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The Eclipse Foundation is presenting Helios In Action - a virtual conference where you can interact with project leads involved in the release and see demos of the new features. With this said, I recently decided that the PsychoPath XPath processor needed to migrate off of the Athena Common build script that it had been using to a Maven based build. Join Java and Eclipse expert Phil Quitslund as he presents best practices for creating effective, consistent, and robust user interface tests. Integrating BIRT with Spring in a Web applicationand Eclipse BIRT in Spring web applicationsare a couple of examples.There is not much information on how to include Spring Beans within a report design. Last week we held our first EclipseLink Summit here in Ottawa with attendees from Canada, Germany, India, and the US. We just need 189 more people to join by the end of July to hit our goal of 360 Friends of Helios.  If you haven’t already joined please consider joining today. Side note: Last August after the disaster with bugfix propagation between different branches in the FindBugs project I've started to looking for a replacement for the SVN (which was the evil system). There are no groundbreaking changes - mostly some code polishing and few small enhancements, as most of my plugins are mature enough. At this year's Eclipse Summit Europe there was a very nice Xtext-related talk given by Sebastian Benz who is working at BMW Car IT.The talk was about how they used Xtext in order to develop a textual syntax and corresponding IDE for the AUTOSAR standard. Creating an effective web design is like putting a puzzle together, with the various parts coming together to tame the chaos and form a whole, well-organized design.
In the first two parts of this series, we looked at the principles of similarity and proximity to understand how elements can be organized by their relatedness to other elements, and we looked at the principles of closure and figure-ground to understand how relationships are formed through the use of positive and negative space. The post Improve Your Designs With The Principles Of Continuation And Common Fate (Part Three) appeared first on Smashing Magazine.
Travel Eye was specifically developed for travel businesses, hotels, and anything similar to that. The Revive theme was made to be suitable for many different purposes, and can be customized to your needs regarding colors, background, blog layout, and sidebar.
The Gem theme is intended for many different purposes, but it is guaranteed to work well as a business theme.
Every week users submit a lot of interesting stuff on our sister site Webdesigner News, highlighting great content from around the web that can be of interest to web designers. The best way to keep track of all the great stories and news being posted is simply to check out the Webdesigner News site, however, in case you missed some here’s a quick and useful compilation of the most popular designer news that we curated from the past week. Note that this is only a very small selection of the links that were posted, so don’t miss out and subscribe to our newsletter and follow the site daily for all the news. The content revolves around web design, blogging and funny situations that we encounter in our daily lives as designers.
These great cartoons are created by Jerry King, an award-winning cartoonist who’s one of the most published, prolific and versatile cartoonists in the world today. So for a few moments, take a break from your daily routine, have a laugh and enjoy these funny cartoons. 5.Remove the top line (that is touching the top of the artboard), and give the remaining three lines a colour of your choice. 6.Select the Text Tool and type the text for your first option, and adjust the font and size of this text as desired.
Sony may be tight-lipped for now, but it’s looking increasingly likely that the company will release an updated version of the PlayStation 4 later this year. In PC enthusiast parlance, you might say Sony just slotted in a new video card, a faster CPU, and slightly higher speed RAM. This is old hat for PCs, but to release a new, faster model that is perfectly backwards compatible is almost unprecedented in the console world. I hate to break this to PS4 enthusiasts, but as big of an upgrade as that is – and it really is – it’s still nowhere near enough power to drive modern games at 4k.
Or maybe I’m just spoiled by PC performance, and the relatively crippled flavor of PC you get in these $399 console boxes.
Ok, fine, it’s a cool $1,080 plus tax compared to $399 for one of those console x86 boxes. The Jaguar class AMD x86 cores in the Xbox One and PS4 are about the same as the AMD A4-5000 reviewed here; those benchmarks indicate a modern Core i7 will be about four times faster. What we have here is legitimately the first on-die GPU that can compete with a low-end discrete video card from AMD or Nvidia.
