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As I have previously blogged about, I am implementing a modified version of the Daily 5  in my classroom this year. After reading the two books (The Daily 5 and CAFE) by “The Sisters”  over the summer holidays, completing lots of online research and having many online discussions via Twitter, I am still learning!
Kathleen Morris and I constantly refer to this poster and we are supporting and coaching our students through the process of choosing books that are right for them.
Hi there, I really enjoy reading your blog and am very interested in what you are achieving with your students.
My son is a very keen reader who has been reading independently since Grade 2 and has often expressed frustration at what he sees as being dragged back to the level of his less literate classmates. The idea being that choosing a good fit book to read is like choosing a good fit pair of shoes. It takes time in the beginning but after awhile, students select more quickly & carefully!

If you can help me understand where he might fit in the Good Fit Books scheme of things I would be very grateful as it would help me to encourage him to take part. My passions in education are teaching literacy, integrating technology into the curriculum, blogging and ensuring all students achieve their personal best.
An important part of becoming a successful independent reader is being able to choose “good fit” books for yourself. I got this idea from colleague Deb de Vries, and we explicitly modelled how to choose a book using this method. They can still choose books that interest them, but we know they are able to practise their reading strategies using appropriate texts. At the moment we still have some students who are not choosing appropriate books, the main problem being that they select books that are too difficult. As his explanation wasn’t very helpful I decided to do some research and ended up here.

They particularly enjoyed watching Kathleen try to put on her two year old nephews pair of runners, clearly not a “good fit”!
Our more competent readers have boxes full of junior fiction and non-fiction books that are more challenging.
My question is: is there room within this program for children who are already independent readers? I think it would be difficult to begin this approach with students younger than Grade Two, but I know of people who are doing it in Grade One too.

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