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A British man is asking the National Health Service (NHS) to pay to turn him into a man again after he found that the taxpayer-funded sex-change surgery he had seven years ago to make him a "woman" left him depressed and despondent."I feel like I am living a lie," 30-year-old Matthew "Chelsea" Attonley told the Mirror. I'm not being funny, but what did he expect?Surgeons can never truly change someone's gender. Exactly, it's like me having a fur and tail transplant, walking around on all fours, and declaring I am now a cat.
I AM NOT TAYLOR MOMSEN!!!!well yes - they are full of people who share a common goal and are trying to advance themselves towards it. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum.This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoardsGet Your Own Free Forum! The blokes body is going to just be a butchered remnant of what it would have been if he'd left himself alone in the first place.He'll spend the rest of his life as a welfare dependent eunuch with a mental illness.

And if someone can be "trapped in the wrong body" in terms of sex, why not race or age or other factors? This site is a place for people to discuss their views on the news and current events, and the state of the world. Why couldn't I claim I am really a 55-year-old black woman trapped in the wrongly aged and coloured body, and need surgery to adjust my appearance accordingly?It really is beyond nonsensical. What I will say is I feel that this is being used as a weapon, that people are believing they are in this situatiopn, as opposed to the actual medical problem being manifest inside them. The evidence shows that "sex change" operations often fail to make any difference to the mental and psychological state of the subject, do not alleiate depression, anxiety of feelings of self-hate, and do not resolve gender identity issues.Many psychiatrists have commented that "sex-change" operations are NOT the best solution to gender identity disorders for precisely this reason - it is dangerous, unnecessary surgery (all surgery is dangerous, so non-essential operations should basically never be carried out) and furthermore often fails to have the desired effect.Yet people are encouraged to have these surgical mutilations and the British taxpayer is forced to pay for them! They have a deep psychological issue caused by traumatic childhood experiences that made them identify with the opposite sex parent, rather than the same-sex one (perhaps their father was absent, or abusive), and this may be perpetuated by oestrogen mimickers in the food supply like BPA.To paint it as a natural, normal human variation that needs surgery to accommodate is monstrous, and simply accommodating mental illness, rather than treating it.

It aims to take away the male identity and replace it with a female one, but it doesn't and never can do that. It's not possible.It's bizarre how the preferred "treatment" for the psychological problems these people have is to mutilate and irreparably damage someone's body.
It's akin to treating obesity with gastrectomies, when it would be far easier and much less severe to treat with appropriate dietary measures. But hey, if you don't support these operations you're "backwards", "insensitive", "homophobic", "horrible" and "evil".

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