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There are unlimited variations and possibilities to build a hunt around, from mall to crazy holiday, video to clue, outdoor to indoor, and road trip to around town.Like I said, the possibilities are limitless. Glow in the Dark - Combine the excitement a treasure hunt with the extra fun of glow in the dark paint and toys. Baby Shower - 13 rhyming clues related to babies that lead to things found in a women's purse. Bridal Shower - An indoor hunt that requires looking for items guests may have with them at the shower. Clean Bachelorette - A fun game for a clean night out with the girls before the big event. Family Vacation Scavenger Hunt  There are ten of us ages 14-70 going on vacation to a rental house in Kauai.
Scavenger Hunt Las Vegas I am coordinating a hunt on the main strip of Las Vegas for 10 teams (2 per team).

Nature Woods Outdoor Hunt Me and my sister are throwing a birthday party for my other sister who is turning 15. Everywhere Night Scavenger Hunt I need scary, fun, dumb ideas for a hunt at night around a busy town. Around Town Halloween Hunt I need an around town halloween hunt list for adults (boys vs girls).
ATV Club Scavenger Hunt  We want to hold an ATV Club Hunt using our four wheelers on our club trails. Sweet 16 Daytona Beach Scavenger Hunt I need a list for Daytona Beach, Florida for a sweet 16 party. Outdoor Hunt for Guys and Girls I need ideas asap for an outdoor hunt for guys and girls over the age of 18. Have teams fill in the missing words on the list and find or photograph the items they represent. Perfect for getting your guests to loosen up and mingle.Bridal Shower Purse Game - What's in a bride's purse?

This handbag hunt provides a checklist that challenges guests to find both popular and unusual items in their purses and can even be personalized for your shower.
Be polite and courteous and make it clear to the people who give you their stuff, that it will not be returned.
Send the teams out into a park, have them scour the mall or have them search their own belongings only. Indoors or traveling in a vehicle, you could have them list things they can see from where they are sitting. Pick a location, hand out the appropriate bags and see which team can collect the most recyclable items in a designated amount of time (properly sorted, of course).
Be prepared though, some of the letters will challenge the creativity of your teams for certain.

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