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Use italics in place of underlining for independently published works (books, periodicals, etc). MLA now requires that all citations include documentation of the "medium" of the publication (Print, Web, Performance, Photograph, etc). In past versions of MLA you would cite a periodical differently if each issue started with page 1, from one where the page numbers continued issue to issue for an entire volume. When documenting web sources MLA now requires notation of the publisher or sponsor of the site.
In MLA style the surname of the author and page number are inserted in the text at the appropriate point.
For a work with 2-3 authors, include the names in the text of your paper or in parentheses.
For works with more than four or more authors use the surname of the first author followed by "et al." and page. Portions of the information contained on this page was gathered from MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers.
The APA citation generator is a tool that helps students produce APA style bibliography or reference list for books, periodicals and websites. Here you need to edit the entry, taking note of the rule in APA style bibliography where only the first letter of the title and subtitles are capitalized as well as any proper nouns within the title.
If the book was sourced from online and not read in print, click either web or electronic book. Then you will get your APA book citation, which you will just copy and paste to your APA style bibliography. The APA citation generator for other works like sources from websites, journals, newspapers and magazines are almost the same with the books. The APA citation generator is easy to use and would be a valuable tool for any student making a research paper. At the Writing Center, we’re happy to help you through every stage of the writing process, but unfortunately, we’re not experts on every single citation style—nobody really is! Citation Machine is a website that allows you to pick your citation style and either search the name of your source or plug in the key details about your source. Purdue OWL offers a wide variety of information, including citation examples for every style guide.
Son of Citation Machine is a great resource for making citations in MLA, APA, Turabian, and Chicago citation styles. While Son of Citation Machine is a great resource for creating citations, it doesn’t teach you how to put citations into your paper or even how to cite correctly.
In addition to citing guides, the OWL also has tutorials and exercises for students, tutors, and teachers. So when people ask me how to cite certain sources, I don’t give them a style guide, or tell them the order of things on a bibliographic entry.
As a consultant one of the most frequent questions I receive is: “What are good resources to help me write my paper?” The purpose of this reoccurring article is to provide our users with different resources that may help in many different aspects of your writing.
All of these videos are credible resources to use in your writing assignments, and many are downright interesting.
One of the videos I watched, titled “Cesar Harada: A Novel Idea of Cleaning Up Oil Spills,”  covers a revolutionary concept which multiplies the effectiveness of “oil absorbents” connected to fishing boats in the Gulf of Mexico. As a student, it can be difficult to find up-to-date resources that tackle “current events”, but TED Talks provides a large database of videos doing just that. The second way that I found TED Talks to be useful was that all of these sources are credible. Websites like Wikipedia provide massive amounts of information and are always a good place to start, but rarely can we use Wikipedia itself as a credible source. The third and last way covered in this article that I found TED Talks useful is: that it is a great resource when you are looking for ideas to start your paper.

