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We as Scorpios are known to be a bit seductive, and those who date us can live to tell the tale of how sexy we can be.
Passion.  Not only are Scorpioa€™s passionate lovers they are passionate about things they believe in. The difference in personalities of a Taurus male and Scorpio female is responsible for the affinity the two of them share.
Taurus male gets attracted to Scorpio girl quite easily because both these Zodiacs are very opposite to each other.
The couple is strongly attracted towards each other because of distinct and charming personality of the other. When Taurus male gets attracted towards Scorpio female, they experience high levels of affinity which compels them to tie knots without much delay.  They experience obsession for love as both the partners feel mesmerized by each other.
Be patient with her, especially if there is a heated argument because otherwise things may take a bad shape. Cada temporada las marcas nos sorprenden y encandilan con nuevos objetos de deseo que anadimos a nuestros neceseres o wishlist. Los ojos son los protagonistas, miradas llenas de luz y de brillo, sombras de ojos con colores intensos, irisados, que con la luz revelan un nuevo tono, para conseguir un look sofisticado y no apto para timidas. La estela de las famosas paletas Naked de la firma de las que me declaro totalmente fan, sobre todo de la Naked 2, la siguen con el concepto de piel desnuda el nuevo maquillaje y corrector Naked Skin.
The two planetary rulers for the Scorpio are Mars the planet of aggression, and Pluto the planet of magnetism!
Scorpio’s dress to show that they are in control, and prefer to be trend setters rather than followers.
Whether ita€™s arguing politics, or how we are in relationships we believe in what we are involved in.

This love match is quite compatible because there is a smooth understanding between the two of them. They are not only physical intimate sexual partners but the passion in their relation gives them emotional strength as well.
No sabria decir cual es mi temporada favorita porque cada trimestre tiene su encanto, los colores vibrantes del verano, los tonos tierra del otono, la sofisticacion del invierno, el coqueteo de los tonos pastel donde el rosa suele ser el rey en primavera.
El corrector (23€) me esta gustando mucho, tiene buena cobertura, sin pliegues y no reseca, llevo poco tiempo utilizandolo pero mi primera impresion esta siendo bastante buena. Simply two extraordinary energies smashed together, and then explode into the irresistible sign that is the Scorpio.
When we are angry our eyes cut right through those we are up against making them second guess themselves. But, we know how to pull ourselves out of it whether its being creative (writing,  music, art, ect.), or just unleashing the wrath within us by simplyA telling someone off. It makes us appealing to the other signs, and we tend to have long term relationships.  Completely monogamous. Despite being madly in love with each other, they may encounter some problems because of their nature.
Urban Decay nos propone una primavera diferente, con una versatilidad que abarca los caracteristicas propias de cada estacion por si sola. Urban Decay apuesta por productos de uso diario, que nos den juego, a los que sacar todo el partido posible y que nos acompanen en el neceser y el bolso hasta que agotemos el producto, y es que este tipo de maquillaje es necesario, si ademas viene acompanado de una gran calidad y de unos tonos, texturas y acabados perfectos no se puede pedir mucho mas, verdad?
When we are in love we send chills throughA our partners leaving them just a little bit paralyzed as they drown in our gaze. In our relationships with people we want control. I know for a fact us females are Femme Fatales when it comes to power in relationships.

It’s one of those emotions that are uncontrollable, and it can cause headache and grief for everyone who surrounds us. She is always there to motivate and encourage him is every phase of life and he simply admires her for her rich and royal taste. For instance, she always wants to dominate in the relation which may turn out to be a big issue as he doesn’t like being controlled by his woman. Their first experience of making love is a blend of passion, emotion, love and lots of erotic sex.
Una primavera radiante, una piel uniforme, aterciopelada y luminosa, labios jugosos en tonos nude, rosas y rojos apetecibles, miradas llenas de color y brillo, asi es la primavera de Urban Decay. She makes it more energetic with her passion and mysterious behavior as she defines sex in terms of spirituality. He keeps her smiling with his jokes and she responds to him making him feel more needed and loved. They both try to attain the state of oneness by giving each other lots of love which is fulfilling both the souls. The couple may find difficult to strike a balance in their differences because both the signs demand their dominance in the relationship. Scorpion girl may take some time to surrender her powers if she is handled with care and all her emotions are taken care of.  He needs to be really very patient with her girl to set things right. She may at times find him not as passionate as her which may become a cause of concern for her.

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