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The speed with which hea€™s become a global phenomenon may be startling, but therea€™s nothing of the boy racer about Ed Sheeran.The Range Rover he bought recently was a gift for his manager (a€?I can give good presents nowa€™).
Specs appeal: Ed's parents banned TV while he was being brought up, and he still doesn't know how to use a PlaystationHe opens his laptop and does a tally.
The young popstar can count Elton John as his mentor - though the music veteran always rings off of a private number, though someone texts ahead to say "Reg is calling"You can see why people warm to Sheeran. As well as writing his own music, Ed often writes for others - most famously Taylor Swift, One Direction and Christina Aguilera - though he says he has recorded another 87 songs that nobody knows abouta€?Of course I want kids. So what does he drive, I ask, assuming that since hea€™s a multi-millionaire at the ludicrous age of 23, ita€™s going to be something fast?a€?I still cana€™t drive,a€™ he says.
On our tour bus everyonea€™s playing Fifa, and I kind of wish I could play it, but I have no clue what to do.
At one point, the publicist says shea€™ll send me a copy of his new book (Ia€™ve read it in on a computer) and he says: a€?She can take my copy. I thought Ia€™d have a career in England, and ita€™s quite simple to maintain that and home life. Hundreds.a€™As well as being so prolific, Sheeran may be the best connected 20-something ever. Therea€™s no point paying postage and packaginga€™.His book (a€?Ita€™s not an auto-biography.
You tour for a month, then you make an album.a€?I thought, a€?I can have kids early, I can get married earlya€?.

Elton John is a mentor (he is signed by Eltona€™s management company).a€?Ita€™s always an unknown number when he calls, which Ia€™m wary about answering. Theya€™re for people like Mick Jagger, people who have really liveda€™) is a lovely, clever account of his journey to date, sweetly illustrated with drawings by a childhood friend.What a story it is. But now wea€™re touring in Asia and South America and selling out gigs in Poland and Manila. At one point, he slept on the streets outside Buckingham Palace a€” inspiring his song Homeless.a€?I wasna€™t really homeless. Paul McCartney watches Hollyoaksa€?.a€™Days before we meet, he had breakfast with Van Morrison, who called when he was gigging in Dublin and a€?invited me for a pot of teaa€™. But yeah, I would gig at night and, if I didna€™t have a sofa to crash on Ia€™d sleep on the Circle Line all day. Then Ia€™d gig the following night, and do it all again.a€™Therea€™s no hint that hea€™s let success change him.
I was told to avoid questions about his private life, but he doesna€™t seem remotely bothered.A  Paul McCartney told me he heard my stuff on Hollyoaks.
How does a Yorkshire-born, Suffolk-raised kid who never watched TV come to be friends with a Hollywood actress?He tells it as if such things happen every day.
The hit Dona€™t was first thought to refer to Taylor Swift, although he denies they were ever in a relationship, and is now widely thought to refer to a fling with Ellie Goulding.It details the discovery that shea€™d two-timed him (with Niall from One Direction, no less), although hea€™s never confirmed this.
He dances around it today.People jumped to that conclusion because I put the line a€?we make money in the same waya€? in, but whoa€™s to say that wasna€™t about my property investment?

It could have been about a property developer from Slough.a€™Whoever ita€™s about, it was an incredibly public way of hitting back at someone.
Shea€™s going to have a spare room, isna€™t she?a€™A So was born a lasting friendship a€” and he later returned to stay for a few months when he was recording in the U.S. Has he ever regretted being so open?a€?I think if it hadna€™t been a hit I would have done. Ita€™s just two people who fell in love and I hope theya€™re really happy.a€™When Cox met her future in-laws in Northern Ireland, Ed went, too.
When it happens, you think a€?Wicked, Ia€™ve finally got inspirationa€?.a€™Even if your heart is in bits? She thought it was a farmera€™s market.a€™Ed does a great job of selling his showbiz pals as down-to-earth. I probably wrote 40 songs about that.A 'I havena€™t used them because they were a bit too dark. Ia€™d only ever experienced the darker side of Hollywood and they give you faith in everything.a€™So what was his problem with Hollywood before that? I like my songs to have a bit of musicality!a€™Hea€™s happy with his girlfriend Athina Andrelos, 25, who works for chef Jamie Oliver, and oddly, for someone who embraces all things itinerant, he does want to settle down.

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