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I hope one day you’ll publish a book, comprised of your immensely weird view of the world while traveling and your view of the world while staying put (+ Zivko).
I need to point out, that this entry is dated the 15th and today is the 19th, so you have a backlog of about 4 days. She explained in detail how to get there and even drew us a map so we wouldn’t get lost on the way.
There was also a fire truck parked on the square and as a part of the scene, it started spraying water close to the protesters.
Once all of the excitement over (and a quick coffee with a Couchsurfer Vuk, who was part of the crew), we climbed to a monument on a nearby hill, overlooking the town.
After a few more beers and meduskas, our conversation turned from politics to topics of less interest. This entry was posted in Camper Trip April 2011 and tagged 2.08 metres, 2011, Cetinje, diary, Montenegro, Podgorica, protest. The former child star became an evangelical Christian at 17 and is involved in The Way of the Master ministries. The cold hard fact is: Kirk Cameron is a recognized name, which will help the product stand out on the shelf.
Meh, he’s just really devoted to his wife and (in his eyes) honoring his wedding vows.
Dirtbikemommie, when Kirk dies and realizes that he lived his entire life as a prude and that it made absolutely no difference whether or not he prayed everyday because there is no god, I think he will look back on his life and regret not parlaying the only good thing that ever came out of Growing Pains, ie his fame, into banging every teenage girl that ever watched that show.
I’ve no idea how the American people could be so blind and ignorant to have this guy as president, Bush really is a complete joke.

As far as I can tell he didn’t deny nor admit snorting cocaine and still you guys seem to already have the answer. In regards to the Rangers, could have owned a Range Rover, or a VHS copy of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as well.
A very friendly and helpful woman in the local the shop told us that the best burek in town is definitely to be had at the bus station. Close to the protesters, but unfortunately directly onto another group of passers-by, and the powerful water-jet actually knocked one woman off her feet.
There were two other men there, both in their seventies, one of them jogging in small circles, the other one walking around in the opposite direction from his friend, wearing really dark sunglasses. The most interesting part of the museum was the guide who started off speaking extremely slowly so Jay could understand him, but forgetting himself and speeding up again  when it came to naming the different years of Montegrin rulers.
You have totally sacrificed the artistic integrity your new (and only) movie just so you can live in the eternal city of heaven and enjoy everlasting peace and divine knowledge.
I bet right after the tape stopped was the part where weirdo shows Kirk how his genitalia is perfectly formed to fit in his bunghole. But this makes me wonder, if he can’t remember something as important as whether or not he snorted coke, then what else could he be forgetting? I wouldn’t be surprised if he was still doing drugs while he was in the white house, it might explain some of his actions.
Put yourself in his position, there is no definitive answer to that question because you are targeted as a suspect for snorting anyways.
I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.

This mistake turned into an argument which was quickly resolved, following which the film crew moved on.
Later we found out it was a) directly in the centre and b) it was a poshest neighbourhood in the town, with the former president living there.
Some people actually read and form there own opinions, I know it’s a lot harder than reading a bumper sticker to find who it is you think you should hate but you might want to give it a shot sometime.
Walking around the town later, we realised it really was beautiful in comparison to the rest of the town. Do you think all those other directors who make straight-to-DVD Jesus-based movies will want to work with a diva like you now? Cameron’s name is worth the extra hassle the director will have to deal with, then the director needs to suck it up and deal with it or find another line of work. We would have a load of teenagers in drug rehabs saying they did it because the president did it. We all know Bush had a drug history, he seems to had it handled now, he is a president so start judging him upon his current acts. Bush, do you remember lying to the American people and the world to justify going to war with a country that had nothing to do with 9 11?
Consider yourself blacklisted by the two, or possibly three, directors who would be hard up enough to cast you in one of their movies where a guy loses faith in God and then something bad happens to him which makes him realize that God does exist and once he accepts God his life is fulfilling and all his dreams comes true…and for some reason this only happens to white people in the suburbs.

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