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As a therapist in private practice who has specialized in working almost exclusively with gay men for over 20 years, I have seen many individuals and couples who come in for help with issues related to managing money. Gay men who form relationships with one another can see these cultural differences emerge when it comes to money, either from how their culture views money, or values the man was raised with, differences in individual family cultures, and what meaning money (the presence or lack of it) held in his family of origin. I gave this some thought, and reflected on all the gay couples I’ve done counseling with over my 20 years in practice with gay men, and the stories of my individual clients and how they described their previous relationships, and how they all ended. 1.  You are unhappy in your relationship more than half the time, week after week, month after month, when other things (like your job, family, health) are just fine. 2.  You deeply and existentially want something in your life that he firmly does not (kids, relocating to another city, monogamy or non-monogamy).
5.  You know there is dishonesty (especially his) over and over again, in a way that you find depressing (over sex, money, exes, mother, job). 8.  He consistently puts something else (his parents, his work, his pet, his ambitions, another guy) ahead of you, even after you’ve tried to talk about it repeatedly.
10.  You feel exploited financially and feel that you are in this relationship because of what you have, not because of who you ARE. 11.  You shouldn’t have committed to this person by living together very soon, but you did so anyway for “convenience” or “circumstance” or “impulse” and laziness or inertia has prevented you from reversing it.
12.  His identity and self-loathing issues about not being “out” as an adult make you feel devalued or non-existent as a same-sex partner, putting social status, conservative “morality” or “family money” (heterosexual privilege) above you.
15.  He is so pathologically jealous and emotionally immature that he cannot tolerate your even reasonable association with another guy without reactionary and irrational implosions of anger, despair, “cold shoulder”, or violence. 1.  Decide what the problem is.  What does it all boil down to?  Can you use one of the above examples to describe your feelings about the situation? 2.  Decide if the problem can be mitigated by a discussion, or series of discussions.  Does there need to be a change in the way that you or he thinks?  You or he behaves?  Your or deals with emotions?  What changes can EACH of you make toward contribution to a solution to the problem that threatens the relationship’s existence?
6.  Selecting and implement the best option in behavioral terms.  What will you (or you partner, or both) start doing that you didn’t do before?  What will you stop doing that you’ve been doing for a while?  How will you each support these behavioral changes with how you communicate?  Who, outside the relationship, will be your support?  If you decide to break up, how can you do this amicably in terms of property, belongings, finances, children, or pets? 7.  Negotiate how you will handle either your future together, or, if you decide to break up, what will your “post-relationship relationship” look like?  Are you now just “somebody that I used to know” (with thanks to Gotye for that J), or are you drinking buddies?  Movie buddies?  Fuck buddies?  Neighbors?  Colleagues?  Workout buddies? Resolving relationship dilemmas that deplete your spirit and quality of life – and learning to turn over a new leaf in how you relate to others – can you help you to…have the life you want!
In terms of your partner’s behavior, I always talk about relationships as having to have Commitment, Communication, and Compromise.
Feel free to forward this article to your friends, colleagues, or anyone who might enjoy reading it! Think about your own approach to the Emotional, Physical, Domestic, and Managing the Other in your relationship, or the relationship you would like to have.  With these building-blocks solid, you are on your way to having the kind of relationship that is extremely rewarding. What’s your situation?  When you think of the relationship you’re in, or might be entering with a new partner, what’s happening with your three lights?
In the last issue, I described how in my work as a psychotherapist specializing in gay men and their relationships, very often I see couples expressing a desire to eliminate “cheating” in a relationship by bravely, candidly, and sensitively discussing their options about how and why either or both partners might desire occasional sex outside the relationship, and how this does not have to be unhealthy or damaging to the relationship.
Perhaps no word in relationships, including those between gay men, is as inflammatory as “cheating” – the slang to denote one person in a relationship having sex with someone outside of that relationship in a way that too often results in feelings of anger, betrayal, and disappointment in the remaining partner. In my work providing counseling for couples of all kinds (M-W, W-W, M-M), I find that the partners frustrate themselves all too frequently by falling into certain common traps that impair communication. In part I of this article, I described some of the very practical HIV transmission risk management issues involved in sex between HIV negative and positive guys. We do hold group and private life coaching at GLA40 for a small fee to help you over overcome obstacles that may  interfere with your ability to have a fulfilled  life.
