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2.    You’ll know when you reach your load limit because you have to buy prepaid loads (Globe Autoloads, Share-A-Load, Globe prepaid cards) to continue usage. 3.    If you are already a Globe Prepaid subscriber or a Load Allowance Plan dependent, you can practically enroll your SIM or convert it to Globe Load Tipid Plans and keep your existing, sentimental or widely-known used Globe Prepaid mobile cell number. Could we know what cellphone units correspond to each plan, say what unit is free for plan 500, 1200 and so on and so forth.. Could we know what cellphone units corresponds to each plan, say what unit is free for plan 500, 1200 and so on and so forth..

We have free load of 1000 in the office because we work in the field, right now we are under the 800 load tipid plan, but we have to buy 200 prepaid card in order to consume and liquidate our 1000 free load.
They’ve come up with a cheap plan for those who want to take control of their bills and monitor their call and text load usage. The good thing is that your unused load or credits will still be carried over even to the next month.
Is it possible that you can have a load tipid 1000 so that we will not have a hard time to buy 200 prepaid load and liguidate the 1000 load allowance to our company.

You can also choose when you would want to receive your Globe Load Tipid either on the 3rd, 8th, 18th, or 24th of the month.

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