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Once you have visualized the slides for a PowerPoint presentation, you can start to write notes and attach files to each branch i.e.
Although a mind map is created none linearly, in MindView there is an order of which the branches are exported to PowerPoint. Templates can easily be customized in the export wizard, where you can select things such as; including an image of the mind map as a slide and exclusion of certain contents. The attached objects can also be controlled under the attached Object tab in the export Wizard, where for instance you can determine if you want a video attached in the mind map to be embedded within the respective slide or shown as a hyperlink.
Importing a PowerPoint file as a mind map gives you a way to view the presentation in a more non-linier way and provides a unique overview.
Butterflies from the SoleMom will love seeing her child's little feet frozen in time with this cute craft.
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That’s why Mathews reads books like Rosie Revere, Engineer to Marilyn and stocks her nursery with other such books, like HTML for Babies.
Mathews, a software engineer in Chalfont, Pa., believes the earlier girls are introduced to these fields, the better the chance they will be empowered to pursue those careers when they graduate from high school. Mathews has teamed up with TechGirlz, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit that aims to bridge the gender gap by teaching middle and high school girls about careers in technology. Kelly Parisi, spokeswoman for Girl Scouts of the USA, says her organization has been working to empower girls in science since its inception, way back in 1913.
Sean Cohen, chief operating officer at the e-mail marketing firm AWeber, says he believes employers should get more involved in high school programs. Mathews hopes that by starting early, her daughter will know a career in STEM is well within her reach. For Android fanboys, there's now the ultimate way to show your love for the little alien operating system. For anyone not into DIY, a lathe is a machine that's used to cut, sand or drill into surfaces. Artist Bryan Cera came up with the idea of using the new technology to elevate the international gesture for a phone to a, err… actual phone -- the Glove One.
The problem with dinosaur bones is that there isn't that many of them -- which makes getting specimens to research teams all over the world a wee bit difficult.
To recreate the faces of the long dead, we've tended to rely on artists with a bit too much creative license and a whole load of clay.
A Stradivarius violin is said to be unparalleled in its ability to create beautiful sounds. While you're splashing your cash on buying yourself a new printer, why not use it to print out a holster for your remaining money? With the revolution in portable video cameras -- thanks, GoPro -- there has been a similar revolution in carrying cases.
When skin is damaged, the scar tissue that replaces it doesn't have the same qualities as normal skin does.
Unlike some of the other DIY items we've listed on here, the Bag Holder by Ivanseidel doesn't involve adding bits of wire or electronics on. The military has already been using cameras mounted to land-based robots to go and explore everything from caves to unexploded bombs. In light of the tsunami that devastated Japan's nuclear power industry, designers have been looking for ways to generate electricity that doesn't have the potential to destroy all life on earth.
Italian design firm VeneriDesign Studio has two loves, it seems: 3D printing, and nuclear explosions.
While we'd have serious reservations about using this lock for anything other than sheer novelty, it does highlight just how complicated 3D printing can go. While nostalgia for listening to vinyl has never been higher, the manufacturing industry isn't feeling the love.
In Skyfall, James Bond's most recent cinema outing, he rediscovers the car that made him so famous. The problem with building on the moon is that you have to move all the materials from earth there first.
The 3D printers that'll eventually end up in our homes are designed to sit on our desktops. In the 19th century, the biggest innovation in shoe design was the creation of left and right fitting shoes. The team at 12AM Design love coffee so much, they wanted to create a cup that expressed their love.
The cogs and gears that go into making an analog clock would traditionally have put horology beyond the realms of 3D printers. While Apple's cover for its iPad range does the job of keeping our tablet upright, we like the idea of having something a little more inspiring doing the job.
For medical students, having an abundance of lifelike training tools is difficult -- thanks to their subject being a living, breathing person.
While scans of your unborn baby were created for medical reasons, they've now taken a step further toward being a modern must-have thanks to Japanese company Fasotec. If the musings of your child's imagination feels somewhat constricted by pencil and paper, why not turn them into 3D sculptures instead?
Traditionally, camera lenses are complicated devices made from exquisitely precise glass that channels light perfectly onto a film or digital sensor. Cody Wilson, a slightly anarchic 3D printing enthusiast, has been busy working on a way of constructing a gun by using all printed parts. MindView is a professional mind mapping tool with a powerful MS Office integration that enables you to export and import a mind map to PowerPoint. For a more clear understanding of the connection between the mind map branches and the PowerPoint slides, you can apply a numbering schema to the branches within MindView. The export order of the mind map goes clock wise starting from the upper right corner of the mind map.
