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Ok, so pop culture has taught me many things about Valentine’s Day, like that true love can only be proven with a last minute dash through Departures, but the most important is definitely that Valentine’s Day makes solitary people sad. Luckily, forlorn loners (forloners?) can now engage in genuinely fulfilling virtual relationships through the awesome power of technology.
No, I don’t mean those strange websites on which you spend three hours creating an avatar of Edward Cullen’s head atop a body clad only in nipple pasties and a leather thong, only to find out you’ve signed up for an urban planning sim. Forthwith, here are the top five Valentine’s Day appropriate relationship building simulations video games as recommended by Culch. Even though your life may be hectic (or frequently threatened), you’ve gotta feed the loins.
Assassins, gladiators and gangsters are all well and good, but some Culch-humping singletons may prefer the comforting tedium of knowing their virtual lovers will remain in the place their pixel-pushing otherselves left them. For some of us, the tender support provided to your hardworking hero by in-game courtship isn’t enough. Lisa McInerney That cranky young wan from award-winning blog, Arse End Of Ireland, Lisa’s also noted for her dedication to cobbling together unrelated imprecations to make new and bemusing insults, mostly because she’s not eloquent enough to otherwise explain her deep-seated terror of genre fiction and Fianna Fail. What about locking your Sim into a room, removing all doors and windows, and watching them go insane with lust and love, eventually pining away, poor things. Fable 3 may be the laziest game I have ever played but I tell you this – seduction in Fable 3 is no easy task at all.
There are fourteen "random characters" in total, and they each become available at different stages during the storyline. The first encounter with Brian is unlocked after the mission "It's Your Call." Meet Brian at Iroquois Avenue, next to Roman's cab depot in Broker. The second encounter with Brian begins at Crockett Avenue in Hove Beach, near the first safehouse in Broker.
The third (and final) encounter with Brian becomes available one week after the previous encounter.
The meeting (which takes place at the corner of Montauk Avenue and Sundance Street) doesn't go well, and the three dealers begin shooting. Ileyna's encounter becomes available after completing Manny's mission "The Puerto Rican Connection." She can be found standing on the boardwalk at Firefly Island in Broker. Hossan used to be Niko's shipmate, you may recognize him from the opening cutscene of the game. For the mission, Hossan wants you to go with him and collect some cash that is owed to him. Meet Sara on Garnet Street (at night) after completing Manny's mission "The Puerto Rican Connection." Sara recently got divorced, and she's lacking self-confidence.
The second encounter with Sara takes place at Pier 45 under the Broker Bridge in Algonquin. The second encounter with Pathos takes place very close to where the first encounter happened. After the cutscene, kill the attackers (shown as red blips on the radar) and then find a car and get Pathos to hospital.
The first encounter wth Jeff is unlocked after Playboy X's mission "Photo Shoot." Jeff can be found on the sidewalk at Bismarck Avenue, Algonquin, mumbling a load of nonsense about his wife. After the cutscene, get in a vehicle with Cherise, and take her a few blocks north to Frankfort Avenue where the boyfriend is situated. Ivan appears on Farnsworth Road (in Alderney) after completing the mission "Three Leaf Clover," but only if you chose to spare his life during Vlad's mission "Ivan the Not So Terrible." During the cutscene, Ivan claims to be doing pretty well for himself since your last encounter.
The encounter with Clarence takes place at the projects on Vauxite Street (at night) after completing the mission "Holland Nights." You may remember that, during that mission, Francis McReary ordered you to kill Clarence, so he will only appear if you chose to spare his life. When you spared Clarence's life, he seemed fortunate and grateful that he had been given a second chance. The first chapter of Grand Theft Auto IV begins in Broker, Liberty City, where you take missions from Roman Bellic, Little Jacob and a group of hardcore Eastern European characters. Once you have control of Niko, drive back to the "mansion" on Mohawk Avenue, Hove Beach, and stop in the yellow marker to trigger the cutscene. After the cutscene, various instructions are given on how to save the game and how to store cars at the safehouse. Before going into the store, Roman leaves you with his old cellphone and asks you to call him if any Albanians show up in a beige Willard. The Albanians you met in the previous mission have arrived at the cab depot to roughen up Roman. During the drive to the depot, Niko tells Roman about a similar problem he had when he was in Europe - a man called Bulgarin believed he owed him money when he didn't, and he was always trying to "squeeze it out of him." Niko says Bulgarin is one of the main reasons he moved to Liberty City - he wants revenge. In the cutscene, Niko suggests going to the carnival, but the carnival is currently closed because they're turning it into "some Las Venturas-style theme park." Go bowling instead, and play a 5 frame game with Michelle. Once the game is over, get in Michelle's car and take her back to her apartment on Rotterdam Hill, to complete the mission.