As for power usage, I was pleasantly surprised to measure that this box idles at 15w at the Windows Desktop doing nothing, and goes down to 13w when the display sleeps. Zero games are meaningfully CPU limited today, and the disk and CPU performance of this Skull Canyon NUC is already so vastly far ahead of current x86 consoles, even the PS4 Neo that’s about to be introduced. If you want to experience what console gaming will be like in 10 years, invest in a Skull Canyon NUC and an external Thunderbolt 3 graphics dock today. Once you downloaded and installed Blisk, it should remind you of Google Chrome at first sight. The biggest difference to Chrome and other browsers becomes evident when accessing a website.
The display on mobile devices can be further controlled in touch mode, where controls are done via taps and gestures. In order for you to be able to optimally compare your website in desktop and mobile view, your website is scrolled in parallel on both views. If you don’t like the synchronous scrolling, you can simply turn it off in the settings. Whenever one of these files changes in the local index, Blisk automatically reloads the website with the entered domain. An analytics feature which is supposed to measure the compatibility and performance of a website across devices is also in the works.
Of course, Blisk also includes the classic developer tools that you know from Google Chrome. Although Blisk doesn’t have its full scope of features yet, the browser is already an interesting alternative to Chrome for developers.
More and more designers are using online publishing platforms to build their personal websites. Mikha Makhoul designed several media installations for both Gap and Mango stores, and created gamification and digital storytelling campaigns for Pull&Bear and Grand Cinemas.
Freelance designer, photographer and also an Awwwards nominee Rich Brown decided to open his portfolio with the animation of his own face – a direct and powerful way to say “Hi, this is me and this is what I do”.
Ukraine-born Natalie Bokhonko currently works as a product designer for a software development company in San Francisco. Claudio Guglieri is the former design director of the human-centered design agency Fantasy.
Anton and Irene call themselves “former Manhattan agency directors turned Brooklyn hands-on designers». French freelancer Nicolas Paries is the first one in our selection without a main page photo (yet a tiny GIF with his face could be found in the more traditional About section). The World Wide Web Consortium uses a particular syntax to define the possible values that can be used for all CSS properties.
The two screenshots show the results when dynamically switching between the dark and the bright theme. At the end of the event, we’ll have some frosty beverages and snacks ready for some great discussions!
The annual simultaneous release has now grown to 39 projects with over 33 million lines of code, contributed by committers around the world. Apple takes care of billing, taxes, and other administrative tasks, and in return takes a 30% cut of all sales.
Sven and me will give a free one hour live seminar on Xtext introducing the framework and demonstrating its new fancy features in Helios.
Although I do enjoy a good Guiness I am also looking forward to the conference and the topics I am covering this week as well as the hours of travel to catch up on some pre-release tasks.
The first half was about technical details and tips behind Android game development, but the second half was just about good game development for mobile platforms. The user interface (UI) of an application is your front-line connection with the customer—if it doesn’t look good and work effectively the first time, your company reputation is at stake. Since we launched the campaign 171 people have joined as a Friend of Eclipse.   Thank you, thank you, thank you!

BTW, 5 of the plugins are hosted now on Eclipse Labs and using Mercurial as version control system behind. I quickly became the committer rights in the MercurialEclipse plugin - and now few months later I've managed all of my project updates in a full featured IDE without the command line.
The name of the project is ARText and it is freely available to all AUTOSAR members as part of the Artop project.One of the biggest challenges when implementing the AUTOSAR standard is to create scalable solutions. In the final part of this series, we’ll focus on the principles of continuation and common fate, which involve movement, both implied and animated, to create relationships.
Unique about this theme is a drag-and-drop system, which allows you to compose your pages the way you want to. The theme looks like a lot of attention to detail was paid, as its design is very appealing.
This stands for optimal code quality and durability of the theme, but nonetheless, themes by Automattic are known for a rather limited scope of features.
As an addition, you also receive an author box below the posts and an appealing variant for similar articles. The free version on WordPress already offers plenty of features, but if you are quick enough you can make an even better bargain.
It comes with many options, like various post layouts, tons of theme options, sliders, and additional widgets for the main page. Select the Line Tool and hold Shift to draw a horizontal line that spans the width of your document (375 pixels), and position this at the top of your artboard. Duplicate this line by going to Edit > Duplicate, and move this new line downwards approximately 80 pixels. The pink guides in Adobe XD will help ensure that the spacing between the lines is consistent.