First you are able to select between different PowerPoint templates, styles and formatting. When converting a mind map to PowerPoint, it can be tricky with the last level of branches in the mind map. The heading of the slide becomes the branch text, whereas other text will be inserted as a text note and pictures, videos, etc. This easy-to-use checklist comes with games and activities to help your child build essential skills for kindergarten. And for Mathews, it’s a mission that begins at home with her 9-month-old daughter, Marilyn. Create experiences for young women to get more involved in STEM programs and see that there are careers around that,” Cohen says. Cubify's Bugdroids are customizable figurines based on the mascot for Google's mobile platform. These contraptions were historically -- and in some places, still are -- used as a way of weaving fabric into things like scarves or clothing.

Using a 3D printer and recycled circuitry, he printed out a glove that, when fitted with a SIM card, allows you to dial a number using your fingers in the same way you'd use a keypad. Well, that hasn't stopped Eat Your Face Machine, a specially designed 3D printer created by David Carr from MIT's Media Lab. But researchers at Princeton University have gone one step further by creating a 3D printed ear that can pick up signals beyond the range of human hearing. They have the ability to transform themselves into any other type of cell, be it heart or eyeball.
But when King Richard III was found in the oh-so glamorous spot that is a parking lot in Leicester, Caroline Wilkinson of the University of Dundee managed to recreate his face exactly how it would have been when he was alive 500 years ago. Some see it as a helpful way of completing those epic structures that have taken up all your free time, while others see it as blatant piracy. Shapeways has a whole host of designs for sale that allow users to print off card holders, cash holders and cash holders with bottle openers on them. Well, our meteorologically challenged friends, an anemometer is those small spinning cups placed on buildings and other high points to measure wind speed. Designer s_f_x has used 3D printing to create a cage for his GoPro HD camera with a small motor inside that allows him to control which way the camera is looking remotely. But dishwashers aren't typically things you can look for a replacement for on the high street.
Immeasurably, we're sure -- which is precisely the reason we picked out Hot Pop Factory's innovation in sweet dispensing. On a personal level, many of the complications and ailments that affect humans are unique to that person's genetic makeup.
But James Yoo, of the Institute of Regenerative Medicine at Wake Forest University, believes we're close to being able to print skin directly onto burn victims.
You simply upload the file to your 3D printer and it'll knock out an elegant and significantly less painful way of carrying your shopping bags, three at a time. To achieve the same effect on an electric piano, you typically have to buy a moderately expensive add-on. But, thanks to "tjhowse," who created the necessary files to allow anyone to print off and make their own tank platform using a web-based Wi-Fi camera, you can boldly go wherever you want.
He loves drinking loose-leaf tea, but hates having to use a measuring spoon twice to get the right amount of tea into every brew. The 3D printing community have come up with an alternative, and it uses the same force that devastated the coast of Japan: waves. This padlock, developed by ttsalo, has a working five-lever tumbler mechanism -- the same you'd find in regular padlocks -- that allows you to lock a shackle firmly in place. But Amanda Ghassaei from the Instructables DIY project has written a code that transforms any audio file into a 3D file that can then be used to print a disc. Well, researchers at the Vienna University of Technology believe it was a great way to show how their 3D printer can create objects just a few hundred nanometers wide, and several times faster than anything else on the market. But what if you could use the moon's abundance of ground dust to create habitats for astronauts to shelter in? But architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars of Universe Architecture has teamed up with Italian inventor Enrico Dini to create a printer big enough to make a house. Professor Jules Poukens and his team at the University of Hasselt have managed to print an exact copy of a patient's lower jaw bone using titanium.
Happily for them, the European Aerospace and Defence Group (EADS) has come up with a solution.
