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Besides that I really love to cook and want to create a great place surrounded with love that will be our home.
May be it’s silly to try destiny in such place, but I believe that if we really want to reach something, we have to try destiny in all ways, and to fight for the smile of fortune! I do not need the most beautiful, the richest, most powerful and intelligent … I just need real and simple man.
People lose each other not because their relationship is bad or far from being perfect, but because they don’t do enough, they don’t try their best to save what they have and never solve their problems together.
Maybe you right now you are looking at your future wife, so don’t hesitate to contact me now!

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Thanks to its mild winters and moderate summers, Sevastopol is a popular holiday destination.
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The city boasts many beautiful beaches and attractions, including Chersonesus Taurica, Cape Phiolent, The Panorama Museum, St. The Ukrainian Naval Forces and Russia’s Black Sea Fleet operate within the city, while Sevastopol is also a center for shipbuilding and marine biology research, particularly research focusing on dolphins.

In fact, the coastal community was once the site of a secret naval program designed to train marine animals to perform underwater missions.

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