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The benefits of creating a sitemap and submitting it to Google is not difficult and will optimize your website in several ways.
1) Once you create a sitemap Google and users will easily be able to find pages that would otherwise be hidden within the content of your website.
2) If your site is new and Google hasn’t crawled it yet (this process could takes months) submitting your sitemap to Google will get your website Indexed and crawled much quicker (usually within a few days). 3) If your site has interactive and dynamic content or is frequently updated than a sitemap will let Google know that your website has been updated. 4) If your site has a lot of separate web pages that are not well linked together (inbound links I will talk about this in another post) then a sitemap, will make navigating your site simple for search engines and visitors.
To create a Sitemap you should have already have a Google Webmaster Tools (click here to create one) account first. All you need to do is have a gmail account to sign up and then be able to verify your website by creating an html file or inserting a new meta tag. Once your webmasters tools is verified go to Audit my PC to automatically create a sitemap for you. When you finish creating your sitemap login to your Webmaster Tools account and click on the Sitemap tab.
With the sitemap created and submitted directly to Google you will greatly reduce the amount of time needed to index your website as well as decrease the risk of having hidden web pages.
I have always said I would never be that person with a Disney stuffed animal sticking out of my bag on a flight home from Orlando. After a recent speaking engagement at Disney and four days in the Florida parks with the Disney staff and their fans, I now understand the Disney obsession so many people around the world have. 4.Disney has embraced a healthy initiative making it easy to find fruit and other healthy foods in the parks. 6.The unexpected is expected of Disney employees and that makes for great interaction with the customers as well. After a little research, I discovered my seven observations were not that far off from the way Disney employees are trained. These seven service guidelines should be the first thing in company employee manuals the world over.

Want to learn more about how Disney accomplishes this feat with more than 60,000 employees on-site each and every day (89,000 during holiday peak times)? Who doesn’t know the importance of social network sites in today’s social media? Facebook is one of the most prominent among them and you can testify to how important is has been to you and your business.
Apart from the things it can help you accomplish, social network is equally profitable to the owners with some of the most successful ones among them making billions of dollars. The good news is that you can create the similar site that gave these guys so much money and who knows, you may be at least the next millionaire if not billionaire.
It’s very simple and anyone can do it, including those that knows no jack about computer and internet. Most the hosting companies do offer to install scripts for their customers as customer intensives while some are part of the fully managed feature. Once you have successfully setup your social network site, the next thing is to start promoting your site and getting people to register. Fresh flowers, a few accessories and thoughtful amenities turn a basic room into a stunning guest space. And here is for the eye:Images from around the web about how to create a homey guest room, hope you like them. A sitemap is basically a plain text hyperlink that displays all the web pages on your website. A sitemap is basically a plain text hyperlink map that displays all the web pages on your website. Every employee I passed in the hotel and in the parks—from managers to ride operators to cleaning staff and more. At one point, it was easier to find an orange and an apple than it was to find a hamburger and fries. I watched a child go from happy with popcorn to sad when it spilled back to happy again when two Disney employees swooped in—one to clean up the spilled popcorn and the other offering to get the child a refill. Once you master these seven simple steps in everything you do… the rest is pure magic.

Both the founder and co-founders of Facebook are all billionaires except one and Andrew McCollum whose net worth is unknown. PHPFox is a cool script that allows you to create your own social network that look almost exactly like Facebook without touching a single line of code yourself. Customize Your Site – This is optional but if you really want your own social network site to stand out, you need to customize it.
As you are growing your social network site, we will be writing other helpful tutorials that will be of help to you.
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Almost everyone that uses the internet belong to one social networking website or the other or even all. In fact, if I go on highlighting what the social networks like Facebook can be used for, this page may not contain it even in summary. Teamwurkz is the ultimate in PHPFox customization and they are quite familiar with the script. You do not overhear any employees complaining and you definitely do not hear any employees using foul language. Social networks has become the driving force of the internet, creating the perfect environment to meet with friends and families aiding businesses to thrive. They have many pre-designed templates you can choose from for $40 or you go for full custom work.

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