Michael Schmidt and Francis Bitonti created the world's fully articulated dress earlier this year using printing techniques. Today, designer Pavla Podsednikova has used 3D mapping and printing techniques to create shoes that are tailored to the wearer. Using food-safe ceramics as a printing material, they printed a cup that not only encapsulated their favorite coffee, but the inside of the cup has been shaped in a heart so that as a drinker takes a couple of sips, the love is revealed. But hacker and maker obsessive Syvwlch has been fine-tuning code that allows users to print out the entire mechanism that, when assembled, will tick along, just like a normal clock would. SaGa design's "Sisu" is a 3D print of a Finnish figure designed to symbolize determination or grit.
Polychemy uses polyamide plastic and your imagination to create iPhone 5 covers that can be altered according to style, color and even what name you want printed onto the hardened case. But companies like Objet are developing perfect copies of parts of the anatomy that are so accurate, surgeons are able to plan a surgery in minute detail before taking a knife to the real thing.
It takes expectant mothers of around 8-9 months, and uses a specially developed scanning technique that allows a three-dimensional scan of the unborn baby in utero to be printed in resin. Crayon Creatures can create four-inch-tall versions of anything your spawn puts down on paper. But "yukiSUZUKI" has applied the printing process to create the same effect a regular lens does using little more than acrylic and a laser cutter.
His company, Cubify 3D Systems, lets you change everything from the shape, size, pattern and er… how many holes you'd like to have in your guitar of choice before sending it to a printer. Notice that MindView enables you to attach an unlimited number of files to each branch and supports all file formats.
By dragging and dropping branches in a different order in the mind map, you are able to rearrange branches i.e. These will often be viewed as bullet points on the prior slide and not as individual branches. Of course once in PowerPoint you can change everything, but you will have the structure and contents from MindView premade. Department of Commerce estimates women make up less than 25 percent of the workforce in jobs related to STEM, an acronym coined by a member of the National Science Foundation in the 1990s. The company allows you to alter everything from 3D hats to zipper and checkerboard textures to give your figurine that personal feel. But 3D printing enthusiast "Sublime" has managed to create one entirely out of renewable resources such as sugarcane and cornstarch. This clever little device scans the dimensions of your face and then prints the results onto a block of chocolate -- which you can then eat, obviously. Kenneth Lacovara of Drexel University uses 3D printers to make replicas of all the university's bone findings, which can then be sent to anyone else who may be interested in them. Researchers printed a gel made up of calf cells on to a frame that resembled the shape of an ear.
Researchers at the University of Edinburgh managed to create a cell printer that works by creating droplets of embryonic stem cells that are then squirted out by a printer five at a time and can be used to rapidly test drugs, build miniature strips of living tissue and eventually print entire organs from scratch. To be fair to Stradivarius, the replica did have to rely on a violinmaker -- a luthier -- to assemble the peg box and string the thing. So he asked a colleague with CAD skills if he could design the part that had broken and turn it into a file that a 3D printer could handle.
Using Kinect from Xbox, you scan your face, and then upload the resulting image into a printer, which then reproduces your face to sit precisely atop a PEZ dispenser.
Currently, medicine hasn't yet quite got to the point where it can be manufactured on such a personal level.

A scanner maps the wound and determines how many layers of cells need to be deposited to replace the damaged skin.
You'll have to provide the camera and a bit of wiring, but everything else is straight off the press.
It doesn't look like much -- but considering he designed the whole thing from scratch and is now offering the file to anyone who wants one too, we're all in favor of this small miracle. This micro hydropower generator has been made out of printed materials by Yagi Kazuhiko and uses water to turn a dynamo that creates a charge. The outer layer represents the mushroom cloud of a nuclear bomb going off, while inside a standard lighting kit with a mini-stand allows you to bring the fallout to life in the dark. A persistent thief could take a cigarette lighter to the lock and eventually melt the thing. The result is a slightly stiffer record than traditional vinyl, with audio quality one quarter that of the original. With Bond's history of totaling his cars, owners of the cherished motor were reluctant to lend one to the production. The European Space Agency is currently researching and developing a printer that could be transported to the moon and would mix the material found on the surface with adhesive that would turn it into a material similar to concrete.
The two are planning on building chunks of a house out of sand and inorganic binder that will then be stitched together onsite to create a two-story home that looks like a figure of eight.
Modern Meadow has been working feverishly to design and develop a printer that can print meat into the shape of a steak.
Based on MRI scans, they removed a patient's lower mandible in 2011, replacing it with a 3D printed implant, which was sprayed with an artificial bone compound and fixed to her skull.
