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After concluding the interview with a smile, Meg Tilly left the coffee shop and set off to rejoin her husband by crossing Dairy Queen’s parking lot. In 1994, she published Singing Songs – a frank account of child abuse and neglect in a fragmented family that she said was fictional when promoting the book. Tilly, who lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada, deliberately pulled no punches with Gemma, which is told jointly through the perspectives of the 12-year-old school girl victim and the abductor.
Tilly admits books played a key role in her turbulent childhood, which included growing up on a remote island off Canada’s west coast. Tilly’s next project is a young adult book called Porcupine, which will be published by Tundra Books. After Hazen Wood kidnaps 12 year-old Gemma Sullivan, the two embark upon a cross-country journey that tests the limits of Gemma's endurance.

When asked to choose between a good book and a trip to the Oscars, she says she’ll go for the book every time. Now, she openly admits the book was based on her own experiences of abuse at the hands of family members.
It is not a novel for the faint-hearted but it has connected with many readers across North America, including people who have suffered abuse themselves.
Several major publishers were interested, but the painful subject matter made the book unmarketable. In graphic scenes of physical and sexual violence, Hazen tries to destroy the young girl's will. She’s a regular mom with three grown-up children who also writes, but her books push the reader to the edge thanks to their graphic and painful subject matter.

Staff have been recommending it to judges and healthcare workers, and then there’s the people who work in the sex crimes units too. It is only Gemma's childlike resilience and fertile imagination that protect her from the worst of the abuse she suffers. She pulled out a pen and a scrap of paper, and left a message pinned under the car’s windshield wiper.
And in the end, the healing power of unconditional love gives Gemma the courage to speak out against her abuser at last - reclaiming her dignity as a human being.

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