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Before going into a new relationship, you should really think what kind of relationship you want. A big mistake that most of us do when we get into a new relationship is not to express what we like or dislike.
This kind of secrecy is a deceiving behaviour as you will lead your man to believe that you are a perfect fit, while in reality your goals and dreams are very different. Clear communication of what you really want is critical from the early steps of a relationship.
Another thing we have to clarify with ourselves and with the person who we wish in our lives is what is the right balance in our relationship. Every relationship is unique and certainly different from all the rest you had in the past.
In my book, I have an entire section on this because there are certain things you can do to prepare for HIM, however what every woman must understand is that he will not come when you want, he will come when it is the right divine time. In an effort to support you, I am offering you the opportunity to get FREE support by asking me question(s) you have so  that I can help you gain clarity and direction in your life. In addition to your FREE book, you will also get weekly empowerment e-mails to keep you motivated and inspired to become the REGAL woman you desire to be! Paint splatters, splash, silver design, How to create a cool and stylish Green Web Design in Photoshop from scretch. In the top of page create rectangular in a new layer and fill it with linear gradient just like in the screen shot below.

Draw a new rectangular for header in a new layer using Rounded Rectangle Tool (Radius - 16px).
Duplicate created shape into a new layer, cut out the bottom part just like in the example below . Do you wish to attract the right man for your life, or you just want someone to go out with. This will come up sooner or later and when it does, it will shake your entire relationship.
If you are the type of person who wish to spend much time with your friends like when you used to do when you are a single, perhaps you might want to check with your boyfriend if he’s cool with it and if he does the same when he is in a relationship.
So when you realise that you keep attracting the wrong men in your life, then you must ask yourself. That energy is the energy of love, wholeness, completeness, bliss, peace, happiness, and joy.
Unfortunately, in most cases the next relationship ends up in another failure since you keep falling for the wrong person.
If we are going through a tough phase in our life and feel confuse, if we are not sure what we want from our partner and we are not very emotionally stable, it’s more likely we attract the man who is in the same place as you are.
It might be tough to overcome the fear of rejection, but at least you will know right away if this is the right man for you.
On the other hand, if you wish to spend all day with him and he’s not used to this kind of relationship, then this might cause some tension.

She helps women of color build & radiate confidence, discover their greatness, and come into their own. This is the best way to attract the right man who knows who he is and what he wants from his life. A simple lie will bring another, and before you know it you will be trapped in a web of contradictory views that will be hard to explain. Imagine how invasive you will look if you are too needy in the eyes of someone who is more independent and needs more space in his life. Take the 30 questions break up quiz with complete honesty and you’ll get a clear view on where you stand.
Or even worse, not open up about more serious issues like if you like to believe in marriage and want to have children one day. But if you really want to know the secret on how to attract the right man, you need to work on fixing the not so great stuff about you.

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