In the transition to our new website we’ve also been harvesting content from the old website, which means we’ve found some awesome Writing Center gems.
The archive is broken down into three collections: Writing Center produced podcasts, Writing Center workshops and presentations, and guest lectures and workshops.
The Writing Center produced podcasts include topics like citations, primary sources, resumes, and thesis statements, as well as a three-part series on writing with poetry. The Podcast Archive also features a robust collection of Writing Center workshops and presentations given by Writing Center staff and faculty.
And finally, our last collection of podcasts in the archive is guest lectures and workshops featuring three scholars in the field of rhetoric and composition: Dr. We hope this rich and varied collection of knowledge and expertise available in our Podcast Archive will make it to your playlists, and perhaps even your writing courses. Generally, the designator is the last element included in an entry, except for web resources which are followed by the date of access. If however the citation doesn't easily lead the reader to the source it is recommended to include a URL. More often, the title of the article will automatically show but you may need to edit it following the rules on capitalizing of works cited APA format. You will then need to put the title of the journal, making sure every first letter of every word is capitalized.
You will then enter the name or title of the newspaper, making sure to capitalize like you would do for proper nouns. You then input the name of the magazine, author, published date as well as additional info like volume, issue and page numbers. You need to make sure you put in the right details, taking note of the rules in capitalization and even spelling for that matter. It could be pretty tricky remembering what goes first or last as well as what should be italicized or put in parentheses. The important thing is knowing how to find information on citations. Citing your work can be tricky, so to help you out, here are a few resources you can use while writing your next paper. All you have to do is ask at the circulation desk, and the receptionist can provide you with the AP Stylebook, MLA Handbook, Chicago Manual of Style, and APA Publication Manual, among others.
Use the “Research and Citation” section of the site to view comprehensive information about bibliographies and citations for each style.
The program organizes your sources into collections and then allows you to cite your sources in any style—Zotero offers thousands of publication formats. In the top box, there is a properly formated citation that can be used in your works cited page. When tackling a new subject, these tutorials can help provide a brief introduction to how to best execute the usage of your source material.
The featured resource entry will cover different resources to help our clients more effectively construct and execute their writing. Some of the resources will be websites that provide credible information that can then be cited within your document, while others will be resources that answer formatting questions. In preparation for this article I watched some of the videos to observe and analyze so I could better understand the usefulness of this resource.
The first and primary way is the fact that these talks cover current issues in a way that is interactive and understandable across audiences. As a student at any level in the college process, credible resources can be difficult to locate, but more importantly, knowing what sources are credible and which are not becomes difficult at times due to the prevalence of websites like Wikipedia.
Whether you are stuck trying to figure out a topic that you want to write about or you want to find a current approach to age old problem, chances are  TED Talks will have something to help you. Each of these podcasts is about 5 minutes long, and is scripted to cover the basics of each topic.
This includes workshops on personal statements, Comic Life, and poster displays using CRAP principles (contrast, repetition, arrangement, and proximity), as well as presentations on the use of podcasts in writing centers, grammar as a higher order concern, professional development, and a presentation given by our very own associate director, Dianna Baldwin, on the use of Second Life, an online virtual world, in writing centers.

In this way, you do not need to go through the tedious process of writing and checking if the works cited APA page conforms to the set rules of APA. Every time you finish a search, just click on the APA Format on the menu bar to get back to the new search tab. Then put in the name of the author, the published year, page numbers, additional info like volume and issue numbers. Though you can’t take these books home, you can check out a book for two hours with your MSU ID. Besides offering citation tips, Purdue OWL also offers plenty of other helpful tips about writing, so be sure to check those out when you’re in a writing rut. RefWorks is a similar site that also allows you to create bibliographies from your personal database. Remember that you won’t always be able to fill all of these fields, so input as much information as you can.
As a consultant one of the most frequent questions I help students with is how to cite sources.
If you look at the Teacher and Tutor Resources page and select any of the options you will find yourself at different exercises and presentations to help along the way.
Citation Machine is a tool to help writers cite their sources in the proper format, simply by formatting the raw citation data.
Some of these presentations are scholarly conference presentations, comedy routines, motivational speakers, and music videos. I didn’t need to know what the chemical properties of oil were or how the current method that is used is ineffective because Cesar Harada used visual elements to illustrate both of these properties. Rather than let these podcasts vanish into the ether, we’ve decided to archive them on our new site. For example, the Citations podcast explains why giving credit with citations is important, introduces MLA, APA, and Chicago styles, and discusses the use of in-text citations and works cited pages.
Dianna speaks a bit about the history of SL and argues that SL brings personal connection back to online consulting through the use of the voice feature, as well as gestures controlled by the user. In this way, you simplify the task of constantly checking the guide as to the use of abbreviations or the placement of commas and colons, thereby saving you precious time and energy. The Chicago Manual of Style is also available free online with your MSU library account, so you don’t even have to leave home to complete your bibliography. Both have slightly different features, so play around to find the website that best fits your needs. You can usually trust university websites, and if you’re still struggling, ask your professor for help. Citations are difficult for many reasons, but the Purdue OWL is one great option for finding examples of how to cite your sources. It won’t take any of the legwork out of actually finding the sources or their necessary information, but it does cut down on the headache of knowing where in a citation goes a period, italics, quotes, initials, etc. Harada was not talking about the Exxon Valdez, an oil spill that happened twenty years ago, but he spoke about an issue that was currently effecting the way people live in the Gulf today.
What you will get is an APA referencing aid that makes the task of documenting your sources easier.
When working with sites like these, it’s usually a good idea to consult your style guide just to make sure the citation you received is correct. Amant, Associate Professor of Technical and Professional Communication at East Carolina University specializing in global education in online environments. Each of these scholars were guests at Michigan State, and we are fortunate to have podcasts of these events for folks to listen to and learn from.

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