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Published 09.12.2013 | Author : admin | Category : What Men Secretly Want Guide

When a man is really into you they WILL make time unless being in a relationship of any kind is not on the top of their list.
Actions are definitely louder than words, but most men are practical and don’t beat around the bush when they have feelings. We as women want a man to be compassionate, attentive and loving but before you can get all of those goods you need to make sure you’re with the right one. You see, a guy can really like you, but just don’t want to date seriously or be in a relationship, period.

But, for the independent women who feel they don’t need a man to pay for anything, there is nothing wrong with a guy paying. Yes, I know if there are any men reading this they will be a huge denial, but women do it too. Before I met him, I dated a guy that would do my dishes, take out the garbage and would buy me random household items that he saw I needed and this was all before giving up the cookie, so take notes. He might have someone else or have other major issues that you probably don’t want to deal with.

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