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Almost all people in modern day society are active on social media, whether that means Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or many other sites. Irina Shayk is active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and her total of 8.4 million followers on the three sites is a tribute to her great looks and entertaining profiles. Alana Blanchard has over one million followers on both Instagram and Twitter,and she posts plenty of pictures from her personal life, surfing escapades and modeling career on the two sites. Following Kim Kardashian requires one to look at constant selfies and other pictures showing off her self indulgence, which could otherwise be known as what she does on television. Gabrielle Union has recently married Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade, and her social media profiles make sure to post plenty of pictures of the two, and the many great places they go for vacation and work.
Gisele Bundchen gives fans on an in-depth look at her life, children and general personality through an informative and entertaining set of social media profiles. Emily Ratajkowski is one of the top up and coming supermodels in the world today, and her social media account will make it plainly obvious why this is. Vanessa Hudgens is active on nearly every social media site known to man, but it is perhaps her Tumblr account that gives fans the most authentic account of what she thinks and does on an everyday basis. Olivia Wilde is actually wildly entertaining on Twitter and Instagram, as she posts pictures of everything from her newborn child to political causes that she cares about.
Lena Gercke is quite possibly the most attractive German woman today, and her social media accounts serve as a testament to this, and her modeling career in general. Izabel Goulart is a former Victoria's Secret Angel, and her social media profiles seem to be a living testament to her ongoing modeling career.

Kate Upton is arguably the most attractive woman in the world, and anyone who follows her on social media will be inundated with pictures of her day-to-day travels that make her attractiveness plainly obvious.
Jessica Biel's social media profiles consist of pictures of her dog, Justin Timberlake, and many items of fashion, and it is not surprising that she has over 300,000 followers on both Instagram and Twitter.
Katy Perry is one of the most interesting female musicians in the world today, and her accounts on social media reflect this. Alex Morgan is absolutely the best female soccer player to follow on social media, as nobody can dispute that she is absolutely gorgeous, and she posts frequent pictures of her daily habits.
Being a model and MMA fighter may not seem to go together, but Ronda Rousey pulls off being a professional in both avenues successfully, and she represents both of these dies of her on social media. Mila Kunis does not have a huge profile on social media, but the majority of posts she appears in are of her and husband Ashton Kutcher.
The queen of pop music is an absolute hit on social media, as she boasts more than 48 million followers on Twitter, and over 15 million followers on both Facebook and Instagram. Rihanna constantly leaves fans wondering what is coming next when she comes on stage or releases a new album, and her social media profiles continues with this tendency of interesting unpredictability. Everybody knows that Miley Cyrus is like a living circus, and anyone active on social media would be wild not to join the ride by following her on either Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Beyonce's presence on social media looks like something out of a movie, as her pictures of herself, husband Jay-z and their daughter show off a life full of glamor and constant traveling. Oracle’s Larry Ellison Announces A Brewing Revolution In Cloud ComputingNovember 4, 2015 by Michael PeckerarWorking in the cloud is the future.

Miley Cyrus and her peers can wear all the crop tops and hot pants they want to make us appreciate their toned physique, but they too will come to learn that beauty doesn't necessarily mean less is more.
Many female celebrities are also active on these sites, and these are the hottest female celebrities that you must follow on social media. Take a look at our slideshow of famous film and television actresses who are over the age of 50, starting with 50-year-old birthday girl Robin Wright. New to the trend is Instagram, a photo-sharing iPhone app that turns any and every user into a dope photographer. Read More16 Cell Phone Inventions You Need In Your Life ImmediatelyFebruary 1, 2016 by Kathryn RostanYou won't believe that you've been living without these gadgets for so long. Popular for its eye-catching photo effects and instant sharing capabilities, Instagram has become the social outlet of choice for young stars, primarily the 25 and under crowd.
In fact, we discovered 25 eye-popping biddies that have kept the mobile app in heavy rotation on every guy’s iPhone 4 and 4S. Whether these PYTs are capturing their meal or striking a sexy pose for the 8MP lens, the fans are following to catch a glimpse at all they have to offer.

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