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Attraction, Facebook Advice How to Attract a Girl on FacebookSo you my be like many guys and have a girl on your friends list that you are attracted to and would like to meet.
Women on Facebook are exhausted by the amount of losers attempting to pick them up with lame pickup lines every day of the week. My companion, I trust you figured that this is not the right approach to attract women on Facebook. BEFORE you can even mention meeting up with her, or asking for her number – you have to get her attracted to you. To attract women first, you have to showcase certain qualities that ladies are looking for. Yes, the more ladies that are pursuing you, the more attractive you will appear on Facebook.

Well you came to the right place because I and going to show you how I have done it over and over again.
At that point she’ll have to ignore every last one of them, or give them a short, negative response. Indeed, after that, at any rate 50% of these guys won’t get the message, and will continue boring her out of her mind with stupid questions about irrelevant things. About 90% mess things up because they try going further with a girl that they didn’t attract yet. You need her to WANT to get together with you first, by doing it this way you are certain that you’ll get a “Sure!
You are not a weak guy that will write lame and boring statuses about how exhausting his occupation is and how unsatisfied you are.

You have to get some attractive women liking your stuff, commenting on your stuff positively, writing something on your wall -and make you seem desired, sought after, wanted, & needed. Your Facebook profile is like a menu -a beautiful woman can pick between a huge amount of different options, why might she pick you? Create value in your life, do something with yourself that will make you develop as an individual and grow as a person. Since you will be worth more, you won’t have a need to chase after women and TRY to prove to them how much you are worth.

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