Once the stars are gone, take Jermaine to Gibson Street, where you'll be shown how to use the Pay 'n' Spray feature. Go around the corner and pick up a brick (which is represented by a green blip on the radar) which you can then use to throw through the shop window, to indicate that you mean business. Since the car is dirty, you need to take it to the car wash on Tutelo Avenue, before taking it to the lockup on Tulsa Street. If you aren't familiar with how the combat system works, pay close attention to the instructions on-screen during the mission.
At the bar, Niko warns Vlad once again that he should stay away from Mallorie, but Vlad doesn't care. On the route to South Bohan, slow down at the toll on Charge Island to avoid attracting police attention. Faustin is angry because his daughter has turned into "an ungrateful bitch." He wants Niko to go and meet her on Firefly Island, and kill her boyfriend if he is there.
If the biker manages to meet up with his buddies, go for the biker first and make sure he doesn't escape, then focus on his buddies. Roman introduces you to Brucie, an eccentric character who is obsessed with physical appearance.
Faustin isn't home right now, so his wife Ileyna invites Niko inside until Mikhail gets back. The truck is situated at an old factory in Schottler on Montauk Avenue, so go and pick it up. Dimitri believes that he and Faustin are in big trouble because Niko killed Petrovic's son (in the mission "No Love Lost"). Once the guards have been taken out, go through the double doors where three more of Faustin's men are waiting for you.
Any third party products, brands or trademarks listed above are the sole property of their respective owner.No affiliation or endorsement is intended or implied. Neither does it mean getting emotionally involved in predestined romantic entanglements (from the innate squee!
Yes, the fifth Elder Scrolls instalment seeks to balance epic badassery with domestic mundanity, allowing your Dovahkiin to woo and win a selection of eligible flahbags from every corner of Skyrim (so long as they’re not Khajiit or Bosmer; Skyrim has race issues).
Fallout: New Vegas is set in a post-apocalyptic society where fun activities such as negotiating with militant Elvis impersonators are balanced by the constant threat of irradiation and being torn apart by vicious bipedal lizards. What’s the point in engaging in extended courtship rituals when your in-game lover might be whisked off by marauders or dragons at any moment?
Marriage is fine and dandy for those simply seeking commitment, but what about procreation?
In 2006, The Irish Times called her “… the most talented writer at work in Ireland today”, and her mam still can’t understand why this is better than being the new Marian Keyes.
I would have included Fable 2 over 3 if it wasn’t for the fact that in 2, essentially everyone is in love with you.
These characters are represented by the green male and female icons on the radar, and approaching them will trigger a cutscene.
There is no action involved in this first encounter, it simply serves as an introduction to the random characters, so all you have to do is watch the cutscene. Brian has developed an unhealthy drug addiction since your previous encounter, and he wants you do him a favour by taking him to Masterson Street where he can collect "the biggest rock in the world." Afterwards, take Brian to his apartment in Wappinger to conclude the mission. Niko warns him to stay away from Anna Faustin, but the boyfriend is quick to reject his advice. He is similar to Niko in the sense that he moved to Liberty City in search of the "American dream." Complete Manny's mission "The Puerto Rican Connection" to unlock Hossan's encounter, and then meet him on the sidewalk at Garnet Street in Algonquin, where he now has a job selling counterfeit handbags. The man refuses to give Hossan his back pay, and delivers a Glasgow kiss before speeding off in a car.
She wants to know if she has still "got it." During the cutscene, Sara requests a ride home from Niko, so find a vehicle and take her to her apartment in Varsity Heights. During the cutscene, Sara doesn't recall your previous encounter, and asks you to do her a favour by collecting a package from Perseus (off Pyrite Street and Bismarck) for a fashion shoot later on.
The shop assistant is waiting in the back of the shop with Sara's package, but there's been a slight misunderstanding - the package hasn't been paid for yet, so the assistant is demanding $500.
Pathos is a struggling rapper, and you can find him selling CDs to pedestrians at Star Junction in Algonquin.

Pathos is still struggling with his career, but reveals he has a new CD out called "Pathos - From Suffering and Back Again." During the cutscene, some hecklers arrive, who apparently aren't too impressed with his music (much like in the first encounter). Jeff's wife is cheating on him, and he wants you to follow her and get pictures of her with her new lover. Don't spook them or they will know they are being followed, so stay at least two car lengths behind them at all times. He calls soon after the first encounter and tells you to go there, and the mission begins as soon as the call is made. If you are spotted by cops at any point during the journey, a one-star wanted level is gained, and you must get rid of it before proceeding any further with the mission.
