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After you download the 960 grid layout, please open the Photoshop PSD file, and make sure you have the guides visible. Create a new layer ( Shift + cmd + alt + N ) or ( Shift + CTRL + ALT + N  for windows users), and then go to Edit > Fill and use the following color #24282b to fill the new layer.
I will create a new layer on top of all layers ( Shift + cmd + alt + N ) or ( Shift + CTRL + ALT + N  for windows users) and then i will select Brush Tool.
As you can see it is not a big difference, but these type of details will change your overall look of this hosting layout.
I will select Rounded Rectangle Tool ( set the radius to 30 pixels ) and then create a new shape on top of the hosting layout. If you have the guides visible, you will notice that i have created this navigation bar exactly. With Rounded rectangle tool, please create another shape, and place it like in the following image.

I like this type of navigation bar very much, because it allow users to see very good all sections of your website.
I will change my foreground color to black, and with Elipse Tool i will create a shape under this shinny navigation bar. On the body of this hosting layout i will add a nice 3D image with a Mac, and some logos on the bottom part of the body.
To be able to erase the lines first you need to right click on the layer in your layer palette, and then you need to select rastrize layer. My last step is to create on the top right side a area which allows your customers to log in to their administration panel.
Please note that you need to apply for a premium account in order to download all our resources. This design makes poor use of the 960 grid layout; I see almost no constancy in the distribution of the elements within the page.

With Rounded Rectangle tool make a fixed shape with 650px Width, 45px Height and Radius 10px. I will use the 960 grid system because it will be very easy for you to align this layout perfectly. Only in this way you can grab Eraser tool, and with a smooth round brush you can delete the extremities of the lines. Each account will allow you to download all our resources, adn also the next one we will release in the next year. Plugin Info DEMO Features simple installation and activation, it works with NO modification of your code.

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