To get serious results, one may need to make an investment in themselves for an  ultimate transformation. Many of us at our age  are driven by a deep knowing that we were born for a certain reason. In the end for me it’s more about companionship and being in love with my partner than it is about age. My friends are all younger than me necessarily because there are very few older intergendered individuals who indulge in wild clubbing and dancing. However when dancing wildly in the clubs they have a crazy, fun-loving, extrovert companion who readily shoots down any censorious or judgemental observers. The most wonderful reward I have ever enjoyed is the gratitude expressed by my friends’ mothers for reassuring them that when their children are out with me, they are safe.
I was coming out of a 40 plus year marriage to my wife when I met a 30 year old guy on Grindr.

The ltr I had was with a guy 30years older than me, we were in love but sadly on the 3rd year he died suddenly. Mine is a somewhat odd story in that I married young and only learned later that I was bisexual when I fell for a lovely young man.
Six years ago my wife passed away after we had brought 4 daughters into the world I now also have 6 grandchildren – one of whom is lesbian.
LONDON — Gay couples are more likely to be happy and positive about their relationships than their straight counterparts according to a major study by the Open University, the Independent, a British newspaper, reports.
However, they are less likely to be openly affectionate toward each other — holding hands in public, for instance — because they still fear attracting disapproval, the article said. The study of 5,000 people – 50 of whom were later followed up with in-depth interviews – aimed at finding out how modern couples keep their relationships on track through life’s difficulties.
Metapsychology Online reviewers normally receive gratis review copies of the items they review. There will always be other people who are better-looking, richer, funnier, more active, younger, more accomplished, etc. Christopher left it at one coffee date – plus a one-night stand – but the relationship never really took off.
What do you believe is happening with your partner’s lights?  If your relationship is having trouble, which of the six lights are dim or burned out?  Knowing this might help you identify the problem, and create treatment goals for a working agenda to bring into couples therapy.  As the saying goes, identifying a problem is the first step toward fixing it.
Other issues that often confront “magnetic” or “serodiscordant” couples include not fully understanding the burden that HIV is to your partner, and being only partially able to sympathize and “relate” with his various fears, frustrations, and symptoms.
Please leave comments below and sign up for our newsletter by joining our Gay Life After 40 Tribe! Maybe, you feel that your life is not totally fulfilled yet , and you have  decided that you don’t want to waste your time anymore. Being the young one in an intergenerational relationship that has lasted 8 years (23 years age gap) the biggest con for me is being afraid of society. I would love too have a long term relationship a guy 30 years younger than me, but all I have experienced is gold diggers.
The second sentence is so far off wack that I just couldn’t justify taking the time to read it. It was refreshing to realise that I am not alone in my view that we should be able to choose. Regretfully he did not reciprocate my love although we remained good friends for over a year.
If not now, when will you actually lead a more fulfilling life or get help with a problem that you may have carried with you for over 20 years? My friends are supportive and I’ve never suffered any negative reactions from anybody, but when out together just the two of us I get a bit anxious of people judging or worse, especially when around people my age. We’re accepted and have many friends, ranging from my age to his, both gay and straight.
I now live a lonely life and put all my efforts into an expanding postal business which I started 42 years ago. I always have to work up the nerve to tell new friends my partner’s age, and I always take 5 years off so as not to be judged too harshly.
As the older person in the relationship it brings me excitement, passion and the ability to mentor and guide someone that I have come to love. After the movie my new friend asked if we could go back to my house before I took him home. The sign for Mercury is a crescent shape and a cross, which represents the male and female principles in harmony in an individual. That sounded okay to me and when we arrived I got him a beverage to drink, handed it to him and he kissed me. The downside to liking older men is the probability that you will outlive them and experience an enormous void without them. However, my partner repeatedly has told me (and I know totally agree) that age is a state of mind.
And we can do the same today –creating new goals, exploring new worlds, and making the most of what we have (if we let it) by Aging Forward! Additionally, the god Mercury fathered Hermaphroditus, who had both male and female sex organs.fThe labrys, a double-edged hatchet or axe, is a symbol of strength and unity for thelesbianA community. I was yet a virtual baby in gay life, but this young man taught me like he had a Ph.d in gay.

The upside is that you were able to find a wonderful partner to fulfill your dreams and theirs. He is learning about finance and politics and I am learning about his generation, his music and am able to view our joint lives through his eyes.