Duplicate this text two times, by going to Edit > Duplicate, and position these two copies so that they are vertically centrally aligned between the lines below.
Select the Rectangle Tool, and create a landscape-orientated rectangle that fits within the space between the lines. In the Appearance section of the Property Inspector, select the icon that displays a square with rounded corners, and enter a value in the box alongside this, so that either end of your rectangle become completely rounded at either end.
Select the Ellipse Tool and hold Shift to create a circle that is the same height as the rounded rectangle created in Step 8. Select the circle, and alongside the border options, select the Eyedropper Tool, and sample the same colour used for the rounded rectangle in Step 13.
Select both the rounded rectangle and circle elements that make up the slider, and go to Edit > Duplicate to create a copy. Select a slider that you wish to display the opposite position, and adjust the fill colour of the rounded rectangle so that the button appears inactive (grey can be an effective choice of colour to clearly communicate this functionality to a user). It is all but announced that Sony will be upgrading the PS4 this year, no more than three years after it was first introduced … just like you would upgrade a PC.
I have to wonder if this is partially due to the intense performance pressure of VR, but whatever the reason, I applaud Sony for taking this step. If all evidence points to the golden age of x86 being upon us, why not double down on x86 in the living room?
Checking with Notebookcheck’s exhaustive benchmark database, that is closest to the AMD R7 250, a rebranded Radeon 7770. Granted, an older one, one you could buy for about $80 today, but one that is certainly equivalent to what’s in the Xbox One and PS4 right now. Considering the best idle numbers I’ve measured are from the Scooter Computer at 7w and my previous HTPC build at 10w, that’s not bad at all! If that’s not enough — if you dream bigger than medium detail 1080p gameplay — the presence of a Thunderbolt 3 port on this little box means you can, at considerable expense, use any external video card of your choice.
So being able to replace the GPU down the road with the latest, greatest model whenever you want means this configuration, albeit expensive to start with, is as future proof a config as I’ve ever seen. I was also surprised to discover just how thoroughly both the PS4 and Xbox One embraced x86 in 2013. That’s not surprising, as Blisk is based on Chromium, which is available to the public under a free license. For example, this allows you to easily switch from an iPhone 6 to a Galaxy S3 to see how your website is presented on each device. This saves time, as you don’t have to scroll each view to get to a certain point on the site. The menu bar contains a special button that takes you to the setup with the settings in which you can turn this feature on and off.
It automatically makes the browser reload a website when the HTML or CSS source text of the page has changed. Those that run a local server, or automatically save files of their web project from a local file system to a server, will enjoy this function a lot and save a lot of time by not having to manually reload over and over again. You can still check elements, and have access to cookies and the storages of your websites. Instead of the popular portrait the designer inserted an audio widget, another fun thing Readymag allows you to do. You may have seen this syntax in action if you have ever looked at a CSS specification — as in the syntax for border-image-slice. This syntax can be hard to understand if you don’t know the various symbols and how they work.
The rest goes directly to developers.For free applications, developers can make money by showing advertisements instead of on the sale of the app.
I don’t follow the software methodology space that closely but I was surprised by the fact that 1) 25% of the respondents don’t use a methodology and 2) the most popular, Scrum, has only 15% adoption.  The rest of the respondents identified over 18 different methodologies that they use for a development methodology. In the survey, we asked a question about the corporate policies towards open source participation. AUTOSAR projects might become very, very big and in order to work with such huge projects the tools need to perform very well. In this article, I’ll, once again, introduce you to ten free WordPress themes that I consider the best of the month.
The free version provides a lot of features, like a full-area “Hero Slider”, color options, parallax effects, and a lot more.
However, missing features can be added via plugins in arrear, and then will be available for the next theme as well. Alternatively, the shape corners can be adjusted by selected the shape, and then clicking and dragging the circle anchor points that appear just inside of the outside anchor points for the selected shape.
