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When it comes to online dating do men pay attention to the profile or read it or is it all about the picture? Study by dating site Zoosk reveals which types of profile pictures bring in the most messages.
It's almost Valentine's Day, so we thought we'd inject a little romance into this week's Web Faceoff, our weekly poll series where we compare web services and have them compete for your vote. Online dating is a big business — millions are made every year helping singles young and old connect through the filters that the web provides.
However, this week's faceoff pits the two biggest dating websites against one another: PlentyofFish vs. PlentyofFish is the world's largest free dating web service (although it now has a $5 "serious" option).

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Reporter: Allie is a comedy writer desperate to prove that men do look beyond the picture on dating sites. She's the real woman behind this fake profile and her friend rae ho is the profile picture is a model.
Neurological studies have been done and men's visual cortex is what lights up when they look at the woman they're, you know, hot for or in love with, so unfortunately -- but it's what you're looking for. You just want to be hot for them but if you're looking for a partner, a life partner, then i think you do care what they have to say. I think it's the best way to meet somebody because commonality is what makes a relationship work and when you meet somebody the old-fashioned way, you have no idea whether you're right for them and that's why most relationships only last three to six months.

If you knew you were right at least on paper before you knew if you had chemistry you have a much better chance.
How can we get men to get past the visual, the visual cortex and get into the profile and read and care to find out about that? The visual is always important however it's a matter of what they're looking for so be really specific and really honest about what you're looking for. If you're looking for a serious let's get married let's have children flat-out say that and then someone who is looking for that too and my favorite -- yeah, because they say, doesn't that scare him away it will scare away the people you don't want.

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