No more lovemaking but having him in my life at 48 gave me much comfort as a newly-self recognized gay man and I’m now in a wonderful relationship with a man some 9 years my elder. And there’s definitely no room for insecurity and possessiveness when dating a younger guy. As someone who has dated some significantly older men in the past, I’ve learned from these relationships and definitely picked up the traits that these older men have that put me off. At the end of the day, it’s mutual respect, love, trust, and a lot of patience and understanding that would make this type of relationship work. They are also more likely to be homeless.cThere is some evidence that increased levels of steroids in the womb increases the chances that a girl will be a lesbian.jSome researchers have asked, if the main motivation of all species is to pass genes on to future generations, and gay men produce 80% fewer offspring than straight men, why would a gay gene not have been wiped out?
Additionally, unlike the United States and Europe, which are predominantly Christian, and Southeast Asia, which is predominately Muslim, China has no dominant religion to fuel debates against homosexuality.
They argue that this may be a result of the complex association among hormones, antigens, and a mothera€™s immune system.kStudies have shown that gay men have more feminized patterns for certain cognitive tasks, such as spatial perception and remembering where objects are placed. Studies have also shown masculinized results for lesbians in inner-ear functions and eye-blinking reactions to loud noises.kGenetics and environment both play a role in determining homosexualityIf one identical twin is gay, the other has about a 20-50% chance of being gay. The law was on the books until it was repealed in 1990.fThe first lesbian organization in the United States was formed in 1955. The colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet represent sexuality, life, healing, the Sun, nature, art, harmony, and the spirit, respectively.fIn the 1970s, feminist activist Betty Friedman argued that the a€?Lavender Menace,a€? or lesbians, would overwhelm the feminist movement with a€?sexuality issuesa€? and did not want lesbians to use NOW (the National Organization for Women) as a platform.
Consequently, many lesbian feminists started their own activist groups.fA lavender rhinoceros has been often used to signify the lesbian community. A rhinoceros was chosen because it is generally docile, but when it is provoked, it can become ferocious.
Lesbians were sometimes required to wear a black triangle.cPride Day or Pride March refers to celebrations that typically take place in June that commemorate the Stonewall Inn riots of June 28, 1969. The word cannot be found in lesbian and gay literature before the 1960s and was probably not used before then.fThe term a€?sodomya€? refers to various sexual acts that some states have declared illegal.
Sodomy is not necessarily synonymous with homosexuality or sex between gay men, and the legal definition differs from state to state. Supreme Court declared that state sodomy laws that target adult, consensual same-sex practices violate the U.S.
The most common form of same-sex love was between an older male, the erastes, who acted as a mentor, lover, and model for a younger boy, the eromenos. It was believed that sperm was the source of knowledge and that its issue would pass wisdom from the erastes to the eromenos.bGerman psychologist Karoly Maria Benkert is thought to have been the first to coin the word a€?homosexualitya€? in the late nineteenth century. Homosexual behavior has been observed in 1,500 animal species and is most widespread among animals with a complex herd life.iThe word a€?lesbiana€? is derived from the Greek island Lesbos, home of Greek poetess Sappho.
Her poetry proclaimed her love for girls and praised the beauty of women.aPejorative terms for members of the LGBT community include poof, homo, faggot, queer, and fairy. For example, in some fundamentalist Muslim regions, such as in Nigeria and Iran, homosexual behavior is still punishable by death.fLambda is the Greek letter associated with some of the more aggressive factions of the LGBT community. Lambda can signify several things, including liberation, unity, synergy, or the iconic scales of justice. Both black lesbians and gay men played a crucial role in the literary and musical renaissance that made Harlem famous in the 1920s.fThe term "lesbian" was used in academic books as early as 1880While lesbian refers only to female homosexuality, the term a€?gaya€? can refer to all members of the LGBTQ community. Some argue that the term a€?homosexuala€? should be avoided because the word refers only to sexual behavior rather than complex human romantic feelings.cHitler first curtailed, then prevented, and finally destroyed all German sex research and a flourishing sex reform movement. This was the first step in the systematic persecution of German homosexuals between 1933 and 1945.fIn 2005, Swedish researchers found that when straight men smelled a female urine compound, their hypothalamus lit up in brain images.
Instead, homosexual mena€™s hypothalamus lit up when they smelled the male-sweat compound, which was the same way straight women responded.kFor most of the twentieth century, many researchers associated homosexuality with upbringing.

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