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Father Paul Grasby describes himself on a gay dating website as a 'well educated and really soft hearted mature GWM [gay white male]'. Father Grasby has been popular on gay dating site Planetromeo, with his profile visited 7907 times. Kuching, where Father Grasby has moved to, is in the more liberal, eastern half of Malaysia.
Father Peter Grasby, who is suspected of abusing boys from at least two Melbourne parishes during almost 40 years as a priest, also propositioned a former parishioner on a gay dating website, it can be revealed. A former parishioner at St Mary Magdalen said he was stunned when he was contacted by Father Grasby on Planetromeo. The parishioner, who did not wish to be named, contacted the archdiocese and was told Father Grasby was on leave. While the priest probably contacted the parishioner randomly as his profile stated that he was Asian, Father Grasby continued his advances even after the parishioner said he used to attend his church. The former parishioner was told by Father Grasby that he was no longer a priest, seemingly contradicting the position of the church. Helen Last, director of the In Good Faith Foundation, which provides support to the victims of church-related abuse, told the Victorian parliamentary inquiry into the handling of child abuse by religious and other organisations there had long been concerns about Father Grasby. It is understood former parishioners and neighbours also raised concerns about the priest when it appeared a young homeless man was sleeping with him at the St Michael's presbytery.
Ms Last said the handling of Grasby and priests like him was sadly far too common, and there was clear evidence that those on administrative leave required closer monitoring.
The Melbourne Response has been repeatedly criticised for being less than transparent about revealing the identity of paedophile priests, and for paying inadequate compensation to victims.
When Father Grasby was placed on leave in 2012, Monsignor Greg Bennet, the vicar-general of the Melbourne archdiocese, said the priest denied the allegations and was assisting the church in an independent investigation. The alleged victim had been urged to report the matter to police by the church, but had declined to do so and signed a document to confirm the decision, Monsignor Bennet said.

The Age has confirmed that Father Grasby is not subject to any current police investigation. Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne spokesman Shane Healy confirmed Father Grasby remained on administrative leave. He would not confirm whether Father Grasby had to comply with certain conditions while he was on leave, or whether the complaint made against the priest in 2012 had been proven.
Priests on administrative leave are given housing, or a housing allowance, and the same wages and insurance benefits they had been paid prior to the complaint. There are believed to be 30 priests - half of whom were convicted of child sex crimes, and the other half who are confirmed abusers but were not convicted - who are being given financial support by the archdiocese. In 2014, during a hearing of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, the archdiocese announced that it would conduct an independent review of the Melbourne Response. But the review by former Federal Court judge Donnell Ryan QC has not been released, despite being completed in September last year. Think about your own approach to the Emotional, Physical, Domestic, and Managing the Other in your relationship, or the relationship you would like to have.  With these building-blocks solid, you are on your way to having the kind of relationship that is extremely rewarding. The adult manifestations of the internalized homophobia and negative messages from society, media, parents, siblings, teachers, coaches, etc. The little ways it manifests include not being comfortable to ask a guy on a date, not feeling comfortable to go to a party or networking event, avoiding buying a stylish outfit (that you can afford) because you’re afraid you won’t look good in it, and not asking for what we need for many ways. 3.  Apply critical thinking to the negative messages that you carry around in your head about you.  Who first told you that?  Do you respect their opinion?
What’s your situation?  When you think of the relationship you’re in, or might be entering with a new partner, what’s happening with your three lights? I would love to chat more, but I have to run to the rest room.  I’ll be around for awhile, but in case I miss you, it was great meeting you.  Can I see you again sometime? I wish I had more time, but I have an early morning with my trainer and have to run.  Can I email you?

In the last issue, I described how in my work as a psychotherapist specializing in gay men and their relationships, very often I see couples expressing a desire to eliminate “cheating” in a relationship by bravely, candidly, and sensitively discussing their options about how and why either or both partners might desire occasional sex outside the relationship, and how this does not have to be unhealthy or damaging to the relationship. Perhaps no word in relationships, including those between gay men, is as inflammatory as “cheating” – the slang to denote one person in a relationship having sex with someone outside of that relationship in a way that too often results in feelings of anger, betrayal, and disappointment in the remaining partner.
It’s written by a trusted colleague who is also an LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker). In part I of this article, I described some of the very practical HIV transmission risk management issues involved in sex between HIV negative and positive guys.
Recently my friends, colleagues and I have debated the idea of “magnetic” or “sero-discordant” romantic relationships, where one partner is HIV-positive and the other is HIV-negative. Christopher left it at one coffee date – plus a one-night stand – but the relationship never really took off. What do you believe is happening with your partner’s lights?  If your relationship is having trouble, which of the six lights are dim or burned out?  Knowing this might help you identify the problem, and create treatment goals for a working agenda to bring into couples therapy.  As the saying goes, identifying a problem is the first step toward fixing it. Other issues that often confront “magnetic” or “serodiscordant” couples include not fully understanding the burden that HIV is to your partner, and being only partially able to sympathize and “relate” with his various fears, frustrations, and symptoms. You’re impressed that you got him to go to your favorite restaurant when you weren’t sure he would like it.
Tony Zimbardi, is also a psychotherapist living with HIV, and he and I are friends and colleagues in Los Angeles.

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