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Denver Botanic Gardens presents the Rocky Mountain Region's first major outdoor exhibition of artwork by celebrated American artist, Dale Chihuly.
Chihuly is credited with revolutionizing the Studio Glass movement and elevating the perception of the glass medium from the realm of craft to fine art.A He is renowned for ambitious architectural installations around the world, in historic cities, museums and gardens. I am always searching for new venues to get out to and meet with sisters, and this one sounds wonderful. The whole idea of having a local, safe, location for all sisters to have the chance to get out and meet new friends and like-minded women. As a Trans Woman, where are you on the continuum: a Cross Dresser, born Bi-gender with both male and female core genders, or Transexual who lives more as a woman? Hi, I'm Gigi, and I've been actively dressing and getting out and about since November 13, 2009 (it was a Friday the 13th!!!).
It is our orientation that the more often we come out and socialize together, the more comfortable and confident we become in integrating these parts of our selves.

MONTHLY SOIREES Trans ladies, their partners and friends are invited to join us in monthly Soirees held in safe, lovely locations in the DC area.
We also offer the Trans Ladies Finishing School where ladies can come together to develop and practice our skills in feminine poise and movement, discover and try on the best wigs for your facial shape, or address concerns in our community  Let Christine know if you are interested. On our site, we offer a community resource of this weeka€™s happenings, membersa€™ experiences, tips, insights, questions, and reviews in areas of interest in our local trans community.
I love the idea of this group, and look forward to getting together with all of the members!!! It also include an opportunity for ladies to share their Coming Out stories for validating their experiences. Then on the Sign Up box that appears, under "Your Real Name," be sure to type in just the feminine first name that you wish to be called on your Profile. I try to become totally female when I am Gigi, not thinking at all of myself as a man in woman's clothing.

So whatever interests or needs that you have as a trans lady, you should be able to find it in joining us here. These are free support groups for cross dressers, transgendered ladies, and those considering transitioning full time, and their partners.
I am not on hormones, and I do not plan on taking any medical steps to become more of a woman. What's funny is that the more I talk about this, the less strange it seems, if that makes sense!

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