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Legend has it that millennials are wedded to their devices, and that the reason they use so much vocal fry is possibly that their voices are rusty from underuse. I am not sure I buy either of those glosses, though perhaps I am in denial about my vanishingly small chances of ever connecting to others in an authentic way. The survey also discovered that, while 77 percent of respondents believe ardently in flexible office schedules, they’ve picked up some workaholic habits. Finally, 66 percent of millennials told researchers that employers should limit social media use to make employees more productive, and they are 100 percent correct. In a relationship, you should be ready to do things you don’t really enjoy or prefer because you love your partner. That’s a tough one for guys because when we discuss things, we usually talk about them to find a solution and move on, right? Good communication is essential for a happy relationship, it creates a connection, don’t bury your emotions in the name of love or to please her. Her friends are loud, shallow & their high pitched voice irritates you, I feel you bro, however your girl wants to introduce you to them, she likes you enough to show you off to her friends. She doesn’t care if she was right or wrong, always take her side even if she’s wrong!

Said the 30 something year old who cheats on his wife with 18 or 19 year olds, if you know so much you wouldnt be that, pedo. Identity is a monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine bringing you the latest and hottest trends in Egypt and worldwide! I just think most human people prefer interacting face-to-face when they have the ability to do so. Girls like talking on the phone, well most of them, so ditch texting and be ready for a reallllllllly long phone call after your reallllllllly long day at work pretty much discussing nothing.
Well, that’s not the case with girls, they just want to let it all out and they want you to be a good listener, so just nod along and be patient no matter how ridiculous it seems and no matter how you really want to scream a solution out! You can do that for some time, however eventually, you will tell her how you really feel, it’s only natural. No girl wants to be with a guy who disrespects his parents and talks shit about his dad or mom. The PreparedU Project, a research group started by Bentley University, has unscrolled the results of its latest survey, a trawling of responses from 1,031 American millennials between the ages of 18 and 34.
So if you don’t like vocal fry, help fight sexism!) In this survey, however, 51 percent of respondents said they preferred talking to their colleagues in person, rather than texting (14 percent), emailing (19 percent), or Gchatting (7 percent).

On the other hand, 56 percent of men reported they are happiest speaking to a colleague in person, versus only 48 percent of women, so perhaps some combination of shyness, writing skill, and perfectionism with regard to the communiqué factors in, too. This eternally-on dynamic perhaps owes more to the temptations of mobile technology than to Spartan discipline, the researchers suggest.
Just try to use positive words, avoid extreme criticism, defensiveness and try to consider things from her point of view.
Noting that this demographic will make up almost 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025, researchers wanted to peer inside the millennial brain as it bobs around the office atop skinny jeans, bright sneakers, and a Fair Trade USA sweatshirt. Of course, workplace interactions are often more formal than social ones—not to mention that millennials frequently work with non-millennials for whom texting is less natural. Because later in the survey, millennials themselves reported that the steepest challenge facing their generation as they embark on their careers is a poor work ethic.

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