil esta en plena expansion, con unas cifras de mercado crecientes exponencialmente mes a mes.
Los dispositivos moviles permiten a las personas acceder a la informacion de tu Tienda Virtual en cualquier momento y lugar. El problema es que la mayoria de los sitios en la web no estan preparados para estos dispositivos ni disponen de las funcionalidades que sus usuarios realmente demandan.

Segun el tipo de tienda que selecciones tendras a disposicion una version movil lo cual te permitira capturan la creciente demanda de usuario en este segment del Mercado. Obviously, you can do it by yourself, but usually, you may need at least one person to help you with a few aspects. If it may seem difficult, you can inspire from reality and from those people who surround you. Some of them may be: a game or more, currency system, public and private messaging, kinds of people, shops and many other things. As you have worked out almost all your website’s details, it will be easily for you to choose a name. Keep this list in your mind and you will see that it will be much easier to create your own virtual person website. Datos como que mas del 50% de los accesos a facebook se realizan desde dispositivos Smartphone o que a finales del 2013, los usuarios de internet movil superaran a los usuarios de internet que acceden desde PCs de escritorio, notebooks o laptops. Those areas you need to develop may be related to art, design, community, concept or coding. You can think of a name to indicate the purpose of the site or you can come with a funny or pretty name. This is a virtual contract related to how the website can be used and what responsibilities have both the website owners and users.

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