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OK, it’s Thursday, and we could all use a little break from the grind that can be the work week for many. A little more on Bibbi Jones, the porn starlet recently linked to a number of pro athletes including New England Patriot Ron Gornkowski and Atalanta Braves Dan Uggla. Seems Jones just can’t keep her mouth closed when comes to gushing online, on the radio – and anywhere else – that she has slept with a number of pros of late. I had no idea that the LFL (Lingerie Football League) Tampa Bay Breeze and Cleveland Crush had such a hate-on for eachother. Also, it seems Asian women in particular have taken to showing serious support for World Cup teams.

This entry was posted in Gif and tagged big boobs, boobs, bounce, car, Hot, jiggle, jugs, nip slip, real boobs, sexy, tits, wiggle. But things got MEOW crazy at last week’s game when Lil Wayne style fight broke out between Julie Rolfe of Tampa and Tamar Fennell of the Crush.
I’m a big supporter of athletes and female athletes in particular, but women who support athletes, be they men or women also gain my support too.
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