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If you are looking for beautiful and colorful Christmas and New Year email templates, you came to the right place! With hundreds of professional-designed HTML Christmas-themed templates, you can create attractive and effective emails even if you do not have any graphic design or HTML programming experience - a perfect solution for sending your professionally designed holiday greetings to your customers and friends! And if you want to craft your own Christmas template, you can try MailStyler, a brand new and powerful drag&drop newsletter editor. Surprise someone who's feeling under the weather with a bright bouquet of virtual e-card flowers.Choose a card now.
Scientists agree that flowers trigger an immediate, mood-brightening effect on our emotions.A burst of happiness releases pleasurable neurochemicals in our brains. Refrigerators are wonderful inventions, allowing us to store perishable food for weeks at a time. It gets worse with a communal office refrigerator; no one at the office feels especially obligated to clean up a mess, since it’s not their fridge. Post a sign that will remind you and your coworkers to clean any spills or messes you or they cause. Keep a schedule regulating who should clean the refrigerator and when (though, if everyone follows the rules this shouldn’t have to happen too often).

Our Xmas email templates make it easy for you to write and send Christmas greetings just in one shot.
All layouts built with MailStyler (created easily without HTML coding) are responsive and 100% compatible with any email clients. In case user authentication is required, select Authentication required and specify Username and Password.
They’re especially ideal to have at work—we can make lunch at home, store it in the fridge at the office, and save money that would otherwise be spent on restaurant food.
This practice has become increasingly popular in businesses; Sub-Zero, a refrigerator manufacturing company, placed its appliance manual on the inside of the door so people wouldn’t throw it out when they bought the fridge.
For people who store food for more than a day, indicate where vegetables, cheese, milk, and other food should go, in order to keep the refrigerator in order.
Since food residue carries various bacteria, wipe up immediately after any spills instead of leaving it there to dry and stick to the refrigerator.
Drama at the office is never fun, and you never know how angry people can get when they find their beautiful lunch gone. Catherine Cutter, associate professor and food safety extension specialist at Penn State, advises to clean places that might contain bacteria: the door handle as well as the drip tray under the ice and water dispenser.

Choose an email template, write your custom greeting message, and send ecard to suppliers, customers, members and friends. In fact, most Americans only clean their fridges once or twice a year, and the majority doesn’t know how to properly pack a fridge. Coli, the bacteria in the drippings can fall on fruits and vegetables, which we often eat raw. Keeping the office refrigerator clean is a group effort, and the fridge won’t clean itself. For instance, many people might not know that milk or eggs shouldn’t be stored in the door because it’s the warmest part of the fridge.

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