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Many discussions appeared on the Internet after the completion of the second season of «Sword art Online» television series. Critics believe the plot has already gone beyond the declared genre, thereby changing its target age audience. Officials at the moment do not publish the information about the release date of season 3, because its fate is now in question.
A-1 Pictures representatives haven’t given any comments yet, and Tomohiko Ito, the director, keeps working on the other manga adaptations. NekNoik Well there isn’t an official confirmation of SAO season 3 but I think there will be a third. User12345 You’re most certainly not the English voice actor for Klein.
Drei thats awesome this is one of the best animes of all time so i cant wait!
DragonBall SAO is number one rated anime on numerous sites and its for a good reason.

SporT3gZak I think, Season 3 of Sword Art Online is coming in-between Fall of 2015 or Early 2016. I think the twist in the plot was that Zekken in season two,turned out to be a female and that changed a bunch of plans for Kirito And made all the new plans for Asuna.
SAOseason3 in my opinion i fell as if there should be more fighting and less harem ish things i also feel as if there should be no fighting but when they do fight cool thats why they made more epics fights instead of putting more fights and more epic action. The fans have different opinions concerning the renewal of the project for season 3, but the majority expects to see the continuation.
According to them, this fact could have a negative impact on the profitability of the anime series and will cause a lot of questions from advertisers and distribution companies.
And as long as it continues to flow smoothly as it has, there should be no concern for a loss of marketable fanbase. As you can see in the season two opening (Mother’s Rosario) Asuna is in there but no one else like Kirito,Liz,or Klein.

I believe creating a third season would be a smart idea on improving the companies publicity. This show has constantly delivered action, drama, romance, comedy, fantasy, and sci fi all perfectly wrapped together. The season three of sword art online is at a deadline at the moment but most likely will be coming out next year 2016. It is a very well made and written series that I hope will be around for a very long time and will hopefully become an iconic example of what an excellent anime should be. The people who are deciding whether or not there will be a season 3, should go on wattpad and see how many people have made Kirito x readers and Asuna x readers!!!!! Because the critics are judging how the author went beyond what was needed in the plot,there was a twist.

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