She wants to turn her life around and go home to see her family, so drop her off at the train station in Easton and say goodbye. The second encounter begins in an alleyway at Cockerell Avenue, Alderney, and once again, Eddie is there between the hours of 10pm and 4am. One of the gangsters is situated on the balcony, several are situated near the garage, and some are situated around the back. This is your first safehouse, and you can save the game here at any time providing you aren't in the middle of a mission.
Roman escapes through the back door of the hardware store, but the loan sharks soon become aware of his presence. Before the cutscene begins, a "relationship tutorial" is given, which shows how different friends and girlfriends have different likes and dislikes, and each friend will offer a different reward for maintaining a good relationship. While Roman is away, Vlad tries to persuade Mallorie to leave Roman and go with him instead.
Make sure you are throwing at the window and not at the door, because the door will not break! Vlad says that after the last incident at the china shop, somebody else is refusing to pay protection money. Steal the silver Blista Compact at the destination, and make a getaway before the two people can stop you. Drive Jimmy's car into the garage to complete the mission, and then call Vlad to inform him of the situation. Vlad set this up so that Niko can kill Ivan (because he has angered Mikhail, Vlad's boss) and say that the death was due to a failed robbery. Once all the enemies are dead, take Little Jacob back to the Homebrew Cafe and stop in the yellow marker to complete the mission.
If you maintain a good relationship with Jacob, eventually he'll offer you discounted guns.
Kill Vlad's guards (two of them) and then follow him through the back door of the Comrades bar. Niko tells Roman he's going to "finish it", but once again Roman is reluctant and begs him not to do anything (where would the fun be in that though?).
He explains that when he was in the army, they were on a mission to kill a squad that had been killing innocent people, but it was never done because someone betrayed the group. An attacker hits Niko over the back of the head with a gun, and the two cousins are kidnapped and taken to "the boss".
He's angry because Dimitri treats him like a little child, and he's determined to do everything his own way. Some guy has been making porno in his basement and he didn't pay Mikhail his cut, so Mikhail wants him dead.
Then target the guy in the middle, and custom aim to shoot him in the leg after he has spoken. The police have been authorized to tap their phones, and they know about the pot they stole because "too much noise has been made." Faustin thinks there is a rat, and he believes it is Lenny, Dimitri's cousin's boyfriend. Kill Lenny's partner and then cross the tracks, being careful to dodge the trains on either side.
Try to get as many shots in as possible and kill him before he's able to meet up with his biker buddies, otherwise the mission will become a whole lot harder. Some people are selling weed where they aren't supposed to be selling weed, and they aren't giving Badman his cut.
He's going to email you the names of all the cars that he needs, and you're going to get them for him. Ileyna tells Niko that things didn't used to be the same, and that there was once a time when she and Mikhail were "happy together." Niko then tells her about his own troubles in life, and that he did some "bad things" during the war.
Once you get inside, Niko will call Faustin, who reveals that the truck is filled with explosives. Park inside the garage and trigger the bomb, and then watch the spectacular explosion which follows.
Dimitri now has a dilemna - he can either kill his best friend (in order to make peace with Petrovic) or die. Faustin becomes aware that Dimitri has betrayed him, but he doesn't want to go down without a fight.
A two-star wanted level is gained, and you need to evade the cops and get Jacob back to the Homebrew cafe. Skyrim spouses are empowered sorts, running booming retail businesses while the Dovahkiin is out plundering tombs and such, and also offer the benefits of home-cooked meals and a rejuvenating bonus called “Lover’s Comfort” after you share the marital bed. Sexual release is an icky kind of comfort in such a cruel world, and there isn’t much room for honour or love (my Courier had his cherry popped by a sexbot called Fisto). GTA IV is all about providing romantic comfort to your hardworkin’ villain, so the opportunity is provided for Niko to wind down of an evening with a selection of interesting female counterparts.
Should this kind of prudish prudence define your gaming style, perhaps something which combines romantic effort with the honest admission that you have nothing better to do?
These characters are mostly minor characters that featured briefly during some missions, but who didn't have a huge part to play in the story. In the cutscene, Brian reveals that he has entered a rehabilitation program, and "step nine" of the program involves making amends with those he has harmed. You may remember that Mel made a very brief (drunken) appearance during Vlad's mission "Bull in a China Shop.".
When you arrive, Sara's ex-husband is waiting on the doorstep of the apartment, and Sara hopes that the image of her and Niko together will make him jealous. When they reach the Superstar Cafe in Lancaster, go inside and head upstairs to where they are sitting.
