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Citing a specific document or page from a website is a bit complicated because you first need to determine what kind of content the page has.
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RefWorks: A web-based tool that helps you manage citations, create bibliographies, and import references from databases.
Work at the University level, and at UWM of course, is guided by ethical standards in all academic work including taking tests, writing research papers and publishing on the Web. If a student is charged with academic misconduct, there are specific procedures, including the right of appeal, which must be followed by UWM. This is a guide to organizing your research and writing process so that you minimize the risk of plagiarism.

Each book listed in the bibliography is identified by its Author, Title, Publisher, Place of Publication, and Date of Publication. The citation may include the article title, periodical title, book title, place of publication, publisher, volume, pages, and date.
Many students do not understand the extent of the rules for citing someone else’s work in the research process, and thus do not know when they are plagiarizing. You can use another scholar’s words, facts and ideas, but this borrowed material must not be presented as your own creation. Sanctions imposed by the university in response to academic misconduct range from reprimands to expulsion. Articles from newspapers, journals and magazines include the title of articles, the authors, the journal or magazine, where it was published and the Volume, Issue Number, the Date of the Publication and the Pages the article appeared on. In order for research to move forward, it is necessary to read what others have already discovered and written before us.

However, it is your responsibility to learn and use appropriate research writing techniques. When writing a research paper, you should not merely review publications and extract a series of quotations from them. We must give credit to original research and acknowledge the sources we have used in our writing.
Teacher Overview of expectations:Review how to navigate to the websites, read information, put it in your own words, and cite the source2.
Independent: Log into Pikto Chart and finish postersMake sure you have all the parts listed on google docCheck work with Ms.

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