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After you download the 960 grid layout, please open the Photoshop PSD file, and make sure you have the guides visible. Create a new layer ( Shift + cmd + alt + N ) or ( Shift + CTRL + ALT + N  for windows users), and then go to Edit > Fill and use the following color #24282b to fill the new layer. I will create a new layer on top of all layers ( Shift + cmd + alt + N ) or ( Shift + CTRL + ALT + N  for windows users) and then i will select Brush Tool.
As you can see it is not a big difference, but these type of details will change your overall look of this hosting layout. I will select Rounded Rectangle Tool ( set the radius to 30 pixels ) and then create a new shape on top of the hosting layout.
If you have the guides visible, you will notice that i have created this navigation bar exactly. With Rounded rectangle tool, please create another shape, and place it like in the following image. I like this type of navigation bar very much, because it allow users to see very good all sections of your website. I will change my foreground color to black, and with Elipse Tool i will create a shape under this shinny navigation bar. On the body of this hosting layout i will add a nice 3D image with a Mac, and some logos on the bottom part of the body. To be able to erase the lines first you need to right click on the layer in your layer palette, and then you need to select rastrize layer.
My last step is to create on the top right side a area which allows your customers to log in to their administration panel.
Please note that you need to apply for a premium account in order to download all our resources. This design makes poor use of the 960 grid layout; I see almost no constancy in the distribution of the elements within the page. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. Unfortunately I can't insert the image inline :( "We're sorry, but as a spam prevention mechanism, new users aren't allowed to post images. By default, a UINavigationController will use the title property of the currently-displayed view controller for the title in its navigation bar.

Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged ios uinavigationbar or ask your own question. Is the use of the term "bugged" to refer to software bugs in English a worldwide or regional use? Why does it take months, sometimes years, for the BEA and NTSB to complete aviation accident investigations? As you can see from below figure, Xcode automatically puts the navigation controller inside a tab bar controller. Next, we have to establish a relationship between the new navigation controller and the existing tab bar controller. As soon as the relationship is established, the Tab Bar Controller automatically adds a new tab and associates it with the new Navigation Controller. Like what we’ve done earlier, select the “Relationship – View Controllers” option to establish the relationship between both controllers. As usual, it’s required to establish connection between the “webView” variable and the visual web view.
Quality Adobe Illustrator tutorials are always scarce and it takes quite some time for someone to write a tutorial that is well in detail and comprehensive. Dzineblog360 has always tried to offer beautiful and creative adobe illustrator tutorials because we believe that it is the best designing tool so far and every designer should have some basic knowledge about it. Here's a collection of impressive Menus which have been designed with creativity and style.
I will use the 960 grid system because it will be very easy for you to align this layout perfectly.
Only in this way you can grab Eraser tool, and with a smooth round brush you can delete the extremities of the lines. Each account will allow you to download all our resources, adn also the next one we will release in the next year. I want something similar to the status line in WhatsApp (the one that displays last seen or the current status information). You may not be familiar with the term “Tab Bar” but it’s commonly found in most of the iPhone apps. Normally the Tab Bar contains at least two tabs and you’re allowed to add up to five tabs depending on your needs.

In some cases, you want to display a single web page locally in your app or let users access external web pages within your app. Press and hold the “control” key, click the Tab Bar Controller and drag the pointer to the new Navigation Controller. In the Storyboards editor, press & hold the command key and then click the “View Controller” icon, drag it to the Web View object. As you can see from this tutorial, without a single line of code, you can create a tab bar controller and embed other controllers in the tab items. Today we are offering yet again very useful set of adobe illustrator tutorials that were released in September 2012.
In order for us to meet this goal it is imperative to keep educating and offering new knowledge to our community. These Drop-Down Menus stand out from the crowd, and help elevate the websites to a new level. Top Navigation Bars can been seen on many websites, counters notifications and icons are usually seen on email provider websites or admin interfaces. Now let’s continue to polish our Storyboard project and see how you can create to two other common UI elements in iPhone apps.
If you’ve followed the previous tutorial, you should build a simple recipe app with Navigation interface.
The app should be very similar the one we built in the previous tutorial but with the tab bar. Press and hold the command key, select the Navigation Controller and drag it towards the View Controller.
Line 5 of the above code returns the system path of the “about.html” in the form of NSURL object.
Whenever you need to display web page within your app, embed the web view and send it a request. All of them are latest tuts and offer a great deal of information to both beginners and experts that are willing to try something useful.

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