Jeff's jealousy appears to have gotten the better of him - his wife is dead, in the back of his truck, with 50 "accidental" stab wounds. Drive the car at full speed towards the water, and bail out at the last second to get rid of it.
If you beat him up but let him live, Cherise's reaction will be positive and thankful, but if you kill him she won't be happy.
During the cutscene, Marnie begs for drugs or money, and she eventually persuades Niko to give her a ride to a dealer in Alderney City.
Eddie has a bag with some heavy contents inside, and during the cutscene he manages to persuade Niko to give him a lift so he can drop it off at the docks. Eddie's behaviour is becoming increasingly worrying, and during the cutscene he turns on Niko, attacking him with a knife. There are five gangsters in total - three are down the alleyway and two are situated on the rooftop. Kill all of them to complete the mission, and be sure to collect any cash or ammo lying on the ground.
Roman has to leave after a quick chat with Niko, but invites him to meet him later at the taxi depot. In the first few missions of the game, pay close attention to the instructions on the screen which tell you how to control Niko and operate basic functions with the cellphone. After the cutscene, drive Roman to the hardware store on Dillon Street, where Roman is going to try and win some money. Your task is simple - lose the loan sharks and take Roman back to the cab depot to complete the mission.
Mallorie introduces you to Michelle, and recommends that the two of you get together some time.
Afterwards, Niko calls Roman to tell him about his date, and asks for some advice on clothes.
When you arrive, a short cutscene will take place, and afterwards you need to beat up Bledar and Kalem.
Eventually, he will abandon his car at the Twitchins Sugar Factory near the bridge at Charge Island, so you have to follow him up the stairs and into the factory. Niko and Roman arrive, and Roman reveals that he still doesn't have the money he owes to Vlad.
He wants Niko to go to the shop on Camden Avenue, and scare the old man into paying his debts. This time it's a guy at a laundromat on Masterson street, so Vlad wants Niko to do the same thing again and scare him into paying the cash.
Vlad snorts some coke (given to him by someone called Mikhail) before going on to describe the details of your mission.

Two new characters, Andrei and Dimitri, torture Roman and Niko in Mikhail Faustin's basement, in order to get them to talk. Niko calls Dimitri for further instructions - there are three vans in the area, and you need to find them and pull them over before they reach their destinations. Dimitri is going to ignore Faustin's demands and simply give the guy a scare so they can benefit from the profits of the films.
Josepth then agrees to pay Faustin his cut, and gives some cash to Dimitri to give to Mikhail. It would be worth investing in armour and some decent weapons before the mission starts, just incase you aren't able to kill him quick enough.
If you spook the dealer he will begin running, so keep following him into the apartment block, but don't kill him!
Dimitri wants you to go to Faustin's club (where Faustin will be arriving shortly) and kill him. He says that many years ago, when Niko was smuggling people into Italy, he left a good friend (Mr.
Some patience is required, because there are a lot of men to kill and it takes a bit of time. This means getting the virtual hots for a virtual person, spending virtual hours virtually wooing them, and finally virtually consummating your virtual union. However, should your Courier feel the need for something a little more long-term, he or she can command the attention of a beautiful, violent hippy (yes, I know) called Red Lucy, who runs a gladiatorial arena pitching ferocious creatures against the impoverished and foolhardy.
But first, he must charm the literal pants off them, and just like real life, this involves dressing for the occasion, flaunting his economic prospects, and choosing appropriate locales for pitching woo. Once your Sim’s basic and professional needs have been taken care of, you’ve either got ahead of you many worthy hours of self-improvement – piano lessons, landscape painting – or a breakneck rush towards getting your virtual self laid. Completing all of the random character encounters contributes 5% towards 100% completion of the game.
Get in a car after the cutscene, and take Badman to the alleyway off Carrollton Street where the Russians are holding a deal. Mel appears to have cleaned up his act since then, and he wants you to take him to a meeting in South Slopes to act as his protection while he pays some debts.
She believes her daughter's boyfriend is ruining her life by "trying to turn her into a stripper," and would like for him to be dealt with. Faustin, since she specifically requested "no more killing!" during the cutscene) or beat him up a little and spare his life. Retrieve his money, and take him to the alleyway off Feldspar Street to complete the mission.
The husband requests a fight, and you can deal with him in any way you like - kill him with fists, kill him with guns or simply ignore him and walk away. After the cutscene, go across to the alleyway and eliminate the hecklers (who are represented as red blips on the radar) but be careful not to hurt Pathos.
