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The 27-year-old has always been a strong advocate for LGBTI rights and regularly posted about marriage equality and other human rights issues.
Maybe if EVERY scene on-screen of hetero, penetrative sex didn't show women having orgasms through that alone, things would change. After 13 gruelling weeks, hours of rehearsals, dozens of performances and bucket loads of laughter and tears, April Fools has been crowned as Sydney's newest drag star.April beat 14 other hopefuls to win Arq’s Drags to Riches competition, scoring a prize package worth over $5,000, including $2,000 in cash. Above: Arq Promotions and Marketing Manager Jimmy Dee presents the cheque to April Fools (right). Coming in at second place was promising transgender performer Victoria Anthony and in the third spot was Burley Chassis, who wowed the crowd with a striking performance art number. Launching in September, Drags to Riches aimed to mentor participants through a series of weekly challenges.
Above: Drags to Riches judges, from left, Fiona Gamble, Penny Cllifford, Decoda Secret and Vanity Faire.
For April, the opportunity to learn from seasoned drag veterans was what made the Drags to Riches experience stand out from the rest. Hi Margo, I am writing a piece on Les Girls compare and managers Keith and George, I am sure you would know both of them. Reports this week from Kachin and Shan States confirm rape is still being used as a tactic by the Burma Army to demoralise and terrorise ethnic communities.

Shirley Seng, a spokeswomen working with the Kachin Women’s Association Thailand, told Karen News that since June 9, Burma army soldiers have raped 32 women. Other ethnic women groups confirm the rapes are not only happening in Kachin but accuse the Burma Army of using sexual violence as a systematic weapon against ethnic people in Mon, Shan, Chin and Karen State. Charm Tong from the Shan Women’s Action Network says her groups have been documenting the abuse against women for decades and says age is no deterrent…young, old, or pregnant. Charm Tong describes how earlier this month a Burma army patrol from Light Infantry Battalion 513 robbed a Shan village and raped four women and girls. The rape of ethnic women in Burma is well documented by international human rights organizations, regional community groups and the United Nations.
In late May, in a statement to journalists, at the Bangkok based Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand, the Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Myanmar, Tomas Quintana, highlighted the Burma army’s involvement. Charm Tong takes and says foreign investment plays a huge part in the militarization of ethnic regions. Charm Tong says foreign governments and investors working in Burma need to speak out about the atrocities.
Naw Blooming Night Zan, joint secretary of the Karen Women’s Organisation, in an interview with Karen News said.
In February 2010, the Karen Women Organisation published a report, Sharp Knives, based on the testimonies of 95 women chiefs.

The 95 testimonies of the women chiefs in the report proved that were not to be the case – they faced constant threats, systematic abuse and sexual violence from the Burma army.
In February 2007 the Karen Women Organisation released another report, State of Terror, based on 4,000 documented cases of human rights abuses by the Burma army. The contents of the report cite cases 57 and 58 were two 23-year-old women were repeatedly raped vaginally and orally by a soldier under the command of Major Pone Tint in Dooplaya District.
The Women’s League of Burma in a 2006 paper titled, War Crimes in Burma, reported that the Burma army was targeting women for rape and various forms of sexual violence. Charm Tong says there is too much evidence for Asean, the UN and the international community to keep ignoring that Burma’s human rights abuses are linked to development projects. There were no weekly eliminations; rather it was about training contestants in the art and culture of drag preparation and performance, . A women chief tells how she was punished by the soldiers for running away when her village was attacked – in retaliation the soldiers gang-raped her 15-year-old daughter.
They need to do something like they have in many other places like Libya, Bosnia and African countries.

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