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Gay dating app goes globalBy SARA CLAYTONMarch 2, 2014 in Lifestyle While working in New York, USC alumnus Johnny Skandros noticed a new scene arising among gay men in the city in the way they groomed and dressed.
Life is scruff · Johnny Skandros, a USC alumnus and founder of Scruff, attributes the inspiration for Scruff to a course on gay and lesbian cinema and says that the app would not be around if it were not for the class. What was originally just a playful gesture soon turned into an invaluable idea for a new app. Skandros is the founder of Scruff, a social network for gay men that stretches across the globe. Before founding the app, Skandros was a USC student studying film production but took several business classes on the side, including accounting, marketing and entrepreneurship.
One class in particular, a course on gay and lesbian cinema, had a strong impact on what Skandros wanted to eventually do. After being in the film industry for about three years, Skandros teamed up with Eric Silverberg and started Scruff, but not without making some sacrifices first.

Despite the entry of other apps such as Tinder and Grindr within this similar space, Skandros has never been intimidated by them.
In addition to being able to find other gay men in the vicinity, Scruff is also very diverse — it was the first app to have a transgender community — and offers other features including filters based on interest and an event tab where you can discover any upcoming events in the area.
Skandros believes that because he puts himself out there as the face of Scruff, he’s been able to reach more people as he communicates and listens to all of his users. Skandros also holds events in multiple cities and always has people telling him about their Scruff stories and experiences. When looking back on his USC experience, Skandros found that the community was especially accepting, and continues to look back on the film class that influenced Scruff.
As for the future of the app, Skandros is considering building a website version of Scruff.
The app, available on iOS, Android and Windows, has six million members and counting, from the United States, Australia and even Brazil.

To save money for their bootstrapped project, both Skandros and Silverberg lived at home to work on the marketing and technical aspects of the app, respectively. Though progress was slow, eventually the Scruff team was gaining enough traction that it was able to move back to New York and expand their group, which now has 30 people. One of the more common success stories that Skandros hears about is marriage, which he says happens all the time. In the meantime, the company is doing more with media, including appearances on RuPaul’s Drag Race.
Scruff is also looking to hold more events for its European crowd this time around, and hopes to keep the momentum going for.

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