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In a new relationship, an old one or a very new one, if you get a short text does it mean the interest is mediocre, the person is losing interest, they are tired, bored with texting?
Well, you probably won’t really know what it means, but when you send your message with one kiss one time and ten the next and a smiley one time and not the next – what does this mean?
The truth is you are doing more than just texting this person so this is just one tiny aspect of the union. Little girl waiting for her Daddy to say good nightWho tells their daughter that their Daddy now works in the sky and arranges the clouds?
Why It Is Men and Women Who Sleep Around Are Described Differently?Why It Is Men and Women Who Sleep Around Are Described Differently? Share some sweet and romantic Goodnight messages for your special someone and loved ones tonight and make their day complete. After a long and tiring day, everyone wants something that could stole them away from the stress of the day.
As I lay my back in my pillow, I just want you to know That somewhere out there There’s someone thinking of you.

If your partner had a long day, it will be a good idea to pamper them with your sweet thoughts. Hello, I’m Annako – a travel nerd, web buff wannabe, passionate blogger next door and a coffee addict.
Author SpotlightAnnako Hello, I’m Annako – a travel nerd, web buff wannabe, passionate blogger next door and a coffee addict. When I first started this little blog about sleeping I thought that I could cover a huge variety of subjects that relating to sleeping, dreaming, waking up and living life. Is texting helping your relationship?I guess it depends on what is being text to you and what you are texting. 10 complicated sleep thoughtsThe sleep team: Sleep is quite simple in so many ways, however, very complicated also!! Below are some samples of cute goodnight messages that might help you express how you feel. Let them know that whatever happened throughout the day, you’ll stay beside them and let them know that they are loved.

But it amazed me to discover that the most popular topic would be sending and receiving goodnight texts or SMS. If the person says no then all texts are to be looked at positively unless they are obviously not!
Here are some of the sweet goodnight messages and text messages that you can send to your someone special. Feel free to browse and use these goodnight messages for someone special to let your partner feel how much you love them. Here are some goodnight messages for your boyfriend and sweet goodnight text messages for girlfriend that you can use.

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