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Tips to improve your digestive healthBy Wellness MedimanageIf you suffer from digestive problems, do not feel shy to share your concern as you are not alone. Some people may require medication or other conventional medical interventions to treat digestive problems.
Making simple lifestyle changes can boost your digestive system and improve digestive health. It is important to eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly to improve your digestive system.
Studies suggest that eating smaller meals at regular intervals help in improving digestive health. Dehydration also hinders digestion hence body should be kept hydrated always with moderate intake of fluids. Shamika Kulkarni explains, “Adequate fiber in the diet helps in preventing constipation and keeps the system healthy and it helps in smooth movement of the food through the system and helps easy bowel movement thus preventing constipation.
Whole grains, pulses, vegetables, raw salads, and fruits with the skin help in contributing to meet the daily fiber needs. It has been seen that in the modern times most urban Indians share a common problem – poor digestion.

Team Medimanage provides simple tips to improve your digestive system and provide you the benefits expected from the food.
You should never eat in a hurry or gulp your food as digestion of food starts in your mouth with saliva and enzymes. Eating larger meals can stretch and bloat your stomach which causes enormous stress on your digestive system. Renowned Nutritionist Shamika Kulkarni says, “Water helps in easy passage of food through the stomach and intestines. Include nuts, whole grains, vegetables like capsicum, carrots and bean and fruits with skin wherever possible.
You will hear people complaining of different digestive problems like flatulence, bloating, constipation, indigestion, belching, heartburn, diarrhea etc. The main reason why most individuals suffer from digestive problems is because most individuals eat to satisfy their taste buds without thinking about how it will affect the digestive system.
It helps in proper mixing of digestive juices with food and thus helps in effective digestion as well as absorption of nutrients. Studies suggest that a minimum of 25 to 30 gms of fiber per day will keep you away from digestive problems.

It allows easy flushing of toxic wastes from the body and decreases the possibility of constipation. Second, one should NOT drink water while eating as a habit, just because the food was dry or hard.
Hence water in the form of soups, juices or even as plain water is important for effective working of digestive system. Only if the food is too spicy or one starts getting hiccup a little water should be taken for the moment. Last, one should find for oneself, as to what food item works for one and what does not; because, for example, there are people who have no tolerance to milk products.

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