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Houston, TX a€“ Homosexuality is perhaps one of the most mysterious of the great many mysteries of the human condition.
Whatever the roots of homosexuality and the prejudice that has formed around it, it is clear that people, both gay and straight, have made significant progress in recent years to erase the hatred that surrounds them.
Parker made her acceptance speech wearing a pantsuit and sensible shoes amidst multi-coloured streamers. Parker reportedly plans on keeping her pickup truck after taking office and will bring her three cats into the Mayora€™s office whenever possible. Parkera€™s first move as mayor will be to prohibit all makeup and perfume on female employees at City Hall. In the triumphant wake of today's historic Supreme Court decisions, we present to you the best queer TV and movie couples that shattered prejudices, countered sexuality assumptions, and changed the way we view queer relationships. Majority of pageant critics firing scathingly remarks and unleashing vilest of comments to some candidates,ironically, are not even beautiful themselves aesthetically and worst characterwise. Luke Snyder and Noah Mayer , a supercouple from the American CBS daytime drama As the World Turns. Oliver Sabel and Christian Mann, from the German soap opera Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love : in English).

Medical science has more or less confirmed that homosexuality is a natural state, as much a part of human sexuality as the preference for blondes over brunettes, but that switch from acceptance to prejudice still confuses many, baffling attempts to fully understand that particular mystery of our species. The election of Annise Parker to mayor of Houston is perhaps one of the greatest statements on the new nature of homosexuality and acceptance in modern American society. Parker, who is a lesbian, is the first homosexual mayor of one of the major cities of the south, Houston. Their trials are as real and as normal as any other couple's, and their depth of passion is just as relatable, touching, honest, and nuanced as, say, Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler (or any other "traditional" couples).
Her election is being lauded by civil rights activists as a major step forward but the people that elected her are only thinking one thing: Fabulous.
However, John Paul and Spike's relationship is the source of much jealousy from Craig, who immediately takes a disliking to Spike and grows furious when John Paul tries to speak about his fears about having sex with Spike. Zainab disowned him, and even his easy-going dad Masood turned against him.?Under pressure from his family, Syed was coerced into marrying Amira, but though he tried to make it work, his feelings for Christian were too strong.
He was taken in by Myra McQueen, who offered him a room without consulting any of her family. When she returned to the Square with Syed's baby Yasmin, she thought that she had hit upon the perfect way to tear Chryed apart.

They move to Dublin while Craig study there.Craig and John Paul, has also been successful, winning several LGBT awards. Committed to his religion, he looked out for John Paul McQueen, trying to advise him against a relationship.
I love the character of christian ,how understanding he is and a little bit of selfishness. A mother of syed ,who always concern of what other think about their family, how their muslim community think about them. Their story line is still in the show, where Zainab and all the family member of Syed accepted Chritian as part of their family.

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