Repeat this two more times, and position the additional sliders alongside the corresponding text in the spaces below. Next, similar to Step 14, select the Eyedropper Tool, and select the same colour as the inactive rounded rectangle. We can see it coming true in the solid GPU and idle power improvements in Skylake, riding the inevitable wave of x86 becoming the dominant kind of (non mobile, anyway) gaming for the forseeable future. It’s a giant leap towards consoles being more like PCs, and another sign that the golden age of x86 is really and truly here. This is a real first for Intel, and it probably won’t be the last time, considering that on-die GPU performance increases have massively outpaced CPU performance increases for the last 5 years.
Under full game load, it’s more like 70 to 80 watts, and in typical light use, 20 to 30 watts.
But I’ve come to terms with that, and its tiny size is an acceptable tradeoff for all the cable and dongle overhead. Add in the current furor over VR, plus the PS4 Neo opening new console upgrade paths, and the future of x86 as a gaming platform is rapidly approaching supernova. In the right half of the screen, the page is shown as a classic desktop version, and on the left, the mobile view is shown. The website is always shown in a mockup of the respective device to make the appearance as realistic as possible. This includes the option to create screenshots of websites, as well as a video capture feature. We’ve selected 6 brilliant portfolios made with online-platform to show you how to make your own portfolio truly remarkable. This is not a portfolio “must-have”, but it immediately forms a solid personal space and adds character to it.

On the main page you can see a mandatory portrait (seriously, insert a couple of headshots into your portfolio right away) – the designers are wearing bright and colorful gowns and start moving as you scroll down.
In 2009 48% claimed they could contribute back to OSS but in 2010 only 35.4% claim they could contribute back.
Even after 13 years of helping customers use TopLink and now EclipseLink I still find diagnosing, solving, and innovating in these areas some of the most interesting work I take part in. Pretty much every mobile platform vendor is creating some sort of one stop shopping experience for their devices and it's a great vehicle for app developers to quickly get their wares into the hands of paying customers.
Xtext itself provides a concise language to describe DSLs, so that it takes only minutes to create a first draft of your language.
This gives you a sound basis for the decision whether you want to give your website a new look or not.
It comes with four additional widgets on top of that: Instagram, Dribble, Flickr, and a Tabbed Post Widget. You can also remove the border from the rounded rectangle by un-ticking the box in the Property Inspector (optional).
It’s the idle number that matters the most, as that represents the typical state of the box. The structure may seem a bit too minimalistic at first, but do you really need more than that to present your professional skills? Even though Natalie chose to present only 4 projects (and that is the next rule — choose quality over quantity), she provided extremely detailed information about each one of them: font guidelines, color palettes, a list of both UI and UX elements and descriptions of her design process. They managed to seamlessly integrate several projects made with Readymag into their custom-built website. If you understand how the W3C defines property values, you will be able to understand any of the W3C’s CSS specifications.
It has a stainless steel outer cover that doubles as the antenna for Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, UMTS, and GSM.
Helping customers learn what they need to know about their models and application use cases and translating them into their object-relational mappings, schema, and usage of their persistence layer is challenging and often poorly understand by Java developers.The persistence layer enables performance and scalability but there are many simple decisions developers can make while configuring and coding to their persistence layer which are made early in projects and have big effects late in projects when trying to reach their performance and scalability goals.
And with systems like Valve's Steam, you also get this great experience on your desktops and laptops.The biggest advantage of markets, as Chris illustrated, is that it's also a great way to keep in touch with your customers.
You don't have to deal with complex meta programming or multiple syntax alternatives as you do in internal DSL development.
We know it was tough to squeeze this additional work into your hectic pre-Helios schedules. What’s significant about this box is it contains the first on-die GPU Intel has ever shipped that can legitimately be considered console class.
