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Powerstitch Design Studio has been providing superior embroidery digitizing services to the business for the past eight years. With 10 years of experience in the design field, the design studio brings creative people together to find the best strategies and solutions to any given project. Located within the New York City metro area in Orangeburg, NY, Brightgreen Design provides fresh, intelligent, creative solutions for both print and web — solutions which foster business growth and success. I specialize in design and production for print and digital communications with focus in brand & identity, event & promotional collateral, editorial design and packaging. Our team of graphic designers are here to help you create stunning marketing collateral and digital media!
Our strength in design comes from our focus on creating the clearest, most direct presentation of your brand and messaging as possible, whether through logos, flyers, business cards, or anything else you use to communicate with your target audience. It’s easy to find freelancers and other companies who will add style and artistry to your business and promotional materials.

Every piece of promotional material that your business uses should have a consistent look and feel, and should present the information you want your customer to receive in a way that flows naturally and easily to them—all while achieving memorability as well. It takes a special combination of experience, ongoing research on the latest trends and best practices, and a passion for beautiful, clean design, to be able to successfully identify and the create the most effective promotional materials to keep your current customers tuned in and engaged, and to attract new customers to your work. We work to create stunning design mixed with web best practices to create performance oriented websites and applications. You can have the best company name, the best sales pitch, the best information, and the best pricing out there—but if it doesn’t get communicated in a way that catches their attention, is easily digestible, feels good, and is memorable, chances are they’ll never recognize it.
At Nuzu, we’ve spent years building and honing this special combination of experience, knowledge and talent, and we’d love the chance to show you what a difference it can make for your business. Put simply, high performance design leads to high performance promotional materials that earn your business the attention you deserve. We set a higher standard for this critical aspect of marketing your product or service, and it’s a standard we believe you should hold for your business as well.

As a serious owner or manager of the business or service you offer, you’ve invested a significant amount of thought and resources into the messaging you want to communicate to clients and customers. You want your unique product, service and brand to be understood and seen in a certain, specific way. Graphic design is the key that ensures that all the time and effort you’ve put into branding and messaging actually works.

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