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Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! Inspection stickers with expiration dates in 2013 and later display only the last digit of the inspection year.
When DPS issues the inspection sticker booklets, the stickers are void of any numeric dates. Thank you for sharing this with us i had the same issue and I wanted my money back lol but he told me it was a new law or something so I left it that way but thanks I appreciate you sharing this!
As a Courier Van driver, are you fed up of having to provide a new copy of your drivers licence everytime you arrange or renew your Courier Van Insurance? The paper counterpart of driving licences is being phased out by the end of 2015 so an alternative process is needed for details of motoring endorsements to be accessed.
The “My Licence” project is part of the government’s digital agenda of moving services online.
The good news, not only for Courier Van drivers but everyone who has motor insurance is that The Association of British Insurers has estimated that honest motorists could save ?15 on their premiums thanks to the data being put online. Administration costs for vehicle hire companies should also reduce due to being able to check drivers’ details online rather than by phone. So all being well, you could soon be saving money on both your Courier Van Insurance and vehicle hire costs.

To see what Aldium can save you on your Courier Van Insurance before these changes are implemented, please complete our online quote request form.
This SUV vehicle is closely connected with another crossover from Honda, HR-V, and it is certain that vehicle will be selling in US under that name.
New 2015 Honda Urban or Vezel will be unveiled during 2015 in Europe, and a little later in US. Along with the blank books of inspection stickers, there are booklets of numbers 1-12 to represent January to December.
Not sure why he couldnt just tell me that, but I thought I'd share in case anyone else gets a silly answer. Both of these are smaller than Honda CR-V, which is one of the most popular SUV from Japanese company.
The sell by date is the date that the product needs to be pulled ofHow To Read Food Expiration Date Codes.
The appropriate numerical sticker is applied in the month field and another in the year field. CR-V is short for “Compact Recreational Vehicle”, but it is still not clear for what H stands in HR-V. Interior will also be inspired with Honda Fit or how this vehicle is known outside its homeland Japan – Honda Urban.

Unfortunately, there is no any info about pricing, but experts predict tag near 2015 Vezel’s starting $21.000.
From 2000-2012, the stickers for Jan-December (1 - 12) worked just great for the year as well. It is expected to have many new lines applied to the new 2015 Honda HR-V, such as roofline and interior infotainment features. Few more options are possible, such as diesel, and probable hybrid all-wheel driven model for US market. FWIW, my numbers also fill the spaces on the sticker which are larger than the pic you posted.
This is not actually an expiration date, but more like a time in which the contents will be best to consume.
It is expected that this SUV will improve MPG rates from vehicle on which is inspired, Fit, with current 28 city, 35 highway and 31 MPG combined. It does not take you long before you get a date hook up with your preferred partnerDating Articles - Find Dating Related.

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