And compared to the 75 watts a console uses even when idling at the dashboard, it’s no contest. However, this can be done in an even more comfortable and faster way: Blisk is a new browser that was specifically created for developers. This simple yet elegant navigating element carries the viewer to the main page or any project in the portfolio. Each project in the portfolio has only one scrolling image with a link, that takes us to the page with the whole case study. This enabled Anton&Irene to create a unique layout for presenting each project without hiring a development team. Paries balances the simplicity of the structure with many graphic gimmicks, illustrations and original backgrounds. There’s a camera and LED flash on the back, and two microphones for noise cancellation (like the Nexus One). If you're based in Germany's Ruhr area, you might want to visit the Eclipse Demo Camp in Dortmund. Customers tend to be brutally honest about what you've provided them, and it's good to get first hand looks at that feedback. The feedback from all attendees was excellent.On the 3rd day of the Summit we focused more on the project itself. However, the folks at BMW Car IT wanted to develop AUTOSAR projects in a traditional text-based manner and given all the good experiences with tools like JDT or IntelliJ, it's clear that text-based IDEs can scale very well.In order to implement the language they first had tried the old Xtext version from oAW, which was way too slow. Mikha Makhoul shows how to keep it simple with sleek images accompanied by brief project descriptions. As a result, Claudio Guglieri has the ability to update his online portfolio without spending an excessive amount of time or radically changing the layout. While browsing their website, you are technically jumping from one platform to another without even realizing it.
Apple has a good head start on Android, but Android is catching up fast.Most analysts feel it is inevitable that Android will surpass Android in the next couple of years given the dozens of partners producing the devices, all trying to compete with each other and with Apple in terms of price and features. It has grown up from a tiny little editor generator to a mature language development framework.
Starting with a talk from Jeff McAffer (EclipseSource) on OSGi and Eclipse RT technologies. Then, later, when the new TMF Xtext came around they gave it another try and saw that the performance had been improved significantly. Readymag is not an open source, but the designers state that the Readymag team “was kind enough to embed our custom code into their account that would show our global navigation on top of the case studies which would be living on the Readymag platform».
This is another example of a portfolio which didn’t take a lot of time to make but nevertheless becomes a vivid and memorable experience as you scroll through. But even for non-Xtext enthusiasts there will be nice demos, e.g on SAP's new graphical modeling framework "Graphiti", on developing Android apps with Eclipse and a lot more intriguing topics. Sebastian showed the following slide in his talk:After that he explained how they have solved a couple of other problems, such as supporting different releases of the standard or making the language extendable.
And here comes the most important rule: to create a great portfolio sometimes you have to break the rules. According to Jobs, 300dpi is about the limit that the human retina can distinguish at 10-12 inches away from the eye, so he’s calling this the “retina display”. And even better it seems that they've had as much fun using Xtext as we had and still have when developing (and using) it. Because the aspect ratio is exactly the same as older iPhones, no change is needed from developers and all old apps run unmodified. I'm not talking about syntax coloring for Vim, but something close to what modern Java IDEs offer. Along with a bigger battery, the chip provides up to 7 hours talk time, 6 hours 3G browsing, and 300 hours of standby. We at itemis have already successfully implemented a couple of IDEs for various programming languages. The new device has a real gyroscope in addition to the accelerometer that is standard now in most smart phones. The camera’s megapixels have been increased to 5, plus they’re using a backside illuminated sensor for higher quality. There’s a camera in the front too (more on that later).To go with the new camera, Apple has written a new app called iMovie for iPhone.
It allows you to edit movies with transitions, music, titles, and so forth right on your phone. Formerly called “iPhone OS 4“, the new operating system has a ton of new features including multitasking, unified inbox, conversation threading, and so forth. With the new iAd platform, there’s a standardized, supported platform to create in-app ads that don’t bounce the user out into the browser. Apple sells and hosts the ads, and developers get a 60% cut via iTunes connect (the same way you get paid for your apps).iAds will be enabled July 1st but Apple has been selling spots for 8 weeks. JP Morgan estimated the entire mobile ad market to be worth $250 million this year, so that’s a significant number.Originally Steve said he was going to highlight 8 features, but he couldn’t resist adding “one more thing”…9. You can set it up so the other person sees you (via the front camera) or what you’re looking at (via the back camera). It uses other standards like H.264, AAC, SIP, STUN, RTP, SRTP, TURN, and ICE.So how much is all this going to cost you?

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