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While we all love thrift store shopping, most of us aren’t total cheapskates, right??
You create a free account at Ebates, and whenever you’re shopping online, you link to that retailer from Ebates, and Ebates will pay you cash back on your total purchases. They’re actually an affiliate for all of the websites they link to, so they earn a commission for you clicking on that link and buying something. Payouts are every 3 months, so you may be waiting for that money depending on when you earned it. So maybe you only pay $75 for a gift card worth $100, for example, depending on the savings.
New accounts have an electronic card limit which limits the amount of electronic cards you can buy at once.
They also operate from affiliate sales, but they specialize in easily finding coupon codes to all the biggest brands.
People can also submit their own coupon codes if you know of one that works so that other people can use it. You wouldn’t believe how much I’ve saved by checking their site for coupon codes! is a site that automatically saves money in an online savings account for you without you having to think about it. You link the account to your regular checking account and then it uses a fancy algorithm to determine your spending habits. It’s not rocket science, but it does take knowing how to layer your savings and discounts in order to get the best deals! Great ideas here, I so love signing up with company’s online and getting that coupon savings! Hey, I’m Serena!My mission is to inspire every do-it-yourself'er to decorate, improve, and maintain their home on a budget. This sucks in the event you want the cards in order to buy something quickly that will require several gift cards (below is the error message I got when trying to buy a Best Buy gift card). They have a bigger selection of cards available, but their savings is also not quite as much.
Based on your spending habits, it will begin automatically transferring a few dollars here and there from your checking account every few days to your Digit savings account.
If you actually made it to the bottom of this post to read this, it means you're really enjoy my blog.

My vision is that one day, every DIYer will have the confidence and skill to tackle any project their heart desires.
I think the restriction lasts about 2 weeks on new accounts, but don’t quote me on that. I just tried to create an account per your recommendation, but for some reason, it’s not loading to let me open a new account. I bought one for $100 value (paid $75 for it) for Pier 1 when I did my patio and needed to buy the cushions!
If I can inspire just one person through my passion and energy for DIY, then I'm fulfilling my life's purpose. I have a couple of big ticket items to buy for Christmas, and now I’ll save some money.

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