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Perhaps they look vaguely familiar and you remember talking to them at the last family wedding.
If you could have lived in any war throughout history (without actually fighting in it), which would it be?Were you a good kid or a bad kid? About once a month we send updates with most popular content, childrens' health alerts and other information about raising healthy children. When you think of happy families sitting around the table eating dinner do you conjure up thoughts of “Leave it to Beaver” or some other old sitcom? I’m usually doing good to get all four of my boys and my husband to the table in the evening.  Not that they don’t want to eat, just our busy schedules can get in the way. It really is amazing what a difference a positive mealtime can make in children and families. If you could trade places with your parents for a day, how would you do things differently?

Does your family have any favorite topics or dinner time games they like to play?  We’d love to hear about them. Lisa is co-founder of Build A Menu, an online menu planning website that helps families get their grocery bill under control and helps them to bring “dinner back to the table”. We share what our favorite part of the day was at dinner each night and let conversations unfold from that topic – with 3 kids it can be pretty interesting! Our goal is to improve children's health by inspiring parents to become knowledgable partners who can work with their children's physicians in new and rich ways. But you can't remember what you've talked about, let alone what hobbies they enjoy, where they live, how many kids they have, or how you're related.How do you start up a conversation that's different than the last you had? How do you get past the meaningless surface chit chat?
The mother walking around in her apron, high heels and pearls with a perfectly set table, perfect dinner and perfect family all sitting at the table. However, we do try to make it a priority to eat dinner together as a family as many nights during the week as possible.  Some nights are harder than others.

We started having a much better dining experience when we began this practice about a year and a half ago.
They need the positive atmosphere and conversation that should take place at the table.  They need to be reminded that they are valued and loved. Our two youngest children were adopted from the Texas foster care system and its amazing how much healing can be done around the kitchen table eating a meal together and bonding.

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