The Airbike is "grown" using nylon powder, deposited in layers and then sintered together to make the structure stronger. But the N12 bikini uses thousands of tiny circular plates, which are connected to minuscule springs that flex and move to fit the body. Consisting of 17 parts and 3,000 joints, the dress was built on the principles of the golden ratio that explains recurring patterns in nature.
Customer would have a digitized version of their feet that they'd be able to hand to a shop assistant who would be able to print out the shoe we wanted in the exact shape and size that suits us. But i.materialise is throwing the design process open to allow users the opportunity to customize and design their own lamps, which will the be printed and sent to you. The Sisyphean figure appears to be holding up something several times its size, when, in fact, a small plate slides underneath the iPad to act as a counter balance. But thanks to 3D printing, Gear Wraps is here to save us from drowning in a sea of electric wire. Using a gypsum-based powder, adhesive and a sealant to make sure it doesn't disintegrate when children inevitably put the things in their mouths, these tiny sculptures might finally free your fridge from its long-suffering role as a pin board for paintings. While the results may not be as pin sharp as a regular lens, they give images a blurred, almost dreamlike quality. The "Liberator" can be loaded with a .380 caliber bullet and fired just like a regular gun. Notes and attachment to a branch will be included on the respective slide when exported to PowerPoint. With a 3D printer, however, and a couple of screws, and, of course, some yarn, you too can mimic your ancestors who toiled in factories for pittance a day. The Tantillus is printed from a PLA polyester, which is a tougher type of plastic than you'd normally find -- and, while it may not be able to hack through steel, for the odd bit of milling it's pretty effective. As it's printed, the cells bond to create living tissue which is then coated with silver nano particles that allow the ear to pick up signals. Using a measurement tool called an optical comparator, they've managed to copy the brick's dimensions down to three microns -- meaning you'll never be one brick short of a house ever again. So a couple of bright sparks at Yeggi have come up with some plans that print out replacements whenever anemometers are damaged, so you can record wind come rain or shine. You can attach it to any device you wish and go wandering around in places you're not supposed to be. Some time later, Kyle had a fully operational dishwasher -- his friend had designed the part to sit more snugly so it's less likely to break in future -- proving that DIY isn't just for men who like power tools.
But Lee Cronin, a professor at Glasgow University, is working on a way that will eventually allow us to upload our genome to a printer, which would then configure and print out medicine that is designed specifically for us. He hopes in a few years to have a device that can be deployed on battlefields to help treat soldiers on the spot. There's a tiny bit of circuitry knowledge involved, but for anyone who has already got a 3D printer, we imagine this is a knowledge they'll already have.
But as printing technology develops, and material hardens, this may be the future of security. But it took vinyl a lot longer to reach the quality that it's at now, so we're quietly hopeful of a record revolution. In comes 3D printing to produce a 1:3 scale version that could be crashed, burned and filed with bullet holes.
The engineers grow stem cells from the animal of choice, before loading it into a bio-cartridge that, in a similar way to how a regular ink cartridge works, lays down live cells on to pre-made template, which then allows the cells to fuse together and create muscle.
The material, Nylon 12 -- and the origin of the bikini's name -- is completely waterproof, and, we're told, gets more comfortable to wear the wetter it gets.
The joints expand and contract according to the demands of the body -- and was put on fine display when Dita Von Teese wore the gown earlier this year. Don't worry if you don't have your design hat on that day -- they have plenty of templates for you to work from. These small, lightweight cable wraps keep ear buds, charging and USB cables neatly organized. Traditionally made from bamboo, this particular version is a tad more manly, thanks to its bronzed look and dragon wrapped around one end.
We advise against modifying the weapon to take a bigger cartridge, as, to Wilson's chagrin, it tends to make the thing explode. Included are the titles, "I Love You, Stinky Face," "You are my Sunshine," and " HTML for Babies ." She believes the earlier girls are introduced to STEM fields, the better the chance they might pursue careers in them.
While no attempt has been made to attach one of these to anyone, we can't imagine it's too far off. Researchers at Maastricht University is hoping to unveil a printed hamburger later this year. Continuum believe that in future, ladies could walk into a fashion store, have their body mapped by cameras and then have a perfectly tailored bikini printed, just for them. The software engineer is on a mission - to get more girls interested in science, engineering, technology and math (STEM).

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