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Cassidy sat in her seat, slouching just a bit as her fingers flew over the touch screen of her iPhone. She had been early to homeroom this morning, as there had been too much going on in the hallway this morning.
Great, she was partnered up with one of the nerds, as the rest of the popular crowd liked to refer to him as.
A fight had broken out between two Jocks who were apparently fighting over who was the better Quarter back?
Looking at his clock, he yelps and jumps out of bed as he sees he was going to be late for homeroom.
He was smart, which meant that she would actually have to focus on making sure that this assignment went well for the both of them.
If she was her normal self right now, she would have had some sort of retort to shoot back at him, but she just didn't feel up to it. She silently nodded at the teacher to recognize the pairing, though her facial features stayed stoic throughout the rest of the teacher's little speech. Taking his phone out of his pocket he goes to his calender and sets an event for this weekend. She walked back over to her desk, grabbing a piece of paper from one of her binders and tearing it out. You can call me any of those but I'm defiantly male, or at least I was last time I checked. Picking up his skateboard from the side of the house he pushes his glasses on and puts the board down. Well, you better not say anything about it, unless you want to be pushed down further in the ranks of the high school. I come from a long line of names such as Elizabeth or Caroline, many proper, traditional old English names. My mother had always wanted me to be different and unique, so the proper name for me had to be Cassidy. She promptly turned around, not saying much more to him as she made her way back towards her desk. My mother had explained to her earlier on before I was born that I would be named Elizabeth after her. Make one wrong move, and you'll be torn apart by vicious girls and rough boys, who live off of the drama at the school. She wasn't the brightest bulb in the box, as some would say, but Cassidy loved her none the less.
I was born in Dallas, Texas and lived there till my dad died so I have a bit of a country accent.
Suddenly, she froze, her eyes studying a cue that was italicized, which meant that it was an action. She sent her brother a quick text just to let him know that she needed the house on Saturday night.

I always had believed that it made me appear as if I was a male instead of a female, yet as soon as he called me Cass, it seemed to stick. The girls took a seat once more, watching as the rest of their home room walked in, laughing and chatting. As the bell rings again, he shoves his phone in his pocket and grabs his backpack.Walking into drama class, he takes his seat at the back of the classroom.
She set the phone down on her desk, sighing silently as her icy eyes scanned the room aimlessly, watching the different groups interact with each other. As usual, a couple of girls joined Cassidy and the blonde, Madison, as well as a couple of Jocks that were also quite well known in the school.
When there drama teacher enters, she brings new that she would be picking everyone's partners for a partner scene. Sighing he leans back in his chair as she begins saying who was partnered with who.When the teacher got to Brandon' s name she looked down at her list. Grumbling angrily to herself, she placed the script into her backpack, which she had also brought along. Almost immediately, Cassidy's eyes snapped down to her desk top, her white french tips nervously drumming against the wood. The teacher had now taken a seat at her desk once more, so Cassidy rose out of her seat quickly. His parents had promised him a black convertible mustang if he got straight A's again this semester.[sorry I have writers block.
Yet Cassidy wasn't in the mood to do anything of the sorts, despite the fact that she loved attention.
She was quite the opposite in the way that she was sweet, but people never took the time to actually get to know the girl.
Cassidy grabbed her backpack off of the back of the chair after putting her purse inside of it. She slung it over her shoulder and walked out of the classroom, quickly catching up with Madison and Brent.
The boy blonde, Jason, standing behind the redhead rubbed his neck awkwardly, obviously wishing to be anywhere but here.
Cassidy had been tricked into falling for Jason, only to have her heart broken by him, and not to mention being completely embarrassed.
Everything just comes to me naturally, mostly because I remember almost everything that I hear.
Jason had asked her to Prom, so after getting ready, Cassidy sat in her living room, watching for Jason's car.
Cassidy messed a bit with her loose curls, studying herself a bit in the mirror as she stood there.
After a couple of seconds more, she turned and strode out of the bathroom and back into the classroom. Madison had run off to greet some other girls, but Brent had stuck around to accompany his best friend. Frowning, the tall boy leant against the blue, metal lockers as he watched Cassidy fumble with her locker combination. In order to return the kind gesture, she returned the small smile and waved.She quickly found her designated partner and walked up to him, biting her lip slightly.

Her parents would be attending a dinner party on Saturday night, and she could get her siblings out of the house easily, so maybe that would give them some time to work on the script.
Besides, if he had to be partnered up with her, it was the least that she could do for him.
Grumbling angry, Cassidy took a seat, feeling a gentle hand on her shoulder from behind her. Turning slightly, she looked back at Brent, the boy who had started the fight this morning in the hallway.
After all of the hellos were said, Cassidy took a seat on one of the benches and listened to the girls talk, laughing a bit at the gossip that was going around today.
It was different every day, so at least that kept Cassidy amused with what was happening in the school. The loud drama teacher waltzed into the room, clapping to get the roudy teens' attention. I noticed that this particular group isn't very close with each other, shall I say, so I'm doing something about it! They try to brush it off because they're obviously just doing a scene, but something seems different about the kiss, if you get what I mean. Well, there's nothing better than sitting down in a cafe on a cool, Fall day and drinking a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate. Again, for the same reasons as the cafe, I actually act like a normal, mature person when I'm on my own. I like wearing over-sized sweaters and sweatshirts, as they give me much warmth when the wind is bitter and nips at my facial features and body, trying to make me cold. Yes, I'm that one strange person who will waltz right into Starbucks in the middle of a snow storm and older a cold drink. I also love the warmth of the sunshine shining down on my skin, as I was born and raised on the Florida coast, and I spent most of my days at Seaside, just outside of Panama. Not the loud, claps of thunder that shake your entire home, but the long rolls that seem so far off, yet you know that they're indeed near by.
If you really want to know, I'm not too particularly fond of the taste, or smell, of coffee for that matter.
I dyed it a darker shade of brown, and even went to do the extent of adding a bit of red high-lights, giving it a chestnut hue to it as well.
It takes a bit to actually take care of the color in order not to reveal my natural color, but it looks fairly natural for the most part. There's only one part of my body that I adore more than my hair, and that would be my eyes.
If you can get close enough to really look into my eyes, it seems as if you can get lost in the icy blue.

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