Find a vehicle after the cutscene, and take Marnie to the dealer's place in Alderney City, on the other side of the Booth Tunnel. When Roman arrives at the docks to greet his cousin, he's too drunk to drive, so Niko must take the wheel. Approximately a minute later, the Albanians show up and park their car on the pavement opposite the hardware store. He tells Vlad what Niko did to the Albanians, and Vlad says that as long as Roman doesn't pay, he will need to do some favours for him. Drive out of the alley and lose your wanted level, paying close attention to the flashing circles on the radar. Use the ladders to chase him through the construction site, and then jump across the rooftops until he reaches a dead end. Roman is reluctant to do anything, because he doesn't want to get himself into any more trouble than he already is. If you let him get away, the mission is failed, so stay close to him and be sure to take the same route that he does. There are three more drug dealers inside, so try to kill as many as you can through the window before moving inside the house.
One of these vans has the TVs that Faustin wants, and you need to find out which one it is. Try to get a few shots in at his tires if possible, then steal a car and begin chasing him.
Faustin wants Niko to find a truck owned by the guy who owes money to him, and then call him once he's got it. Be sure to have plenty of weapons (a shotgun would be useful) before starting this mission.
There is no more need for singletons to shrivel (emotionally and… erm, genitally) on Valentine’s Day. Red Lucy is one seductive mama, but she requires serious courtship, specifically, a collection of specimens for her terrifying bestiary. Such delicate social choreography will eventually result in Niko’s getting the ride, although, because this is the 21st century, he may end up reading about it in his conquest’s blog the next day. Be prepared to engage in long, tedious conversations, verbal backtracking, and blatant flattery… and all of this just so your blob of pixels can lock lips with another blob of pixels who has tragically picked up the human traits of snobbery, insolence and extreme touchiness. There are five or six dealers in total, and each of them is represented by a red blip on the radar. Sara gives you a $500 reward, and she also reimburses you for the package, making it $1000 in total. You need to stay outside of the circles for a few seconds without being seen by the cops in order to evade the wanted level. Kill the three enemies (which are represented by red blips on the radar) and then kill the shootist on the roof to your left. Faustin comes down and shoots Andrei unexpectedly, and then shoots Roman in the stomach in order to keep him quiet. Bulgarin's men surround Niko, and you need to take them out and then escape from the warehouse. You can now know the graft, exertion and drudgery of sustaining an adult relationship from the seclusion of your own seclusion. If you manage to accumulate an entire zoo of nasties for her, she swoons at your prowess and becomes available for lingerie pillow fights from there on in.
This makes GTA IV a game that combines the excitement of simulating a criminal lifestyle with the character-building mortification of public relationship feedback. If you feel repressed by the skin-deep sexuality of our previous four examples, then Fable 3 is the game to get you going this Valentine’s Day. Take out the dealers and protect Brian, and then drive him back to his apartment to finish the mission. Some of them are on the upper level of the warehouse, and these targets have arrows on their blips pointing upwards. The implication is instantaneous married bliss, but even in perpetually-horny Skyrim the path of true love doesn’t always run smoothly. It’s a non-essential slog that might easily get your Courier killed, but it’s that slog that makes the end result so sweet. Marriage, in Fable 3, is not the slapdash commitment it is in Skyrim; convincing a prospective spouse of your eligibility takes charm, time and sturdy shoes. The only reason Faustin wanted Vlad around is because he was "fucking his sister," apparently. Once you have located the van with the TVs, pull it over and one of the drivers will start shooting. After the kill, Niko calls Dimitri, who says that the boy you killed was Kenny Petrovic's son. If one of your companions dies before you meet the right person, their corpse inexplicably turns up at the chapel and ruins the wedding. According to Dimitri, Petrovic is a dangerous man, and you could now be in very serious trouble!
And even if the happiest day of your life isn’t marred by zombie wedding guests, your choice of spouse can, just like in real life, backfire dramatically. My Dovahkiin was pleased when Muiri, a beautiful Breton he’d met when she hired him as an assassin, was responsive to his romantic advances.
Unfortunately, their wedded life has been diminished somewhat by her constantly thanking him for his successful accomplishment of the task that brought him together, which was, as it turned out, murdering her ex.
When things do go wrong, they go wrong spectacularly (my hero discovered the hard way that engaging the services of a transvestite prostitute in the local inn where his spouse happened to be drinking was not conducive to wedded bliss). The main quest of Fable 3 is so scanty, you can finish it in less than twenty hours, but most fans will continue well beyond that, and most of that will be spent trying to talk prudish noblemen out of their wigs. Ergo, you cannot feel alone on Valentine’s Day if you spend it guiding an Albion hero through love’s trials and tribulations.

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